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Devil's Film - Britney Amber - Cum Have A Taste Of My Hairy Pussy

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Duration: 35:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jason Moody's relaxing at home when curvy bombshell Britney Amber walks in and starts doing a sexy striptease for him. Jason can't believe his luck as Britney peels her clothes off, giving him his first peek at her hot bush.

Jason doesn't want to just watch though, so pretty soon, Britney is grinding on his lap as he rubs her little clit. She gets on her knees, stuffing his hard cock into her hungry mouth and giving Jason an amazing sloppy blowjob.

But Jason's just getting started with Britney and he's about to settle in for the main course, a sweet taste of her hairy pussy!

Lil Humpers - Britney Amber - Lil Campers

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Duration: 30:04
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Format: mp4
Description: College chums Ricky and Juan are having their annual indoor camp-out in Ricky's living room a jolly event full of shadow puppets, marshmallows and looking at porn on their phones. Things get a bit awkward when Ricky's dad comes home with a date, the stunning Britney Amber. Ricky and Juan promise to keep the noise down, as Ricky's dad leads a bewildered Britney upstairs. As the night goes on, Ricky and Juan get turned on by their porn and start humping marshmallows as one does while camping Britney goes downstairs to investigate after being awoken by their moans. Shock turns to horniness when Britney sees how big Ricky and Juan's dicks are, compared to her disappointing date's. It's a camping trip no one will ever forget!

Family Sinners - Britney Amber - Playing Doctor With My Step-mom

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Duration: 29:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Britney has wanted to fuck her step son Damon ever since he moved home to finish his nursing degree. Because she can't think of a reason for him to touch her on a personal level, she comes up with a scheme for him to touch her on a professional level. She asks him to see if he can find her birth control ring inside her. She would ask her husband but he doesn't know she is on birth control. Just as Damon kneels between her legs and inserts a finger, his father walks in. They convince him that nothing is going on. That it is purely clinical. When he leaves, Damon continues fingering Britney in attempt to locate her birth control ring. Britney telling him to go deeper and harder when Damon realizes she is just using him to finger her. She begs for him not to stop. Her new husband hasn't made her cum since Damon moved in. She needs this. Realizing he has already done this far, he complies. He starts fingering her wet hole and rolling his tongue over her clit. When his fingers aren't enough, he plunges his hard cock into her waiting pussy and starts pounding her. Her huge, fake tits bounce up with each thrust. She cums over and over until he pulls out and empties his load all over her blonde bush.

The Nudie - Britney Amber - Stairway To Amber

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Duration: 23:04
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Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde MILF Britney Amber seduces Xander Corvus and show that she still and always has had the stuff that turns on the boys heads. Her body is tight and curvy in all the right place. They can barely make it upstairs before she takes control and gets fucked hard. Like any true MILF with experience she takes control and rides him until he pops.

Moms Teach Sex - Britney Amber - My Step Mom Is A Cop

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Duration: 23:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber is a hard-nosed cop who doesn't take shit from anyone, including her stepson, Ricky Spanish. She gets her bigtit bod dressed for work, then tells Ricky to stop jacking off and clean up around the house. Unfortunately for Ricky, he ignores his mom's directive. When Britney returns home and finds Ricky right where she left him, including his hand on his dick, Britney knows that the only way to turn her stepson around is to empty his balls completely. Good thing this hot police officer knows just how to do that.

Whipping out her handcuffs, Britney ties Ricky up. She already knows his dick is hard as she kneels to start sucking him off. Ricky can't believe his stepmommy has her puffy lips wrapped around his fuck stick He's even more taken aback when Britney starts peeling off her uniform, popping her jugs out of her bra and peeling off her thong. By the time Britney has pushed Ricky onto the couch and climbed onto his cock to start riding him, though, he figures he'd better see this ride through to the very end.

Britney gets on her knees on the couch and tells Ricky to fuck her in doggy. When that doesn't empty Ricky's balls, Britney pushes him onto the couch so she can ride his dick. Reverse cowgirl doesn't work and neither does cowgirl! There's only one thing left to do Britney lays down and spreads her legs so Ricky can pound her while watching those titties jiggle. That finally does it Ricky nuts all over his mama's stomach and boobs. Now that Ricky has finally blown his load, Britney tells him he can now focus on his homework and cleaning up around the house.

Devil's Films - Britney Amber - Should It Stay Or Should It Go

File: np9csnadefibriambrxh31bxiap.mp4
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Duration: 30:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber finds herself in a bit of a conundrum when she sees all the shaven pussies at the gym shower. Does she have too much pussy hair?? Deep in thought, she looks at her twat with a mirror and ponders the possibility of shaving her wonderful forest of pussy hair. Thank the lord Alex Jett comes rushing in and brings her back to her senses as he extols the virtues of a hairy snapper. Big pussy hair is great pussy and men love nothing more than to run their fingers through a moist hair muffin...

