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Girls Way - Nina Elle & Alison Rey - Maid For Each Other: Swap Service Part 2

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Description: Alison Rey stops by to chat with Nina Elle, the cleaner her parent, Marie McCray, has hired, as she works. Although Nina's a bit concerned about her OWN problems with being Lily Larimar's parent, her nurturing instincts take over as Alison complains about her relationship with Marie. Alison thinks Marie is selfish and misses spending time with her as a family. In fact, she doesn't think Marie is a very good parent -- unlike Nina.

Nina is gentle as she defends Marie while also lifting Alison up as well. Nina assures Alison that she's not perfect herself, as evident by her own rocky relationship with Lily. But the more they talk, the more an unexpected attraction starts to grow.

Feeling bold, Alison finally pecks Nina on the lips after admitting how much she admires Nina. Although this sparks something in Nina, she's hesitant to take the next step, especially since Marie and Lily are both still around the house... somewhere. But as they comfort each other more and get closer, Nina's unable to deny her desires any longer... If Alison needs some cheering up, then she's happy to deliver since SHE could use it, too!

Mylf X Marie McCray - Marie McCray & Alison Rey - Stepdaughter Is A Thief

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Description: When blonde Mylf Marie McCray busts her stepdaughter Alison Rey going through her wallet and trying to steal her credit card, she decides to give her a proper punishment, starting with some spanking. Things soon unravel as Marie goes all the way with Alison, eating her out and fucking her hard!

Mommy's Boy - Alison Rey & Silvia Saige - Hands-On Sex Lesson

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Description: Rico Hernandez and his girlfriend Alison Rey are sitting on Rico's bed. They are holding each other's hands. They are celebrating their six-month anniversary and are clearly happy and in love.
Alison then lightly caresses Rico's arm, looking shy but flirty. She playfully teases that there's only one other thing that can make their anniversary PERFECT. Rico is confused at first but quickly realizes she's talking about sex. It becomes clear that they are virgins, but after a few moments of debate, decide to finally go through with having sex.

As much as they want to dive right into having sex, they're both a bit nervous and clueless. Rico suggests asking his stepmom, Silvia Saige, for sex advice. Although Alison is a bit hesitant, she agrees and they leave to find her in another room.
Rico and Alison find Silvia relaxing in her own bedroom. Silvia happily greets them, knowing that it's their anniversary. Rico and Alison say they need her help, admitting that they want to have sex but are inexperienced and afraid. They hope that Silvia can help give them some advice. Silvia agrees to help.
Silvia is very eager and authoritative as she decides that the young couple will learn more by practicing and suggests that Alison blow Rico right in front of her. Rico and Alison are shocked but hesitantly go along with it. Silvia instructs Alison on what to do as Alison puts Rico's cock in her mouth.
But Silvia is not satisfied with Alison's efforts and much to the shock of Rico and Alison, sinks to her knees and begins to blow Rico to demonstrate for Alison.

All Girl Massage - Alison Rey & Whitney Wright - Given Up On Love

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Description: Alison Rey enters a massage parlor looking miserable. Whitney Wright, the masseuse, is professional as she greets Alison and tries to cheer her up but it doesn't seem to go well. Nonetheless, Whitney has a job to do and invites Alison into a private room for her massage...

As Whitney starts massaging Alison, trying to work out the unbelievable amount of tension Alison holds in her muscles, the source of Alison's misery is soon revealed. Alison is a marriage counselor who used to really believe in her job but has now given up on love. All around her are miserable couples and her view on relationships has become jaded because of it.

However, Whitney is optimistic, insisting that there's still plenty of love out there. It seems like Alison's clients are mostly straight, monogamous couples, but there are so many other kinds of love! For example, she knows a lesbian couple who have been together for YEARS and are still going strong.

