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Sweetheart Video - Julia Ann & Anna Claire Clouds - Dripping Stepmommy

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Duration: 29:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Naughty horny lesbians are diving deep into older younger fucking! These women are thirsty for dripping pussy! Watched experienced mommy Julia Anna, please young babe Anna Claire Clouds. This is steamy all girl sex at its best!

Julia Ann Live - Kayla Paige - Tasty Milf Lesbian Action

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Duration: 19:02
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Description: My sexy VNA babe Kayla Paige is back with me for a hot girl on girl video! This tasty lesbian MILF scene is a must see...we are both wearing some hot black lingerie, I have on my full fishnet body suit! Watch me lick all over her huge beautiful titties. I even had the treat of her sitting on my face. I gave her all pussy licks she needed! This GG video is over 18 minutes, you ready for it?

Vicky At Home - Vicky Vette & Julia Ann - Worships Me

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Duration: 10:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This was a custom request for a fan about a year ago and he said he would love for it to be published on our sites! Julia Ann worships me from head to toe! Sensual kissing all over, sucking my toes, working her way to my soaking wet pussy making me cum, finally I can't take it anymore and I sit on her face on grind on it in ecstasy! I was afraid I would smother her!

Julia Ann Live - Julia Ann & Cherie Deville - Striptease For Sissy Boy

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Duration: 10:25
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Format: mp4
Description: Hey there sissy I brought my sexy MILF friend Cherie DeVille back and we're here to give you the humiliation JOI you've always wanted. We know how much you love dressing up in stockings and high heels, so we all have something in common here! We are so ready to talk dirty to you just how you like it, while you stroke that tiny little penis of yours for us. Watch Cherie and I give you a hot striptease and lick each other's pretty wet pussies while you only dream you could be in the same room as us. You have to wait to cum until we tell you to..we want you to explode for us! Now sit back and enjoy this 10 minute JOI video for us right now!

Julia Ann Live - Alexis Fawx & Julia Ann - Naughty Angels

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Duration: 16:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hot new GG scene w my favorite MILF friend Alexis Fawx to bring in the New Year! I invited her over and we decided to put on some sexy matching lingerie outfits for you. I have my white lace bra and panties and she's wearing some matching white lingerie with a garter belt. We're your two naughty angels for the night, you think you can handle us both?! Watch us scissor each other until our pussy's get dripping wet and we both orgasm! I made sure to lick Alexis everywhere possible. This lesbian scene is over 15 minutes and packed with some amazing shots! Hope you enjoy it for us. Happy New Year!

Kink - Avi Love & Julia Ann - Miss Julia's Fangirl Fantasy: Innocent Avi Anally Dominated

File: ezwtgnakinavijulwrtv1tmtgq.mp4
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Duration: 01:33:39
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Little Avi Love is finally meeting her favorite star, the devastatingly beautiful Miss Julia Ann! Avi sneaks past the security guard, surprising Julia in her dressing room, only to find that shes in for a surprise of her own! Begging to do anything for her dream celebrity crush, Avi is bent to her knees and begins slowly, sensuously removing the stockings from Miss Julias delicately arched feet. Sucking toe by toe, Avis gorgeous green eyes gleam as Miss Julia lavishes her with attention, first choking her slender throat, then stripping Avi to her lingerie. Though innocent as to Miss Julias ultimate intentions, its clear from Avis eager desire that shes loving every lingering graze of Miss Julias fingers, every whispered command, every breath Miss Julia tears from Avis gasping lungs...

Continuing to toy with her devoted pet, Miss Julia tosses little Avi over her knees, spanking her taut ass and spreading her tight, wet pussy wide for inspection. Gasping in pleasure, Avis puffy nipples are clamped as Miss Julia begins slapping her inner thighs, tickling her wriggling toes, and smacking her wrinkling feet. Avi gasps in pleasure, her tight pink hole growing wetter and wetter. Sliding in one finger than another, Miss Julia teases little Avi, who begins to writhe and moan, begging for more. Miss Julia delivers, turning Avis flesh bright pink with slaps and pulling at her nipple clamps, Avi grinding her dripping cunt on the vibrator. Her body contours, shaking, as she cums hard under Miss Julias hand. Having only begun to break-in her newest play thing, Miss Julia binds Avi, back arched, to a chair, dangling her wet panties into Avis mouth and stealing her breath little by little, choking Avi until her eyes roll back in heavenly submission. Completely consumed in her fantasy, Avi finally gets a taste of Miss Julias gloriously cunt! Grinding her pussy over Avi, Miss Julia smothers her with her fantastically divine ass, Avi struggling against her ropes and gasping for breath. As Miss Julia cums again and again into Avis hungry mouth, its clear that Avi may just be Miss Julias new favorite fan. Rewarded for her willing body, Miss Julia fucks Avis greedy hole with her cock, the sides gripped by Avis glistening pink lips as she cums hard again, stretching the bondage and crying out in pleasure. But Miss Julias not finished yet, she wants to test Avis limits. Binding her new little slut with irons, Miss Julia thoroughly fucks Avi, delighting in the desire and begging and dirty talk she pries from her innocent fangirl. Its clear what Miss Julia wants now, can Avi prove to be her biggest fan? Miss Julia shoves her cock deep into Avis puckered pink asshole, stretching it wide and deep as Avi begs for more and more, fully embracing the dirty whore she truly is. From missionary to doggy, Avis tight asshole is ravaged to Miss Julias ultimate pleasure, and this little fangirl cums over and over and over again, finally proving herself worthy of Miss Julias attention.