Blacked - Britney Amber - Fringe Benefits

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Duration: 40:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Britney has developed a bit of a routine. Her husband, a successful record executive, often has his clients sign their contracts at home. When Britney sees someone she likes, she slips them a note and they come over the next day.

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Closing Out 2019 With The One And Only Britney Amber

File: 4ecqcnachpibriambjeu1wlvlkk.mp4
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Description: What a way to end 2019 with none other than two of Cherry Pimps finest... Britney Amber and Jay Smooth. Britney is ready to tell you just how to stroke that cock as she puts her beautiful tits right in your face! She loves how Jay eats out her wet pussy but wants that cock in her tits so she can titty fuck him until Jay almost cums! They fuck in all the best ways making sure you can see up close and personal while he drill that pussy hard. Jay gives her a load to not forget that goes all over her beautiful tits and down her chest

Hands On Hardcore - Britney Amber - Sexy Real Estate Agent Fucks For Sales

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Duration: 32:57
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Description: Horny American Milf Britney Amber is a real estate agent that will do anything to close a sale, especially if she can use her luscious big tits and trimmed pussy to get it. In today's 4K Hands on Hardcore premium porn scene, Ryan King is her lucky client that gets to enjoy pussy eating and fucking the busty blonde doggy style, not to mention one of her topnotch deepthroat blowjobs. Watch Britney's mouthwatering enhanced tits bounce as she rides Ryan's big cock in cowgirl and reverse until he shoots his load all over her. There's no question as to why she's top in the biz!

Nubiles ET - Britney Amber & Emily Willis - Nubile Lampoons Xxxmas Vacation

File: wb6i4nanuetbriemisqssl2l2y4.mp4
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Duration: 30:17
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Ellen and her husband Clark adopted a couple kids Audrey and Russ. Russ and Audrey are indifferent to their parents' efforts to decorate the tree as they sit on the couch with their napping Grandpa. Audrey wants to go to a Christmas party, but Russ suggests she can just fuck him instead. Later, Audrey brings up again how upset she is that they're missing the party with all those whores, and that she wanted to be one of those whores, too. Russ whips out his dick and suggests she still can be one of those whores if she'll take off her top so he can jack off to her. Audrey agrees, but reluctantly. Russ gets Audrey to take her bra off next. Russ has just coaxed Audrey into sucking his cock when Clark walks in and catches them in the act.

The next day, Clark imagines that he sees Audrey at the pool and can't help but admire her certified nubile bod. Imaginary Audrey can't get enough of her adopted dad as she takes her top off and throws it at him. Too bad real Audrey isn't nearly as seduced by her daddy. She points out his boner and Clark runs off in embarrassment. That embarrassment returns when Clark is about to fuck his bangin' wife doggy style, but somehow imagines that he's got his dick out for Audrey. Confused and embarrassed, Clark runs into the living room where he's greeted with a tableau of Russ fucking Ellen while Audrey watches and rubs her clit. What else is Clark to do but pull out his dick and join in? He finally gets a taste of Audrey's tight pussy as Audrey rides his cock while Russ continues to bang bigtit Ellen.

The family orgy is just getting started as Audrey and Ellen each take their chosen stud and climb into his lap. Riding cock in tandem leads to the girls rolling onto their sides so they can have the D in a spooning delight. With Ellen on her knees and Audrey on her back, the girls urge their men on until they've each enjoyed an orgasmic finish. Both girls are happy to help their guys get to the same pleasurable plateau as Audrey and Ellen each deliver handies and BJs. When the girls have been satisfied with facials of cum and are basking in the afterglow, Clark realizes that Ellen has been trying to get his attention because he has fantasized the whole family affair.

Cherry Pimps - Britney Amber - Buckle Up With Britney Amber And Lets Fuck

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Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 59:49
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Format: mp4
Description: Britney Amber is always a pleasure to have LIVE and this sexy babe always is rocking the hottest lingerie. She is all strapped and buckled up in black being a naughty hot tease with her magnificent large tits and gorgeous legs in her thigh high black stockings! If your cock is not rock hard yet it better be soon once she gets Marcus to lay down so she can show you how she loves to fuck! She rides his cock hard making those tits bounce and bounce while her pussy consumes every inch of that dick! Marcus loves that thick blonde bush and can barely hold back his load from erupting all over it after fucking her like never before