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Interracial Pickups - Nicole Sage - When Mr Knox Gets Hit In A Parking Lot

File: ltsuenainpinicsag6kqvm2its3.mp4
Size: 2.27 GB
Duration: 32:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Mr Knox gets hit in a parking lot he immediately turns on his camera to record the damage done and the other driver. Turns out the other driver is a hot dingy brunette who has no insurance and apparently finds the whole situation semi humorous. What is the matter with her? His car is dented. He needs it fixed. She offers to come to his house while she reaches a friend who is an auto body shop owner. Turns out all she really wants
is that sweet black majic all banging deep up in her woman hole. Seems she likes putting on a show for the camera and really wants to give Jamie something to remember her by. Jamie is able to capture some afternoon sex majic on his cell phone and rewards the horny bad driver with a nice faceful of jizz.

Interracial Pickups - Skye Blue - Jax Finds Skye Doing Sun Therapy

File: efubsnainpiskyblubuxixebl4p.mp4
Size: 3.19 GB
Duration: 45:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jax finds Skye doing sun therapy yoga while he is hiking. Hiding behind a bush he spies on her and starts filming her on his cell phone. Unfortunately for the perverted man Skye hears him rustling in the bushes and catches him in the act. She goes off on him and starts filming him back threatening to put him online. Somehow in the heat of the moment something happened. She realized he was not so bad and takes him up on the offer of going back
to his house and having a coffee. She stars asking him about what he filmed and if he would like to take it further. Of course this was after she noticed that huge stiff snake in his shorts that was begging to be let free. Putting on a show for him as he films her she soon has his cock out and they start making an impromptu afternoon porn shoot. Jax has a blast fucking her sweet little pussy in a variety of positions and gets lots more footage than he bargained for. In fact he gets to film himself blasting a nut right in her pretty face. Now that is a pickup.

Interracial Pickups - Lana Sharapova - Lana Is A New Pizza Delivery Girl

File: isbxtnainpilanshavoz5krguo6.mp4
Size: 1.15 GB
Duration: 35:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Lana is a new pizza delivery girl on her first delivery so her boss gives her a camera to hand to customers to record the deliveries and get feedback. She is terrible and holds the pizza sideways, then drops it before giving it to the customers. They complain and tell her that's not good if they call her boss and she tells them she will do ANYTHING to make sure they are happy because customer service counts and she wants a 5 star rating. So they tell her to get down
on the ground and they take out their wieners and the crazy DP action begins with ATP, ATM and crazy stuff. She takes a double face shot and then has one of them nut on a pizza slice and then she eats it just to show them how good the pizza is, while Prince showers her with money for the tip.

Interracial Pickups - Candice Dare - Candice Is Having Problems

File: a2mb3nainpicandarnzijb9ze34.mp4
Size: 559.02 MB
Duration: 38:17
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Candice is having problems with her TV, so she calls the TV repairman to come over and fix it. Because Eddie is a TV repairman apprentice, his Mentor, Prince always brings along a gopro to document the service call so they can see how he can improve the customer experience. They come over and explain that and then Prince lets him work on the TV. They find out that it was actually just unplugged and when they turn it on they see she was watching DP Porn!!!! They realize that maybe
they should be documenting what she watches on TV in real life so they take out their wieners and the crazy DP action begins with ATP, ATM and crazy stuff. After the pop she tells them she knew there was nothing wrong with her TV, she just likes banging random strangers.

Interracial Pickups - Emma Hix - Emma Sneaks In To Her Neighbors Backyard

File: iiukwnainpiemmhixq49ea2gdel.mp4
Size: 360.47 MB
Duration: 32:05
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Emma sneaks in to her neighbors backyard because she thinks he's not home. She is out tanning by the pool in her bathing suit, and Prince and Isiah discover her unauthorized fence jumping tanning and tell her that she's starting to get Sun Burnt so she should go inside so they can put lotion on her since they don't want her to burn. They take her inside and have her take off her suit so they can rub lotion on her, and then decide to take their dicks out so she
can Thank them for helping her out. Since the boys want to remember their sexy neighbor, they film their adventure with their dirty next door neighbor.

Interracial Pickups - Leah Lee - Leah Loves The Outdoors

File: qncxxnainpilealeefube4lafuf.mp4
Size: 347.50 MB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Leah loves the outdoors. Especially hiking. One day out on the trail, she meets up with Slim and Rico, who don't really seem like the hiking type. They invite her back to the pad to chill and she accepts. While hanging on the couch with them, she asks what they were doing hiking when they clearly don't look like hikers. Rico says they were videoing pretty things. When he starts to show Leah what they were filming....she realizes they were filming her. She's flattered. They ask if they can keep filming
her and without hesitating, she stands up. What started off innocent, gets naughty
real fast! She begins to undress slowly, while the guys record her. Leah gets really turned on and begs for them to take out their cocks. She crawls onto them, and begins to suck each of them. She just wants to get railed. The guys pass the camera back and forth, as they drill her pussy and mouth. This tiny girl takes both huge cocks with ease, cumming hard on both and leaving each dick glistening with pussy juice. Rico fills her pussy with his hot load, while Slim drops hot jizz on her face. She smiles and thanks them and asks nicely for them not to show anyone that video! Sure, they worries!

