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Sex Art - Cristal Caitlin - Frantic

File: o7d12nasearcricairl8nhemduv.mp4
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Duration: 24:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Cristal Caitlin is up against the wall, kissing Kristof Cale passionately, as Anna Richards hot movie Frantic begins. Kristof wriggles his hand into Cristals pants as she helps him out of his jacket. He pushes her down onto the sofa, undressing her hurriedly, making her gasp and arch her back as he licks and fingers her shaved pussy. Cristal frees her mans stiff cock from his pants and sucks it eagerly, her wet lips sliding up and down his long shaft. She goes face down, sexy ass up and he thrusts into her from behind, making her moan with each vigorous stroke. Cristal straddles Kristof in cowgirl, her ass rippling as she rides him rapidly. Breathless with pleasure, she spins around into reverse cowgirl, bouncing in Kristofs lap as he slams up into her. Cristal dismounts and licks her sweetness from her lovers dick, jerking him against her outstretched tongue. He fingerbangs her until shes squirming in ecstasy, then penetrates her in spoons, fucking her to a frenzied orgasm and painting his creamy load over her clit.

Lesbea - Cristal Caitlin & Atlanta Moreno - Gorgeous Girlfriends Madly In Love

File: e7ceknalescriatltmvyp38f5u.mp4
Size: 212.24 MB
Duration: 26:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Atlanta Moreno and Cristal Caitlin are in bed together kissing passionately. Atlanta gets on top of Cristal and kisses her neck, the pulls out her big boobs, licking and sucking them tenderly. Atlanta then slides in between Cristal's legs to taste her pink pussy. Turning over, the ladies eat each other out in 69, then Cristal turns over, and Atlanta eats her out from behind. After she cums, Cristal gets behind Atlanta and feels her up, then slides her fingers down the front of her panties. After stripping Atlana, Cristal spreads the flexible babe's legs and eats her out, then Atlanta sits on Cristal face until she cums!

Viv Thomas - Antonia Sainz & Cristal Caitlin - Hangover Cure

File: uemzenavithantcrisiein5p48g.mp4
Size: 236.56 MB
Duration: 29:52
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy brunette Cristal Caitlin awakens looking good but feeling rough, as Bree Parkers hot lesbian movie Hangover Cure begins. She gets dressed and tries to read awhile then discovers gorgeous Antonia Sainz is still crashed out on the sofa, sleeping off their night of revelry. After a few more shots, they have a better idea about how to relieve their hangovers, kissing playfully...

Fakehub Originals - Cristal Caitlin - Ghosted

File: lqrvbnafaorcricaiucmwvz4uud.mp4
Size: 333.11 MB
Duration: 30:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Stanley Johnson doesn't return Cristal Caitlin's calls or texts, she takes matters into her own hands and finds him! Showing up behind him in a see-through black dress, bra, and panties, Cristal brandishes a whip and tells Stanley to sit down. Cristal teases Stanley and refuses to let him touch her perky ass or gorgeous tits, then takes his hand and puts it on her wet pussy. Cristal has Stanley eat her ass and pussy, then takes out his dick and gives him a blowjob. Bending over the chair, Cristal tells Stanley to fuck her, and he thrusts with gusto! After sitting Stanley on the chair and then sitting on his face, Cristal wanks Stanley until he cums!

Sex Art - Cristal Caitlin - Castle Lady

File: pcwahnasearcricaiqyaxwy1fon.mp4
Size: 269.64 MB
Duration: 23:50
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Cristal Caitlin is so seductive in her figure-hugging dress, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Castle Lady begins. She knows exactly how to get Angelo Godshacks attention, putting on sexy lingerie, stockings and heels, then sitting on the table and guiding his hands to her beautiful breasts. Tugging her panties aside, Cristal encourages her man to stroke her pussy as they kiss passionately. She frees his stiff cock from his pants as he teases her nipples, then pulls off her white lace panties and goes down to eat her pussy. When shes gasping and moaning with pleasure, he thrusts into her, fucking her with steady strokes as she clings to him in ecstasy. Cristal lies back on the table, one long leg raised over her mans shoulder as he strums her clit and screws her to a slow-burning, intense orgasm. Angelo flips Cristal, still impaled on his cock, so shes riding him in cowgirl. She slides up and down his rigid pole, bouncing wildly in his lap, rocking her hips to take his full length deep, until they cum together.

