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Japan Hdv - Mio Ozora - Waitress Is Convinced To Make A Porn Video While At Work

File: uu7sunajahdmioozofpkrn5xxui.mp4
Size: 3.40 GB
Duration: 01:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You know when you frequent the same restaurant you notice the waitresses there. And while you enjoy your food you sometimes wonder what it would be like to fuck one of them. Mio Ozora is a waitress at a small place and has some regulars that are very interested in seeing what she is like after hours so to speak. They bring in their camera and pretend to be doing a video of restaurants and reviewing them. Their actual goal is to take a nude video of this lovely waitress. They let her know that she could make a lot of money with them if she agrees to do some videos with them nude. She is reluctant but these two are experts in convincing hot ladies to let them explore their bodies. Such is the case here as Mio is slowly convinced to show them her underwear. And then from there she is convinced to let them slip a vibrator into her panties to get her pussy wet. They let her sit there with this sex toy stimulating her for some time before they decide to continue on, and they do this when she is more ready to show more of her sexy body. Since this sex toy has been stimulating her clit for so long she is now ready to let them explore more of her body and suck on her tits. Mio has a lovely set of breasts and once they are out and being sucked on she is more than ever ready to go further and take off more of her clothes. With each removal they are closer to their goal of getting her naked and enjoying every inch of her lovely body. It does not take long before she is at their will and her panties are off and they are looking at her lovely hairy pussy. What a delightful pussy Mio has and they go go work on it some more with the vibrator and slide it in that lovely hair pie. Mio is such a delight and when she sits on the table and spreads her legs and lets them in, she sighs with pleasure at being stimulated and excited by them. It is not long before she has a cock in her mouth and then from there a cock in her pussy as she lays back on the breakfast table with her legs spread.