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Tonight's Girlfriend - Briana Banderas - Flexible Russian Porn Star

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Duration: 52:08
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Description: Briana Banderas has the hottest body I have ever seen in porn. Not only that, but she's so flexible. I've seen what kind of amazing positions she puts herself in in her movies and I want to experience that myself. Lucky for me, Briana accepted my offer to stop by my place. I have this sexy piece of lingerie that I saw her wearing in one of her videos and after she puts it on I get to fuck her exactly like she got fucked in that scene.

I Have A Wife - Briana Banderas - Bubble Butt Russian Beauty

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Description: Briana Banderas is in great shape, but she thinks she still needs the help of a personal trainer. So she has Ryan stop by to help her with her stretches. Ryan thinks Briana is doing a great job on her own and doesn't see why she would need his help. Well, it's because Briana needs her pussy stretched by Ryan's fat cock. Ryan is hesitant to give her his tool, since he's married, but he just can't resist Briana's advances.

Brazzers Exxtra - Briana Banderas - Tease Me Til You Please Me

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Duration: 35:11
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Format: mp4
Description: Briana Banderas is feeling horny and needs release. Thankfully for her, Marco Banderas is here to help. Dressed in sheer clothing, Briana lets Marco rub her pussy through her panties with his cock, getting more worked up by the second until shes desperate for release! Marco eats her out and makes her cum, then gets her to deepthroat his dick and lets him face fuck her, before railing her tight pussy and getting her to orgasm over and over again. When shes finally satisfied, he lets her suck him off one last time before cumming on her tits.

Rim 4K - Briana Banderas - They ?ommanded She Lick He Won

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Description: The rich have their own whims. Some are looking for a cure for old age, while others create fanciful sweepstakes to enrich themselves even more on the vices of men. This girl was not fortunate enough to be part of such a sweepstakes. In pursuit of the cash prize she is compelled to perform the most disgusting tasks of unknown sponsors. Now her target is the anus of a random passerby

Bride 4K - Briana Banderas - Life Is A Rehearsal

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Duration: 24:56
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Format: mp4
Description: Never try to have a wedding without the parents. This couple in love has already made that fatal mistake, and now they have double the responsibility. The organization of the wedding is now in the hands of the future parent-in-law. The flowers, the food, the wedding ceremony, and even the wedding night are in the hands of that old witch

Latina Mylf - Briana Banderas - Big Tits For The Bad Guest

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Description: Sensationally hot Briana Banderas is relaxing on her bed in cute baby blue lingerie when she gets an annoying sales call. The sales stud won't take no for an answer and when he shows up to her door to pitch insurance he makes her an offer the hot Mamacita can't refuse. Now that she has the big hunk in her apartment the bored beauty can't hold herself back. The horny pair go hard at it all over the furniture until Marco delivers a hot load onto her pretty face before he leaves

Mom Is Horny - Briana Banderas - From Foot Massage To Doggystyle

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Duration: 37:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Briana Banderas came home from a hard day of work. Her neck was hurting, her feet were hurting. She called for her step son Diego. Diego was immediately at her side. Briana asked for some massage oil and a pillow and went to her bedroom. When Diego brought those things she asked him to massage her feet. Diego slowly spread oil over her feet and started the massage. She liked it. He liked it. She asked to massage her calfs and her ass cheeks. Diego moved his hands hher and hher. Brianna started to moan. As a reward for the great massage Diego was now allowed to lick her pussy. He licked that pussy like a champ. Then her pussy wanted to be fucked. So he fucked her doggy, missionary, she was riding him front and back and then he came in her face.

My Dirty Maid - Briana Banderas - All Naked Cleaning

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Duration: 01:04:11
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Description: Briana Banderas came to clean Peter Greens house. Little did she know that he was a pervert who was just out for sex. He was holding a sleazy camera into her face mumbling some stupid pretext. After she barely started to clean he was already holding some 100 Dollar bills into her face asking for her to clean without the shirt. She was a good girl. Of course she turned the money down and almost left the house. But he kept talking. Waving more cash. It would be just cleaning. And at some point she gave in.

She took off her shirt and exposed her very enhanced breasts. So now those giant knockers were bouncing in her way while she was cleaning. Very distracting. Even for Peter who quickly offered more cash to have her clean all naked. Of course she refused. But later gave in and took off her pants and panties. As she was cleaning the bathtub she turned around and there was Peters pecker in his hands being pulled back and forth. Briana wanted to run out of the house screaming but he gave her more money if she would just let him finish. But since he was so bad at finishing, she took over, first with her hands than when her mouth, then with her pussy. So they fucked in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Body parts were bouncing until Peter st his sperm straight into her face.

Milf Body - Briana Banderas - Poolside Bubble Butt

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Duration: 39:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Briana is all about showing off her stunning body, and what better way to flaunt it than go for a swim. Lucky pool boy Peter is in the right place at the right time and gets a better look at Briana. Soon enough, they take their flirting to the next level.

DDF Busty - Briana Banderas - Blondie got fucked in the woods by a lumberman

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Description: People visit the forest to enjoy in nature sound, birds singing, and that's exactly what this big breasted blonde with curvy ass wanted to do. This gorgeous and horny girl pleasured herself outdoors, but forest usually hides something else behind. She ran into a lumberman who is more than welcome to teach her new stuff. Is she going to get lucky and will she use this tired man for something else?

Milf Body - Briana Banderas - What I Have To Do

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Duration: 28:13
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Format: mp4
Description: Fitness babe Briana Banderas has been training handsome dude Marco Banderas, but when Marco clearly needs some motivation she offers him a well deserved prize. Even though Marco is impatient, he beats all her challenges and finally gets what he wants.

Private Stars - Briana Banderas - Maid On A Mission

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Duration: 32:11
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Description: Today in Private Specials, Maids on Duty, we have a real treat in store for you and it comes in the form of the saucy Latina, Briana Banderas. Briana is returning to alongside her older husband Marco Banderas and this real life couple sure do put on one hell of a show that you wont want to miss! This spicy girls big tits and ass are capable of luring in any man and soon her maid outfit is ripped off as she gets to work with a nice sloppy blowjob before offering up her hairy pussy for a fuck, taking it hard all the way to a face full of cum.

Private Stars - Briana Banderas - The Return Of Briana Banderas

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Description: The big juicy booty of Briana Banderas returns in Private Specials, Beautifully Young and this time thats not all, this curvaceous Latina also has her amazing new tits to show off and they sure make one hell of a debut! After a romantic dinner and breakfast in bed with her man Marco Banderas Briana has a taste for cock and gives an incredible sloppy blowjob, gagging, deepthroating and warming up for a hard fuck. Watch then as Briana puts her beautiful hairy pussy to work, riding and grinding that big ass as her huge tits bounce all the way to a facial cumshot.

Private Stars - Briana Banderas - Gym Workout With Big Booty Briana

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Description: Returning today in Private Specials, I Love Big Butts is the curvaceous wonder and sexy Latina Briana Banderas, and she is at the gym for a workout with her husband and trainer Marco Banderas. After seeing that irresistible booty shake on the treadmill Marco cant help but dive in for a taste and give Briana a good pounding from behind. She then returns the favour with a sloppy blowjob and some deepthroat action before hopping on for a ride and putting that big ass to work, bouncing and grinding all the way to hot cumshot all over that juicy booty.