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Porn World - Chloe Lamour - Cuck Boyfriend Dps His Slut Girlfriend With Bdsm Master

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Description: After a sensual fuck session with his busty girlfriend Chloe, Max decides he wants to spice things up, so he invites BDSM Master David over for a wild threesome. When David arrives he immediately brings out his BDSM toys a whip, dog collar, and dildo fuck machine and puts them to use. Immediately, David assumes the role of the master. He orders Chloe to pull her dress up and starts whipping her ass like shes been a very bad girl. She loves it. After putting a dog collar and leash on, she pulls Maxs cock out and starts choking on it. Only when shes dripping out do they bring out the dildo fuck machine. As the machine fucks Chloes pussy, Max skull fucks her, and David whips her ass. Next, David plunges his cock into Chloes ass, while the machine fucks her pussy and Max fucks her face. As they often do, the DP session ends only when Chloes face is covered in cum

Anal Introductions - Chloe Lamour & Eveline Dellai - Photographer And Model

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Description: Today in Privates Lingerie Model Agency, photographer Chloe Lamour has taken on the task of shooting with models Eveline Dellai and Angelo Godshack, and as expected, when our girls are on set things get wild! Its hard to stay professional working with such horny models, and soon enough Chloe joins in on the fun as she puts down the camera to join Eveline for some double blowjob action. Then watch Chloe put her busty, tattooed body to work in this stunning anal threesome as both girls take turns getting pounded all the way until her beautiful big tits are covered in cum.

The White Boxxx - Chloe Lamour - Full Body Massage

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Description: In stressful times, a good massage is all this babe needs. And a big dick, to make the experience complete! Chloe came excited, knowing she'll get well treated, from head to toes. As soon as she undressed, Christian's magical hands started pouring the oil on her precious tanned ...

Sex Working - Chloe Lamour - Happy Ending In Front Of Wife

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Duration: 19:11
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Description: Yves Morgan brings his wife to the spa run by busty superstar Chloe Lamour. After a nice time in the steam rooms, Chloe sets the wife up with a cucumber facial and gives her headphones to rest. Meanwhile, Yves gets a massage, and while on top of him, Chloe offers him a handjob for some cash. Taking out her big tits, Chloe gives Yves an oily handjob, then agrees to fuck him for more money! Taking his big cock in her pussy, Chloe rides the stud on the table, then lets him fuck her doggystyle until he pulls out and cums on her ass... just in time for his wife to catch them!

Brazzers Exxtra - Chloe Lamour - High Five For Double Penetration!

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Description: Chloe Lamour's roommate, Pavlos, sucks at closing his door. Even when he's about to try out his new sex toy, a lifelike ass and pussy. She can't help but spy on him from the doorway as he pulls out his rock-hard cock and plays with it. As she watches, she whips out her glorious big tits and rubs her pussy. Accidently moaning a little too loud, Chloe almost gets busted. Pavlos goes to investigate and Chloe sees her chance to do a pussy swap. She sneaks in and hides the fake pussy, subbing in her own. Pavlos catches her stripping down peeping from the doorway and beacons to his other roommate, Angelo Godshack, to come check out what he's seeing. They both can't believe their eyes when they realize that Chloe is positioning herself for a prank on them. Both guys are down and high five, for double penetration.

Her Limit - Chloe Lamour - Backdoor gaping

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Description: Another Slovakian beauty came her to gap her booty while enjoying the action performed with so much passion. Chloe confessed some of her kinky secrets, then she sucked Clay's gorgeous big dick balls deep, wondering how his cock can taste so sweet. Christian removed her sexy lace panties and prepared her ass for the pounding that came next. He fucked her ass hard, making Chloe shine like a real star, then she undressed her dress and played with her perfect big tits before riding his thick dick. Clay explored her back juicy hole until his cum filled it all.

Fake Hostel - Dominno & Chloe Lamour - Plumbing Issues At The Hostel

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Duration: 27:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Lamour is starting her job at the Fake Hostel, and her first guests are blonde babe Dominno and Jack 23. Chloe shows them to their room, then shows off the bathroom... but the toilet doesn't work! Handing tools to Jack 23 to repair them, Chloe and Dominno head back to the room. Chloe makes her move, pulling down Dominno's shorts and fingering and licking the busty blonde's pussy. Turning around, Dominno licks and sucks Chloe's big tits, then the ladies get into bed and start tribbing, rubbing their pussies together for pleasure. Jack23 returns to the room and finds his lover in another woman's arms, and he loves it! Dominno watches as Chloe sucks her man's dick, then Chloe licks Dommino's pussy as Jack pounds her snatch. Finally, in 69, the ladies eat each other out as Jack fucks Dominno until pulling out and covering them both in cum!

Hands On Hardcore - Chloe Lamour - Voluptuous Bombshell Is Hammered In Both Holes At Once!