Milf Sugar Babes - Julia Ann - Julia Ann Strips And Fucks Her Sugar Daddy Before Dinner

File: prhzznamisubajulannndeeoxqdlj.mp4
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Duration: 58:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Free flight, free dinner party, cash for sex. That's what I'm doing tonight with Alec. I told my husband I had to go out of town for work, and as long as Alec keeps wiring in the money, I'm basically telling the truth. I don't mind entertaining my sugardaddy and giving him what he needs. I'm providing for him, and he provides for me and my family. It's a perfect situation.

Family Hookups - Julia Ann - Busty Julia Ann Fools Around With Her Stepson

File: 4ow9rnafahojulannqiuypytypv.mp4
Size: 250.29 MB
Duration: 30:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: While Julia is sleeping in her room her stepson Tyler tries to steal money from her purse but is caught in the middle as Julia wakes up, she confronts him and finds out he is stealing money to hang out with a girl and try to get into her pants so Julia has an idea. Why doesnt he get into her pants instead and everyone will be happy, he is shy at first but once she pulls out her tits its all over. He fucks her like his dad cant until he blows his load down her throat.

All Her Luv - Ana Foxxx & Julia Ann - Pledge Night

File: txidonaalheanajulhvglrt6hyw.mp4
Size: 365.76 MB
Duration: 31:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My name is Ana and my whole life I have never quite fit in, everything about me isolates me from other girls. It's not that I'm a geek, a lot of people think I'm pretty, but I'm shy, painfully shy. When the most popular girl in college, Abigail Mac, came up and asked me to join her sorority my heart dropped. This is my chance to finally fit in, to be a part of a family, and it doesn't hurt that I get to stay there free of charge!

Abigail and the sorority girls were throwing a party for me. There was a game, Spin the Bottle, and well-- long story short I ended up in a bed with the gorgeous Abigail playing one more game. She wanted me to write a secret on her chest with pink lipstick. I wrote, I'm afraid I'll never fit in, she wrote a secret of her own on my chest, I'm afraid I'm bad. I found out why she's afraid she's bad when she kissed me. She kissed me with force and sensuality, it felt confusing and marvelous. I felt wetness trickle down inside my panties, and I was ashamed, but Abigail's kind eyes somehow made it all feel alright. She made love to me, just as if she was a man. I was trying to catch my breath when I heard a knock on the door. The House Mother, Julia Ann, walked in. Julia thanked Abigail for finding me. I began to understand that I was chosen, not for the sorority, or because of my intellectual qualities, but I was chosen just for her.

Girl Grind - Julia Ann & Gabbie Carter - Big tit milf doctor Julia Ann fucks her new nurse with big naturals Gabi Carter

File: jxxjznagigrjulgabswhtnfrgzk.mp4
Size: 834.94 MB
Duration: 25:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gabi Carter is the new nurse in hot milf Julia Anns doctors office. Julia is trying to show her the ropes when she asks what Julia knows about breast reduction surgery. Julia takes a look at what shes working with only to find out that she has amazing massive natural tits! Gabs asks to see what Julias looks like in comparison, but once theyre both naked they cant stop touching each other, and before you know it theyre both cumming like crazy!

Girlcore - Julia Ann & Carolina Sweets - Sweet Child Of Mine

File: rfrnjnagirjulcary2q9jbo7ha.mp4
Size: 293.63 MB
Duration: 39:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A woman, Isabelle Julia Ann leads her step-daughter Rose Carolina Sweets, a gorgeous young bride, by the hands into the lobby of a wedding parlor. They are excited and fawning over each other, gabbing about the ceremony starting in just under a couple of hours.

Rose is positively glowing in her wedding dress as Isabelle brings her to a nearby wall mirror to apply some finishing touches. As Isabelle dotes over her daughter, suddenly her emotions get the best of her and she begins to tear up, at first Rose thinks it's just because of sentimentality, but we get a sense there's something more.

Isabelle continues to wallow in self-pity, and unintentionally gives Rose clues about why she's sad about the wedding. At Rose's continuing probing, Isabelle finally admits why she's so sad to see her daughter getting married, because she has feelings for her.

Isabelle leans in for Rose who seems about to give her an obliging kiss on the cheek. But at the last second, Rose changes her mind and goes in for a kiss on the lips. Isabelle is shocked that Rose seems to reciprocate but Rose insists that she's been curious about women ever since she turned 18. The two of them begin to kiss heavily, and soon, they are slowly and sensually undressing each other.

Isabelle is going to show her sweet Rose exactly how she feels about her...

