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Bratty Sis - Lexie Fux - So You Want To Be A Stripper

File: oon2mnabrsilexfuxruj6aesmlr.mp4
Size: 511.30 MB
Duration: 32:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Lexie Fux needs a job and what better way for this hot number to make a living than stripping at a club? She needs to audition, so she records herself practicing her moves so she can learn from her mistakes. Her stepbrother, Jay, walks in on her. Both stepsiblings are taken aback, but Lexie gets the bright idea to try practicing her moves on Jay. After she gives Jay a show, Lexie eventually realizes that he's hard. He points out that his dick doesn't know she's his stepsister, and she eventually agrees to give him a lap dance.

Jay doesn't waste any time pulling his shorts aside so his cock pops out and Lexie slides down on it. As soon as she realizes her brother's dick is in her Lexie tries to cry foul but they both know she likes it too much to stop. She resumes her lap dance, now with added cock in her pussy. She decides to switch things up by sucking her own juices off Jay's hardon and then climbing back on to ride him in cowgirl.

Loving the stiffie ride, Jay reaches up to squeeze his sis's pretty bouncing titties. She turns around to give him another look at that ass, then leans forward so he can pound her from behind. Jay can't help but pop out of Lexie's tight pussy to rub the head of his dick against her sensitive ass crack. Lexie's little moans of delight keep him dipping in and out of that cooch, especially as she spreads her own cheeks apart to give him a great view. Eventually Jay just goes ahead and sticks his thumb into Lexie's ass as he fucks her. He flips her over to give her the rough pussy pounding he's craving while watching her puffy tits jiggle in time to his strokes. When Jay has had enough, he pulls out to cum all over Lexie's stomach while complimenting her routine.

Blacked - Lexie Fux - Special Assignment

File: vatzbnablalexfuxaxzoqko6p7.mp4
Size: 286.34 MB
Duration: 36:42
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexie just started off as an intern at a modeling agency. Getting used to being around so many attractive people all the time has proven to be a task unto itself. One day, on behalf of her boss, she has to drop off some documents to be signed at a model's house who has just returned from a trip. The task itself was daunting, and when she found out who the model was, it only made it more intimidating.

Vixen - Lexie Fux - The Games We Play

File: rvw8znavixlexfuxmtxdyri4gy.mp4
Size: 799.76 MB
Duration: 52:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexie is a grad student studying the psychology of sex. She is interviewing an expert on subdom relationships for an assignment. It's always something she's been interested in but didn't fully understand. By the time the interview is done, she's an expert herself.