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Family Hookups - Athena Rayne - Hot Blonde Teen Athena Rayne Fucks Her Hot Spanish Stepdad

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Description: Athena Rayne is getting called out by her stepdad. He thinks she dresses too provacatively and posts racy pics on her social media, but she disagrees. She knows the real reason hes bringing it up though, mom has been out of town for a few months and he hasnt gotten laid at all since, of course hes going to want her to cover up, hes turned on by it! She offers to give him a shoulder rub but she has more in mind and as soon as she starts touching him all bets are off. Next thing you know his rock hard cock is pounding her young pussy before blowing his hot load all over her.

Jules Jordan - Athena Rayne - Petite Belly Dancer Athena Rayne Charms Dredd's Snake

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Description: Athena Rayne dazzles Dredd with her dance moves as she devours his monster cock! Athenas a nimble little slut with pale skin and long Lucious legs. She shows off her flexibility as she and Dredd sit on the couch and get to know each other before getting up to put her dancing on display. Athena makes her way back over to Dredd, whos now rock -hard, so he can examine her ass up close and gets a taste of her pussy. Dredd has her do a striptease for him, and while she slowly removes her belly dancer outfit he stokes his massive cock through his pants. He takes off his clothes to unleash the beast as Athena makes her way over to wrap her lips around that giant cock. She sucks it from the side before getting on her knees and attempting to take that monster cock all the way down her throat. Athena struggles with he size of that tree-trunk dick but it doesnt deter her from giving him the best blowjob she can. They move back to the couch where Athena gets into missionary and spreads her legs wide open to accommodate Dredds thick shaft. Dredd feeds her hungry pussy every inch of his monster cock as Athena bends and folds herself around that dick. She plays with her clit as Dredd hammers her wet pussy then gets on top and impales herself on that massive cock. Its amazing to see such a tiny babe bounce on the biggest dick ever as her hole is stretched out to the max. Athena spins around into reverse cowgirl to give us an even better view of the pussy pounding then shows off her bend-ability again as she does splits on that dick. Dredd bangs her out in doggystyle and spoon before dropping his load all over her pretty face.

Jules Jordan Video - Athena Rayne - Dredd 9

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Description: Alex Grey's petite body somehow handles Dredd's MONSTER COCK.Athena Rayne charms Dredd's snake by belly-dancing for him.Emma Hix gets split in half as she impales her tiny pussy on Dredd's thick dick.Kenzie Madison Katie Kush are sexy best friends that love to share Dredd's BBC.

Taboo POV - Athena Rayne - Step Daughter caught camming by Dad

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Description: My stepdad caught me camming. I started doing it as soon as I turned 18. I love dressing up and looking pretty for all the men. But I also love the money. I thought I was home alone and fired up the webcam, flirting and having fun my stepdad just barged in. He is always looking at me, I can tell I make his cock twitch. I love it. I asked him to please not tell my mom. After all, I live in their house. I told him I would do anything, hoping he was thinking what I was. OH, he was...

Lethal Hardcore - Athena Rayne - My Stepdaddy Trained Me Well

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Description: Lexi Lore was so jealous of her mom when she heard her stepdad fucking her all night that she tossed his salad just to get a piece of that big hard cock! When Xandra Sixx maxed out her stepdad's credit card, she let him stretch out her pussy and gagged on his cock to pay him back! Athena Rayne's stepdad was happy to pay for her concert tickets after she jammed her tongue up his ass! Chloe Temple is a cute blonde that decided to fuck her stepdad because her date was too much of a pussy to fuck her!

Lets Try Anal - Athena Rayne - Anal For Athena

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Description: Athena Raynes at her therapists to discuss her sexual needs, when her therapist, Ryan Mclane, decides to lend a helping hand. He starts out by rubbing her perfect, perky tits before slowly sliding a finger into her tight, little asshole! Athena might act shy but deep down all she wants if for Ryan to pound her amazing hole. In the end Ryan busts all over Athenas perfect tits and shes gotten exactly what she came for.

Cum Eating Cuckolds - Athena Rayne - On Your Knees

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Description: Athena wants you to see how she is supposed to worshed like the Goddess she is and her husband is more than happy to get on his knees. She may seem like she doesn't like him but as she spits into his mouth she holds his head close to make sure he has the best view. Her husband sucks and licks her feet while she blows that big black cock.

Taboo POV - Athena Rayne - SpringBreak! Face Shots! Shots! Shots!

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Description: I want to go on spring break with my friends so bad. My mom is such a twat face and said that she can't stop me from going now that I'm 18, but she wouldn't give me any money. I guess she should know she raised a very resourceful sexy daughter that knows exactly who will give her some. My stepdad wants to fuck me so bad. I see the way he looks at me. I mean can you blame him. He sleeps with Queen No-Fun every night...