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Description: When you see voluptuous Slovakian slut Chloe stretch out her yoga mat on the floor and spread her legs for you, you're not going to be able to take your eyes off her juicy juggs or her awesome bubble butt! But after opening her third eye, Chloe is ready to get the hole between her legs opened by manly masseur Kristof Cale, who rubs her huge titties down with oil and makes her nipples pop out while she flirts with him like the little whore she is. But after a while he can't resist getting his hand up in her gash, and after she gets nice and wet he plunges his pussy crank deep into her in spoon, his thighs smacking against her from behind until she's screaming in ecstasy. But when Kristof's supervisor, Vince Karter, interrupts them, it's all over, right? Wrong! He's cool with it as long as he can get in on the action! Now she's got two cocks for the price of one and gets drilled in both her pussy and her ass while she sucks the other stud off until she decides to just get DP'd in cowgirl by both the motherfuckers at once like the sick nympho she is. The menage a trois ends with Chloe bathed in cum as the boys empty their balls into her eager cakehole. This is one crazy babe you're going to want to see get fucked into next week!

Brazzers Exxtra - Chloe Lamour - Doppelbanger

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Format: mp4
Description: What the fuck! Chloe Lamour and her roommate have a lot in common already, with their brunette hair and big round tits, and now they're both wearing the exact same outfit? This has Charlie Dean extremely confused. They're looking like lookalikes! Chloe has a solution, tearing her roomies top in half. These ladies don't play, but the games have just begun. Charlie catches Chloe showering and mistakes her for his girlfriend. He decides to surprise her with his big hard cock. It's a surprise alright and Chloe loves his dick inside of her. Charlie realizes he's bamboozled himself yet he can't help but get more of Chloe's amazing pussy. Charlie busts out the double barrel oil and they have a slip slidy good time. It's all cum and games... until they get caught.

Fitness Rooms - Chloe Lamour & Capri Lmonde - Hot Wet Threesome With Italian Teen

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Duration: 26:47
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Description: Jacked to the gills stud Angelo is lifting in the Fitness Rooms when Italian beauties Capri Lmonde and Chloe Lamour come in to invite him for a swim. When they get into the pools, the ladies prank Angelo by pretending to be in distress. After the swims them to the pool's side, they surprise him with a double blowjob! Showing off their big tits in their bathing suits, the babes then take turns sitting their asses on Angelo's face and riding his cock! After fucking Chloe hard doggystyle, Angelo cums on her butt, and then the ladies snowball with his cum.

Law 4k - Chloe Lamour - Ran Away From The Debt? We’ll Find Your Most Prized Possession And Fuck It!

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Description: We had to pay a visit to the welchers apartment since he left us no other choice after vanishing. A hot brunette opened the door. When I saw her, I felt her big boobs attract my hands like a magnet. The debtor wasnt at home, so we had to repossess his most prized belonging his sexy girlfriend. She did put up a fight at first but still found herself handcuffed in the interrogation room, eventually. You and your hubby are in deep shit, babe. You need to call him right now. I said to her.

She ringed him up and convinced the guy to turn himself in. Within five minutes, he was finally snatched by the long hand of the law. The guy didnt know what to do, leaving his wife to clean up the mess To repay his debt, she was willing to give us full control of her big boobs, juicy pussy, and playful mouth. Shes ready to fuck us while her hubby is forced to watch us from behind the bars.

Sex Working - Chloe Lamour - Late For A Dick Appointment

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Duration: 28:28
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Description: Resting in her apartment, Chloe Lamour realizes she is late for work! The busty brunette jumps into the shower and washes her ass and pussy, then quickly brushes her teeth and throws on some lingerie. Ready to head out, Chloe sees her man Mugur Porn horny in bed, and decides to fuck him before going to work. Jumping into bed, Chloe gives Mugur a blowjob, then shakes her big booty to entice him. Climbing on top of the stud, Chloe rides him cowgirl style, then throws it back in doggystyle before taking a creampie!

Hands On Hardcore - Chloe Lamour & Shalina Devine - Two Muffdivers Get Some Sausage In Their Love Sandwich When Neighbor Shows Up

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Duration: 01:01:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Romanian goddess Shalina Devine recently broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with her best friend, Sexy Slovakian Chloe. On this morning, Chloe is taking a slow, sensual shower and cleansing her gargantuan jugs when, like any healthy woman, she starts masturbating her tight, pink gash. Shalina walks in and finds her, but Chloe doesn't mind -- she invites her to join in! All the pain of Shalina's breakup is forgotten as they have a clam jam, eating and fingerfucking each other. But then there's someone at the door new next-door neighbor Vince, who's looking for some sugar! The two revved-up ladies have a better idea, however, and take him to the kitchen for some sugar of their own. After getting into the mood with some oral action from the ladies' lovely lips simultaneously, Vince takes turns servicing their quivering quims with his love sausage. Vince rides the chicks like a cowboy in an epic sequence of missionary, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl, sending Shalina into screaming ecstasy that goes on for minutes. After he covers the girls in his juice, he's exhausted, but the girls are just getting warmed up as they start kissing each other as a prelude to more!