Interracial Pickups - Emma Hix - Isiah And Prince Are Back Again

File: aensgnainpiemmhixx3mnqprmcl.mp4
Size: 298.67 MB
Duration: 26:34
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Isiah and Prince are back again in another story of the magic camera. This time, the female holding out the pussy is Emma Hix. Oh, she can't hold the pussy out for long, once the Magic Camera comes out! It literally has some sort of amazing affect on girls that forces them to let go of inhibitions and let the slut free! Emma drops to her knees and fills her face full of cock, the moment Isiah hits record. Sucking isn't enough, she needs her pussy to be stretched tight
with big black cock. She gets pumped hard until she creams pussy juice down both shafts. It's only a matter of time before she runs out of orgasms and begs for a face fill of jizz. The guys gladly give her what she wants. She asks Isiah kindly if he would promise not to show the video to anyone...but deep down, seems like she kind of wants the world to see it!

Interracial Pickups - Violet Myers - There's Just Not A Lot Of Gentlemen Out There

File: eotdgnainpiviomyeci9mraun5r.mp4
Size: 337.82 MB
Duration: 30:03
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: There's just not a lot of gentlemen out there these days. They say that chivalry is dead. Rico and Prince might be the last 2 good guys left on the planet. Or maybe it's just how Violet is dressed that makes these 2 gentlemen turn around to help a lady in distress. When they notice Violet having car trouble, they spring to action. Even though she is wearing super short shorts and a see-through white top with her juicy titties hanging out...they still find it their charitable hearts to help this
girl with a ride. How nice of them. She wanted to repay them with some cash...but they just couldn't except. She has something better to about they film her, while they fuck her?! Fair deal!! Violet eagerly takes those two big cocks while Rico and Prince pass a camera back and forth. For the very first time, she controls both dicks in and out of her mouth and pussy for a smoking hot threesome captured forever on her private camera. Starting to wonder if she really had car trouble or this was just all an elaborate plan to get 2 big dicks to fuck her?!

Interracial Pickups - Christy Love - Sweet And Innocent Christy

File: jspjjnainpichrlovifch6ybskz.mp4
Size: 344.16 MB
Duration: 30:37
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet and innocent Christy has started dating Isiah. She's taking things slow...making him wait to make sure he isn't just with her for sex. Of course that's why he's with her. Isiah is like the pussy whisperer...he knows this chick is a freak...just gotta unleash her wild side. He does have a plan. His best bud, Prince, has a magic camera. This camera has brought out the freak in many a young lady. Isiah begs to use it when he pops over for a visit with his new girl. Prince does
as any good friend would do....let him borrow it and then watch to see if it works! Oh hell yeah it works! The second Isiah takes out the camera, something freaky wakes up inside of Christy. She immediately grabs his cock and gobbles it up. This girl can suck a dick....she goes from quiet and conservative to cock hungry monster in 3 seconds flat! But one dick isn't enough....she sees Prince watching and begs him to join. Before you know it, both guys are playing hide the pickle in not one, not 2 but all 3 holes!! That's right she lets the freak out and gets a DP double team. If that's not enough she fucking squirts all over the place!! Not to worry...Isiah promises to not leak it out on the internet...I'm sure he'll keep his word!

Interracial Pickups - Natalia Queen - It's A Bright, Sunny Saturday

File: h3aywnainpinatquer7klf5qxyp.mp4
Size: 409.96 MB
Duration: 36:26
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: It's a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon, which means barely-legal Natalia Queen will be poolside, working on her tan. It's also the day her older brother's business partner, Rico, is swinging by. He's just secured a new camera for their business videography. Natalia answers the door to let Rico know her brother's gone all day, but come in and show me your new camera! Natalia has always had a thing for her older brother's friends, and Rico's no exception. Since the house is empty, she's going to make her move Natalia
says, take some video of me dancing! and before you know it, she's popping her booty to the camera, twerking...and undoing her bathing suit top to give Rico a real eyeful! Rico can't help himself, and honestly, who could? Rico decides to put the new camera to the test, shooting what's called P.O.V. porno with his buddy's lil' sis!! Natalia can't believe how big it is, but she does her best to fit as much of it in her small mouth -- and even tinier, bald pussy! Let's make it like a real porno and cum on my face! cute, little Natalia chirps, her pussy now red for the beating it just took. What else can Rico do, except make her promise not to tell anyone what just happened!

Interracial Pickups - Michele James - It's A Rainy Saturday

File: spop5nainpimicjampx21ip3xkk.mp4
Size: 476.95 MB
Duration: 42:22
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: It's a rainy Saturday, and what's a gal like Michele James gonna do with her two fuck buddies? They're all doing what most people do these days -- eyes glued to cell phones. Except Rob, who's got his eyes glued to his lap top. Sure enough, he's playing some porno, which Ricky wants to check out. So does Michele! Almost immediately, Michele's saying things like my tits look as good as hers! and I can suck cock better than that! This prompts super-pervert Rob to pull out his camera...and his over-sized
dick! You guys better not share this on the internet! Michele exclaims, before wrapping her mouth around Rob's big cock the best she can. Rob's a POV expert, and sure enough, Ricky is too! They're gonna fuck Michele's warm, wet mouth and eat her lovely snatch and fuck her silly -- capturing all the action POV style! Ricky holds the camera as Rob creampies Michele's beautiful pussy Ricky then drops his load all over Michele's face...and her glasses! See how a camera can turn a rainy day into a Fun Day!?!