As Alison gradually relaxes even more through Whitney's touch and words, she seems a little more hopeful but laments about how her OWN dating life leaves much to be desired. That's when Whitney flirtatiously offers Alison the chance to mix things up and get a fresh perspective to find love again!

Bad Daddy POV - Alison Rey - Finally, Some Alone Time With Step Daddy

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Description: Beautiful brunette, Alison Rey, finally has some alone time with her stepdaddy during their family vacation. Alison is wearing a pretty pink top and skirt when she enters her stepdad's room. Now that the two of them are alone together, Alison wants to do something with the man of the house that both of them will surely never forget. Without wasting any more time, Alison reaches out for her stepfather's already hard dick and gives it a sloppy blowjob. She uses her soft tongue to lick every inch of the huge shaft before putting the old champ's cock into her warm mouth...

After the sloppy blowjob, Alison takes off her clothes and lies on the bed with her legs wide open. The horny old man exactly knows what to do. He sticks his cock into Alison's shaved pussy without any hesitation. Alison can't help but moan in delight as her stepfather slides his cock in and out of her pussy. Every thrust of his cock into her twat sends shivers up her spine. Alison gives her stepdad another round of blowjob before bending over on the bed. Her stepdaddy fucks her tight pussy from behind, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. Alison looks back at her stepdaddy as he bangs her doggystyle. Her teasing eyes perfectly relay her desire for harder pussy pounding. Not wanting to disappoint his favorite stepdaughter, the horny stud tirelessly slides his cock in and out of the pink pussy. He shows no signs of stopping until he finally feels like he is about to cum. The old champ lies on the bed and lets the beautiful Alison stroke and suck his cock. The obedient stepdaughter continues to jerk off her stepdaddy until he cums hard. Alison can't help but smile as she watches her stepdaddy ejaculate for her.

Purgatory X - Silvia Saige & Alison Rey - The Therapist Vol 2 E2

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Duration: 26:10
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Description: The Therapist Silvia Saige and her patient Alison Rey made excellent progress in their first session. Silvia knows just what Alison needs in order for her to regain her sexual self-confidence. For their next appointment, the Therapist, being fully committed to her work, arranges for her own husband Seth Gamble to join the session. This surprises Alison but her apprehension quickly melts away revealing the super sexy slut thats been tucked away, waiting to be released.

Purgatory X - Silvia Saige & Alison Rey - The Therapist Vol 2 E1

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Duration: 26:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A successful and sexy Therapist Silvia Saige helps her new client Alison Rey save her marriage. She knows just what Alison needs and prescribes three progressive sessions of sexual seduction designed to help Alison reconnect with her sexuality. With each session, Alisons confidence grows as she and her therapist share new and exciting sexual encounters with each other and each others husbands Seth Gamble, Ryan McLane.

All Girl Massage - Alison Rey & Candice Dare - Picture-perfect Seduction

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Duration: 42:18
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Description: Candice Dare is excited as she shows her friend, Alison Rey, into her new massage parlor. Alison is there that day to help her with getting assets to promote the parlor. You see, Candice hired a marketer, Casey Calvert, who is coming in to get pictures and videos of Candice massaging Alison so that they can start bringing in customers!

When Casey arrives, she gets down to business, having Candice do a mock massage with Alison. Candice and Alison are willing to do whatever Casey says since she's the one who knows what she's doing. However, it doesn't take long for the mock massage to turn into something a bit too real for them as Casey starts encouraging them into sexier and sexier positions. It seems like Casey's all about catching how sensual a massage is, which naturally builds heat between the two friends... Then Casey suggests giving Alison a happy ending to REALLY drive the point home! Although the friends are a bit nervous, who are they to argue with an expert??

Candice and Alison give it they're all for the camera, although it doesn't take long for them to forget Casey's even there! As they hungrily eat out each other's pussies, Casey is never far away. Candice isn't sure how much of this she can REALLY use to promote her business, but she'll definitely work with Casey again!