Web Young - Chloe Cherry & Athena Rayne - Schoolgirl Curiosity

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Duration: 49:28
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Description: Athena Rayne and Chloe Cherry are hanging out in Athena's bedroom, giggling and joking around. Oh, he is the WORST!, laughs Athena. He totally is!, Chloe agrees. That jacket he wears?, continues Chloe. The one he wears EVERY SINGLE DAY?, laughs Athena. Yeah, doesn't he realize he teaches the same students every day and they're gonna notice that he always wears the same thing?, asks Athena. Seriously!, and she doesn't think he ever washes it, cause it smells totally weird, laughs Chloe.

Athena is about to say something but is interrupted by her phone buzzing with a received text. She looks down at it and concentrates for a moment, reading it. That's weird, Athena says absently. What?, asks Chloe. Well, her brother just texted her, but she thinks he actually meant to text someone else, Athena says. What does it say?, asks Chloe. 'It just says 'This is that website I was telling you about bro' and then there's just a link,' Athena says. Click on the link!, Chloe says, sliding next to her friend to look at the phone.

Athena clicks on the link. They gaze down at the phone for a second. Why does the site need to make sure that they're 18?, asks Athena. It doesn't matter, they ARE both 18, so just click it, prompts Chloe. Athena presses the screen and their eyes go wide as they take in what comes up next. They look at each other in shock. 'Oh my god it's--,' Athena says and Chloe finishes her sentence with '--a bunch of naked girls!' Both girls giggle, embarrassed, putting their hands over their mouths. Wow, her brother is a total perv, Chloe says jokingly as their laughter subsides. Seriously!, agrees Athena. Wow, these girls are REALLY good-looking, Athena says, her eyes darting furtively back to the phone screen. Chloe's eyes do the same. Athena is right, they totally are, Chloe agrees.

As they continue browsing through the photos, the girls are shocked to discover how naughty the glam photos get but their curiosity makes them browse more. When they begin to look at 'girl on girl' photos, they become even more astounded... and horny.

Intrigued, they decide to experiment with each other, resolving just to kiss. They bring their lips to close together slowly and tentatively. When they are almost about to kiss, they giggle nervously, but that quickly passes and they begin to gently kiss each other. At first, the kissing is slow and cautious, but it quickly builds in intensity and they rapidly become lost in the moment, caressing each other's bodies as they moan softly. Soon, their passion takes over fully and they take each other's clothes off.

It's time for these schoolgirls to take their curiosity to the next level...

Taboo POV - Athena Rayne - Give Stepsister That Baby

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Description: My hot-ass lesbian step-sisters girlfriend wants to have a baby. I think my sis is a dumb shit for wanting to have a baby with a girl that she has only been dating for a few months. Not to mention the janky pot dispensary bottle she wanted to put it in, there is no way my little guys will survive the voyage to planet no cock and make a mini-me in that tired dub bottle. So yeah, I was stoked to finally get the stepsister handy Id been waiting for...

Banging Beauties - Athena Rayne - Anal Training and Creampie for Athena

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Format: mp4
Description: Blonde coed Athena Rayne is chomping at the bit for a PervCity anal training. But when the fishnet-wearing 21-year-old shows off her flexibility by doing the splits, we start to realize that the tall and lean spinner is already an anal sex machine.

Pure Taboo - Athena Rayne - My Daughter, The Whore

File: edxyfnaputaathrayevy4snic1f.mp4
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Duration: 46:37
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on a man sitting in a chair in his living room, casually reading a newspaper as the sounds of sex can be heard from an adjacent room. The man, Roger Dick Chibbles, doesn't seem to pay any mind to the noises. Soon, there is a loud grunt from the man in the other room as he cums. A few moments later, a man exits the adjacent room, closing the door behind him. He zips up his fly as he exits the room.

Hearing him, Roger looks up from his newspaper with a wide grin. Everything was satisfactory?, he asks the other man. Oh yeah, as beautiful as always, but....the man hesitates, before continuing,...she did seem a bit...tired today, he finishes. Oh, she did?, Roger asks, subconsciously gripping the newspaper hard enough to crumple the paper. Yeah, the client replies, not as eager as usual.

Roger politely apologizes, he's so sorry about that, the client can expect a better time on his next visit, Roger says. 'I will PERSONALLY...make sure that this does not happen again,' Roger adds with a tone of menace. The man tells him he appreciates it, and Roger walks him out the door. He waves the man off with a smile and closes the door behind him. As soon as the man has gone, Roger turns around, his smile replaced with a look of fury.

He opens the door of the bedroom to reveal a naked girl, Lucy Athena Rayne, who is on the bed hugging her knees. She looks exhausted and spent, staring off into space. When Roger comes in, she is startled out of her daze and looks at him. What the fuck Lucy?!, Roger asks angrily, standing over her on the bed. He said she seemed...TIRED?, he continues. That guy is one of their best clients, has really fallen in love with her, so they need to make sure to keep him happy no matter what, Roger continues with barely contained rage. 'I know, I just...I really AM so...SO tired...tired of all of this...he was the third guy today,' Lucy says wearily. 'I don't give a shit if you're tired! You know how serious our situation is,' Roger says. She knows, she just...she can't do this anymore, it needs to stop, Lucy says numbly.

