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Kellymadison - Megan Winters - Red Hot Shower

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Duration: 50:06
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Description: After her morning yoga routine, Megan steps into the shower to cool off, except things only heat up from there. Lotioning up her fit body turns her on and she decides to have a little fun. Ryan stops by and catches her masturbating just in time to give her the fucking she really wants.

Fantasy Massage - Megan Winters - Shower Pressure

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Duration: 38:06
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Description: Megan Winters comes in to the massage parlor, glistening with sweat and still wearing her ear buds. She's slightly out of breath as she approaches the reception desk, and pulls the ear buds out of her ears when masseur Jake Adams starts trying to talk to her. Sorry, she says, she just jogged all the way here. He asks if Megan is ready for her massage, and she says yes but then touches the sweat all over her arms and asks if she could take a shower first before he touches her. He says sure, there's one in the massage room, and asks her to follow him.

In the massage room, Jake tells Megan that she can take a couple of minutes in the shower, and then dry herself off, put a towel over herself and lie face-down on the table. He'll come back in about five minutes to check on her. She says no problem, he can even come back in four, and gives him an innocent smile. When he shuts the door however, her innocent smile turns wicked as she peels off her clothes to reveal her perky breasts and juicy ass. After Megan showers for a few minutes, Jake knocks on the door uncertainly. He asks if he should come back in a few more minutes, but she tells him it's fine, he can come in. He enters the room and is confused to see his client still in the shower. He apologizes saying he thought she said to come in but he must have misunderstood. From behind the shower door, Megan tells him he didn't misunderstand, she wanted him to come in.

With a mischievous grin, she says he should join her in the shower. He tries to shield the view from his eyes with his hand, scoffing and telling her that this is highly inappropriate. She pouts, and starts moving her hands all along her body suggestively while she talks. He's been on his feet all day, hasn't he? In this hot weather? She bets he could use a break to wash off and feel fresh. It's so nice in here, and look, it's all soapy and clean! She drips some water on her hard pink nipples. Is he sure he doesn't want to join her? Her taut body against the glass is too good for Jake to resist and he climbs into the shower.

Once in the shower, Jake gives Megan a standing massage, his hands travelling sensually over her soaking wet body. She touches him as he massages her, caressing his cock as it gets nice and hard. Before long, touching isn't enough for Jake. He slides his dick into Megan's wet and waiting pussy from behind, fucking her as she leans on the shower wall. She moans loudly as he pounds her, her perfect tits pressing against the glass. Jake's already sending Megan over the edge, and her massage hasn't even BEGUN yet...

Hot Crazy Mess - Megan Winters - Seducing Uncle Alex

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Duration: 16:46
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Format: mp4
Description: Megan Winters has crashed her step-uncle's place after she got into a fight with her stepdad. She makes it clear that she's into older guys, then immediately makes a move on her uncle. She offers to let him see more of her cute body, then pulls her dress down to show off her boobs. This horny teen isn't about to stop once her uncle shows the slightest bit of interest. They're interrupted when Megan's stepdad calls, but Megan takes advantage of the situation by pulling her panties aside and starting to masturbate. Eventually Megan's uncle agrees to keep an eye on Megan just to get her dad off the phone.

As soon as her uncle hangs the phone up, Megan crawls across the bed and pulls out his cock. She's incredible with her mouth, sucking with long pulls at her uncle's dick while she strokes his shaft. When she rolls onto her back, her uncle finds her nice and wet and ready to fuck, so he gives in to her begging and sticks it in for a proper pussy pounding.

Megan wants a sitffie ride, and her uncle is happy to indulge her. The cock hungry teen bounces away as her uncle admires her full perky titties bouncing in front of him. Once she has achieved her own satisfaction, she climbs off and lets her uncle bang her as she lays on the bed once again. As the big moment draws near, Megan gets on her knees and strokes her uncle off until he cums all over her face and breasts. Satisfied, they both agree not to tell Megan's dad.