Girlfriends Films - Alison Rey & Krissy Lynn - Lesbian Tutors 7

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Duration: 39:55
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Description: Four sexy women of power tutor their understudies in lesbian sex. They know everything about women's bodies and hidden spots. They know best how to have multiple orgasms while fucking with female! Each of the four scenes is full of learning, love, and wet lesbian pussy.

Girls Way - Alison Rey & Candice Dare - Conflict Of Interest

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Duration: 31:00
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Description: Candice Dare is a professional matchmaker. With the help of AI, she finds great matches for her clients so that they can have their happily ever afters. Although the system never finds PERFECT matches, the compatibility percentages are so high that her clients are still always happy. It seems like the AI is never wrong...

Today she's working on finding matches for her client, Alison Rey. As she puts everything into the computer, Candice is stunned when she gets back a PERFECT 100 match, which she's never seen before. But she's shocked when it's revealed that Alison has been matched with HER! Candice had put her profile into the system so long ago that she forgot it was even there! Although she thinks Alison is sooo cute, this IS a conflict of interest... but a match is a match and Alison deserves to get her results.

A little later, after receiving a call, Alison arrives. Candice reveals that SHE'S the perfect match, although dating a client seems like a bad idea. Alison, meanwhile, is all for it, insisting that Candice gives it a chance. Candice said it herself that she's never seen a perfect match! The fact that she's in the system means that SHE'S looking for love, too, right?? So is Candice REALLY going to deny her client AND herself??

Swayed by Alison's argument, Candice gives in, caught up in the heat of the moment. A steamy kiss soon leads to sensual caresses... Once Alison

Girls Way - Alison Rey & Rebecca Vanguard - Suspicious Sister-In-Law

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Duration: 35:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alison Rey is meeting her new sister-in-law, Rebecca Vanguard, for the first time, although she's not too excited about it. She's a bit worried that Rebecca is just using her brother to move from the States to Canada. In fact, she's so worried that she's determined to find out once and for all...

When Rebecca visits alone one day, Alison is suspicious of how bubbly and sweet she is. She doesn't want to be abrupt, so she tries asking Rebecca questions about how she met her brother and got involved with him. It's just that everything seemed to move so fast. One moment, he's single, and then the next, he has a wife from another country?? But when Rebecca finally blurts out that she's a lesbian, it's NOT what Alison's expecting at all.

Alison learns that Rebecca and her brother were friends but that once he found out that Rebecca's family treats her badly, he offered to marry her to get her away from them. Although Alison's unsure of what to make of it, she is touched by Rebecca's plight and knows that her brother is the type to go out of his way and help someone in need. But, as a lesbian herself, she begins to wonder if her brother has even bigger plans for Rebecca... Especially once Rebecca admits that he told her all about Alison being a lesbian.

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Rebecca shyly comes onto Alison, desperate for the touch of another woman and a new start in life. Alison's unable to turn her down, soon giving in to guide Rebecca through her first lesbian encounter. As Rebecca comes undone with Alison's tongue in her pussy,

Girls Way - Alison Rey & Evelyn Claire - I'm Such A Klutz!

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Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's Alison Rey's first day on the job as a barista and she's not doing so great. She's practically shaking with nerves when her first customer, Evelyn Claire, enters and asks for an iced coffee. She stumbles over herself as she gets the order ready but then does the unthinkable accidentally pouring iced coffee all over Evelyn's shirt!

She Will Cheat - Alison Rey - Sexy Alison Rey Cheats On Her Cuckold Husband With A Big Black Cock

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Description: Alison Rey has been with her husband for a few years now, and stayed faithful fora little bit of that time. Her cuckold husband is out again and she needs cock now so she invites her BBC boy toy over for some fun and he doesnt disappoint. He eats her out like hes starving and fills her pussy completely with his massive black cock. Her husband could never fuck her like this with his little dick! And he certainly couldnt give her such huge load of cum all over her perfect ass!