Roger takes a deep breath to steady his anger, closes his eyes for a moment. He sits on the edge of the bed next to Lucy, adopting a more patient caring tone to try to reason with her. 'Lucy... you know what they'll do to me if we don't square things away, right? You don't want me to go away, right? Then it's up to you to fix this.'

Lucy nods along with him, resigned. 'Good, so clean your fucking self up, you look disgusting, and you've got another appointment arriving in a few minutes...and you can't greet a client looking like...this,' he says, gruffly, his tender demeanor instantly vanishing as he waves a hand disgustedly at her. 'I raised you better than that, didn't I?' he adds. Lucy looks up at him with tired eyes. 'Yes Daddy,' she says.


The doorbell rings and Roger goes to answer it. He smiles as he opens the door to greet his daughter's latest client, John Tommy Pistol. The client says hello coldly, not smiling. Roger invites him in. So this is his first time here right? Roger asks amiably. Yes, the man says curtly. Ok, so he'll explain the ground rules, Roger says.

Cut to Lucy's room as Roger explains the ground rules, muffled behind the door. Lucy is almost done cleaning up. We watch as she finishes reapplying her makeup in a compact mirror and puts on some sexy lingerie. She looks good and well put-together, but her eyes betray an exhaustion that is soul-deep. She sits down on the edge of the bed and stares off into space.

Cut back to Roger and John. Roger has just finished explaining the ground rules. So does he understand?, Roger asks. The man pauses. Yes, everything's clear, he says quietly. 'Also, I should mention that there are some...activities...I'm interested in that may...not EXACTLY be what she's used to...' John says. 'I'm sure there's something that we can work out,' Roger responds.

Cut back to Lucy in her room, who is still staring blankly, lost in thought. There is a knock on the door, which startles her out of her reverie. She shakes her head, trying to pull herself together. Just one sec, she calls to the person who knocked on the door. Lucy looks in the mirror. She takes a deep breath, and with effort, her blank expression of exhaustion turns to a seductive, flirty expression, as her eyes brighten and she pouts her lips. Where she was weary and spent a few moments ago, she now appears younger, youthful and vibrant Lucy's game-face is on. She lies down on her stomach on the bed, resting her head in her hands as she smiles up at the door. She kicks her legs absentmindedly behind her in an energetic, innocent way. She tells the visitors to come in.

Roger opens the door and invites John in, introducing him to Lucy. John says hello stiffly. 'You're just in time, I was starting to get lonely,' Lucy says flirtatiously. 'There's been a...change in plans Lucy,' Roger says, closing the door so that the three of them are in the room together. Lucy's eyes widen in horrified shock. 'What are you...?' she asks.

Well, John has asked him to stay...and watch, Roger says casually, without a hint of trepidation in his voice. 'Yes, I love an...audience, and there's really no better audience than a loving father watching his precious daughter get defiled in front of his very eyes,' John says.

Roger coughs to clear his throat, clearly a bit put off by the request but trying his best to keep it hidden. That's not a problem...IS IT, Lucy?, Roger asks in a vaguely threatening tone. Lucy hesitates for the briefest of moments before she buries her horror down deep.

No...of course not, she's up for whatever he wants.

Ginger Patch - Athena Rayne - Ballerina Boning

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Description: Becoming a world class ballerina is not easy, especially when you are as easily distracted as Athena Rayne. She cannot help but imagine what it would feel like to wrap her lips around her dance judges dick tip. This girl is driven and is determined to make her cock sucking dreams a reality. She prances around and then rips her panties open, inviting him to stick his dick in her perfect young pussy. She bends over backwards to suck his prick, and then rides him like the elegant dancer she is. Her perky tits bounce as she slides up and down his pole, grabbing on to the dancing rail for balance. Then, she takes a huge load all over her chin. Where was this scene in Black Swan?

Shoplyfter - Athena Rayne - Case No. 1122187

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Duration: 52:46
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Suspect is a blonde, adolescent female. She has been caught stealing small, low priced items from the storefront. As the value of stolen merchandise does not exceed twenty dollars, standard catch and release protocol is followed. However, while in custody, the suspect attempts to steal the Loss Prevention Officers wallet. An extensive strip search is conducted, and the items are recovered using advanced retrieval methods. Evidence logged on January 16, 2019.

Teen Fidelity - Athena Rayne - On Point Pussy

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Duration: 51:13
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Athena keeps her teen body toned and flexible with ballet. A tight bodysuit sticks to her perky tits and firm ass. This fiery redhead knows that she needs to be in top condition to please Ryan, as his cock stretches her tight pussy, she spreads her legs into a split so she can take every inch.