Lesbea - Kittina Clairette & Cristal Caitlin - Facesitting pussy munching beauties

File: pz27analeskitcrikl4mdtjlhs.mp4
Size: 166.68 MB
Duration: 20:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kittina Clairette is hungry and trying to discuss supper plans with Cristal Caitlin, but the latter is too busy taking selfies to pay attention and it makes the former mad! Kittina tries to get Cristal's attention, but Cristal is snapping pics, so Kittina storms out of the room. Cristal puts her phone down and goes to see Kittina, who starts to berate her and talk about supper. In response, Cristal grabs Kittina between her thighs and tells her lesbian lover that pussy is on the menu. Cristal dominates Kittina and brings her to the bed, bends her over, and then tongue-fucks the dark-haired spinner. The ladies take turns trading face-sitting orgasms, and by the time they're done, Kittina is way too tired out to think about food!

Sex Art - Cristal Caitlin & Alexa Flexy - Love Is In The Air

File: i63fdnasearcrialegggppj7wer.mp4
Size: 178.02 MB
Duration: 22:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blonde Alexa Flexy is putting on sexy lingerie, while her gorgeous brunette roommate Cristal Caitlin dresses in the next room, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Love Is In The Air begins. Cristal catches sight of her sweetheart and cant resist taking the curvy babe in her arms for a tender kiss. Hands roaming, she squeezes Alexas breasts and strokes her bare pussy, stripping her down to her lace-topped stockings...

Sex Art - Cristal Caitlin - Felicity

File: ofkocnasearcricaievxpl4k55p.mp4
Size: 832.33 MB
Duration: 28:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful brunette Cristal Caitlin lies in bed, squirming with arousal, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Felicity a title which means intense happiness begins. The cause of Cristals great pleasure is Don Diego, who is kissing and caressing her slender, sexy body lovingly. He emerges from beneath the bedcovers, pulling off his sweethearts white lace lingerie to suck her stiff nipples, before going down to eat her succulent pussy. They switch, Cristal gazing up at her man adoringly as she licks, sucks and jerks his hard cock. She straddles him and guides his erection into her tight pussy, sliding up and down on it as they kiss passionately. They move into missionary, Don fucking Cristal with long, slow strokes, then holding her ankles high as he goes harder and deeper, strumming her clit to drive her wild. In doggy, he drills her to a powerful orgasm, and then a second, thrusting vigorously as he shoots a hot load inside her.

Lesbea - Cristal Caitlin & Helena Moeller - Elegant Young Babes In Lingerie

File: bffoznalescrihelfgfxrpvfkh.mp4
Size: 240.09 MB
Duration: 20:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Helena Moeller is wearing sultry, black lingerie and Cristal Caitlin is stunning in white. Standing in a doorway, Cristal pushes Helena back against the wall and pounces on her, kissing her lesbian lover deeply. The ladies grind their pelvises together as they grab handfuls of booty, then Cristal drops to her knees and eats Helena's pink pussy. Helena slowly removes Cristal's panties and teases her tits, then the ladies head to the bed to make passionate love. With face sitting and plenty of fingering, Cristal and Helena make each other cum!

Lesbea - Cristal Caitlin & Kylie Nymphette - Pretty Girls Facesitting And 69

File: 3qpmhnalescrikylg2yiux9kno.mp4
Size: 236.20 MB
Duration: 20:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lovely lesbians, Cristal Caitlin and Kylie Nymphette, are in their room together, and Cristal is playing with Kylie's hair. Kylie turns around and kisses her lover, then they start running their hands all over each other's bodies. Cristal takes off Kylie's shirt and appreciates her tattooed body, then starts teasing her pussy through the panties. Cristal lies Kylie down and eats the inked-up hottie out, then sits on her face and orgasms. The ladies then lie on top of one another in 69, then eat each other out until they cum!

