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Nubile Films - Amy Douxxx & Ivi Rein - Something To Stare At

File: rs2s3nanufiamyivipm6r3dqlfp.mp4
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Duration: 23:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ivi Rein and her friend Amy Douxxx are enjoying a girl chat in the kitchen. Ivi confesses that she has a guy on the hook that she's going to visit, but she doesn't speak any German and she is worried that she doesn't know much about sex, either. Always the good friend, Amy reassures Ivi that she can watch and learn from her and her boyfriend, Thomas Stone.

Thomas walks in a moment later and greets Amy with a kiss. Getting to her feet, Amy pulls Thomas aside and whispers her plan into his ear. Thomas is shocked, but he seems to be game. He's already nice and hard when Amy pulls his pants down to spring his erection free. Dropping to her knees, Amy begins demonstrating to Ivi just what she does to make her boyfriend happy...

Ivi finds that she is painfully shy at first. She can't look, but paradoxically, she can't look away. Eventually, Amy glances over to Ivi and sees her discomfort. She offers her friend a sexy smile and beckons her to join in. Ivi hesitates, but then goes to her friend and joins Amy on her knees.

The two girls work together to blow Thomas. Ivi's tentative sucks become deeper and more comfortable. With Amy's guidance, she quickly learns how to deliver a wonderful BJ. Amy eventually relocates them to the couch so that Ivi can suck Thomas off from a different angle for even more practice.

Now that Amy is comfortable with foreplay Amy decides that it's time for something more. She strips out of her shorts and returns to her knees, this time with Thomas behind her. Ivi watches as Thomas does Amy in doggy. Tugging Ivi forward, Amy pulls her friend's panties aside and leans in to feast on her twat.

When Amy decides that Ivi is ready to learn how to fuck, she gets Thomas to roll onto his back and then she helps Ivi climb on top to sink down onto his dick. This position lets Ivi set the pace and call all the shots, putting her in a position of power. When Ivi is bouncing along nicely, Amy joins her by climbing onto Thomas's face and riding his tongue as Ivi rides his fuck stick. When Amy perches on the top of the couch above Thomas's face, Ivi can even lean in and lap at her friend's clit.

Yielding Thomas's hardon to Amy, Ivi watches her friend slide down her boyfriend's body and mount him in cowgirl. She watches Amy for a moment, entranced by her friend's bouncing stiffie ride. Then she demonstrates how far she has come by licking Amy's clit and sucking Thomas's balls, anything to help her new lovers get off.

Thomas rewards Ivi's dedication by getting her on her hands and knees and sinking balls deep into her greedy puss. Ivi continues to demonstrate that she has graduated to advanced techniques as Amy arranges herself in front of her and she resumes eating Amy out. Thomas doesn't stop until Ivi is moaning, which creates some delectable pleasure for Amy in turn.

The final lesson Amy and Thomas want to pass on to Ivi is to how to make a man cum. Amy guides Ivi to her knees in front of Thomas once again. With Amy's help, Ivi works her mouth over Thomas's hardon until he rewards her with a facial that spurts into her open mouth. Amy leans in for a deep kiss, licking the taste of her boyfriend from her friend's lips.

Rk Prime - Dolly Diore & Amy Douxxx - Crashing The Sex Confessions

File: slicznarkprdolamyh17efzglrz.mp4
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Duration: 46:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Black haired Dolly Diore has a cute get together with her ex, blonde haired Amy Douxxx, after years spent apart. Catching up with each other soon leads them to talk about their recent sexual experimentation, and before they even know it, the two aroused girls are intertwined on the bed, licking each other's pussy. This is when Raul Costa, Dolly's boyfriend, walks in on them. Surprised at first, Raul is then kindly invited to take part in the action. The passionate twosome quickly evolves into a raunchy threesome, much to everyone delight!

Pure BJ - Amy Douxxx - Amy Douxxx takes a cock and rub it well

File: wzfolnapubjamydouysbg47t5nw.mp4
Size: 1.98 GB
Duration: 34:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amy Douxxx brought her best smile to this scene when she sat down and started to undress herself.

The top gets off very quickly just to reveal that there is no bra on those perky little but round tits. Her body has tattoos all over. It is still stylish, and probably represents her views on things. She also features blonde short hair which looks incredibly sexy.

When we have a closeup on her pussy as she rubs it we can read OH HEY! near the entry. That's funny for sure

When she shows us her greatly shaped ass, her fingers almost slip in her butthole. It was not, but still great to have a mind game about what would happen if those fingers wandered inside that tight hole...

Anyhow, when she finished teasing she lay on her knees and asked for a cock to play with. Our cameraman was happy to assist She really loves to play with that dick. Rubbing it against her wall of mouth while we enjoy watching the action from below. This way we still be able to watch her perky tits bouncing up and down, which of course is a treat.

After a while she ends up on her back on the couch, with saliva shining on her face. And she keeps sucking that dick even harder. We do have a bit of a close up view of that action as well looking from top to her face. She does not lose eye contact for too long which is a definite plus!

The intense strokes and milking results in some fruitful ejaculation into her mouth. She takes every drip of it and joyfully swallows it. No part of that hot messy jizz gets wasted! Lovely girl did a lovely job with this blowjob, we hope you'll enjoy that treat as we enjoyed making it for you!