Fitness Rooms - Cristal Caitlin & Lina Mercury - Buttplug Workout And Anal Threesome

File: shzocnafirocrilin3oubtzircz.mp4
Size: 354.86 MB
Duration: 30:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy ladies Cristal Caitlin and Lina Mercury are lifting together in the Fitness Room, and as adrenaline rises, so does horniness! The ladies perform some sets of squats, then Lina gets on all fours for more booty work. As Cristal watched Lina move, she gets turned on, and pulls Lina's shorts to the side so she can finger and rim her ass. Suddenly, Tomas enters the room, so the ladies hastily go back to working out. It doesn't take long for Tomas to notice the buttplug sticking out from Lina's shorts, and turned on, he allows the ladies to seduce him! The fit threesome fucks in all sorts of athletic positions, and Tomas fucks their pussies and asses until everyone cums together!

Lesbea - Morgan Rodriguez, Cristal Caitlin & Daphne Angel - Lesbian Threesome With Anal Toy

File: y3gj1nalesmorcridapeefk3pazmo.mp4
Size: 269.98 MB
Duration: 23:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Epic lesbians Cristal Caitlin, Morgan Rodriguez, and Daphne Angel are all wearing their finest lingerie in bed together, ready for a threesome! The ladies begin teasing each other, then strip each other nude. With titties out and asses in the air, the ladies take turns fingering and eating each other out. Daphne eats Morgan out while Cristal fingers her pussy from behind, then both ladies eat Cristal's ass. Taking out a sex toy, the ladies insert it into Cristal's ass, then help her achieve a glorious orgasm!

Massage Rooms - Caroline Mann & Cristal Caitlin - Small Tits Teen Oiled And Fucked

File: hpautnamarocarcriiccgbndmry.mp4
Size: 257.73 MB
Duration: 21:53
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite brunette Caroline Mann has hired hot blonde babe Cristal Caitlin for an oily rub down in the Massage Rooms. Cristal starts pleasuring Caroline with a foot massage, then stretches her legs and calves. Warming some massage oil in her hands, Cristal begins to massage Caroline's back and ass, then moves her fingers closer to her client's pussy. As Caroline gets turned on, Cristal strips down and climbs on top to suck her perky tits. The ladies finger and suck one another in the 69 position, enjoying each other's pussies so much that they take out a sex toy to cum hard.

Dane Jones - Cristal Caitlin & Nelly Kent - Threeway Xmas Present Double Facial

File: y4igenadajocrinelbe97ta8ox9.mp4
Size: 310.71 MB
Duration: 26:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Newlyweds Nelly Kent and Angelo are buzzing with excitement about spending Christmas together. Sitting by the tree, Nelly gives Angelo his gift, the perfect Christmas sweater, the one he has always wanted. Angelo tells Nelly to open her gift it's the red Christmas lingerie she's been dreaming about. The happy couple kiss, but Nelly tells Angelo she has another surprise for him. Blindfolding her husband, Nelly brings her friend Cristal Caitlin into the room. Angelo feels four hands on his body and realizes his real present is two pairs of tits to suck, two beautiful asses to eat, and two gorgeous faces to cover with a double facial!

Dane Jones - Cristal Caitlin - Stud Worships Amazing Natural Body

File: varxhnadajocricaiahn3rrk3ai.mp4
Size: 301.13 MB
Duration: 25:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cristal Caitlin is feeling herself in her bedroom. Wearing nothing but an open blouse, bra, and panties, she dances around her room. Angelo walks into the door to see the goddess gyrating. Moving behind Cristal, Angelo worships her firm ass, then starts stimulating her pussy. Taking control, Cristal lies Angelo back and licks, kisses, and sucks his cock. The blonde stunner lies back and pulls Angelo between her thighs so he can eat her pussy. Once he gets her wet and ready, Angelo inserts his throbbing manhood inside of her and makes passionate love to her missionary and doggystyle until he releases a creampie deep inside of her!