Foxxed Up - Jenna Foxx, Julia Ann & Kayla Paige - Pillow Sex

File: 68zsynafoupjenjulkayrnobgoixq7.mp4
Size: 138.03 MB
Duration: 16:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Teen Babe Milf! Me, Julia Ann Kayla Paige get our boobs, pussies mouths totally covered in kisses, tongues pleasure! Damn! Check out this all girl nipple licking, pussy tongue fucking fuck fest! It is kind of amateurish, for those of you who like that, a bit redish hue, one position camera, but it is major hot super star lesbian action, for DAMN sure! -

Hot And Mean - Julia Ann & Gina Valentina - I Want Her To Like Me

File: 3tyl6nahoanmejulgin68ogpqiv7y.mp4
Size: 464.13 MB
Duration: 34:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ginas father has just proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Julia Ann, and Julia is worried that Gina isnt going to like her. Ginas father asks her to come home from college to break the big news and Gina is not happy! Julia is on her best behavior in an effort to win over Gina, but Gina is not having any of it! Julia is mortified when she catches Gina masturbating in her room, and runs away. Gina follows behind with her trusty strap on dildo, ready to teach Julia a lesson in privacy!

Whipped Ass - Julia Ann & Gia Dimarco - Rendezvous With Destiny: Julia Ann Gets Her Revenge On Gia Dimarco

File: l9esgnawhasjulgiaslefo9sghv.mp4
Size: 639.08 MB
Duration: 01:18:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia DiMarco hasn't seen the gorgeous blonde Julia Ann since she dominated her on Whipped Ass a few years ago, so she hasn't given much thought to the possibility that Julia might want to get a little revenge for the rendezvous. When they incidentally cross paths, Gia is polite and she apologizes for being so rough back then. But Julia believes in fate, and she's all too ready to take Gia into her hands to satisfy her erotic fantasies. She snaps a collar and leash around Gia's neck and tells the young woman to worship her feet. Gia obeys and then uses her tongue on Julia's sweet, slutty pussy. Did you like smacking me that day? Julia asks. Gia realizes that this is no ordinary session, and she's now at Julia's mercy. She's tied to a cross, panties cut away from her body, as Julia flogs her tits, tender thighs and her exposed, perfect pussy. A ball gag muffles Gia's screams, as Julia has fun fingering, biting, licking, sucking that cunt. Next Gia is shackled on top of a table, doggy style. Her round, naked ass is fully exposed. Julia spanks it until it's bright red, then smothers Gia's gorgeous face with her large tits. But this is all fun and games in comparison to what's to come, when Julia brings out the cane. Gia has such sweet feet, and revenge is sweet for Julia. She utterly torments those luscious feet, and Julia delights in Gia's cries. Finally, Julia fucks Gia with a huge strap-on cock, working that perfect pussy deep and hard, as Gia whimpers and moans with delight. Gia rides Julia's cock, orgasm after orgasm. After making Gia suck on her feet, Julia climbs on top of her sub, rubbing her pussy in Gia's face. Whether she likes it or not--and clearly she does--Gia is here to please her mistress, licking and tonguing her pussy until Julia is satisfied.

All Girl Massage - Julia Ann, Dana Dearmond & Lexi Lore - Unfriendly Competition

File: ey6jsnaalgimajuldanlexwimbrzbsb8.mp4
Size: 342.48 MB
Duration: 26:39
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore walks into the massage parlor. When masseuses and co-owners of the parlor Dana DeArmond and Julia Ann see her and see how hot she is, they both rush to greet her, trying to push each other out of the way so the other can greet her first. The vibe between the two masseuses is clearly competitive. Finally, they both reach her at the same time.

Lexi seems sweet and a little naive, telling them that she's never gotten a massage before. Her dad is always telling her she should indulge herself more often and spend some of all that money that he makes, but she hates flaunting her wealth or showing off, Lexi adds sincerely. But in honor of her 18th birthday, she figured she would give it a try for once and treat herself to something a massage. She then asks what kind of massage treatments they offer.

The masseuses begin talking over each other, each offering different types of massage treatments. They are clearly competing for Lexi's attention and trying to out-do each other. Well, all of those sound GREAT, it's so hard to decide...she COULD afford to have BOTH of them massage her at the same time, Lexi laughs innocently. But that's probably not an option, she adds. The masseuses exchange a mischievous glance with each other. Well...the masseuses say at the same time.

The masseuses offer to give Lexi a two-person massage. The massage begins and the masseuses are already super-competitive with each other.

The masseuses massage Lexi's back at the same time. When Dana's hands creep down to Lexi's lower back to massage her ass, Julia sees this and tries to shoulder Dana away so that SHE can get to Lexi's ass. There is a silent mini-scuffle between the masseuses as they fight over Lexi's ass. Finally, Julia successfully shoulders Dana away and shoots Dana a smug smile as she squeezes Lexi's asscheeks.

Lexi doesn't seem to notice the scuffle, instead lost in the pleasure of the massage.

The masseuses ask Lexi to flip over. She does, closing her eyes. As she begins to sensually massage Lexi's breasts, Dana wags her tongue at Julia. Julia glares back at Dana, infuriated. Gloating, Dana 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' silently, biting her lip theatrically to show Julia how great Lexi's breasts feel. Fuming, Julia massages Lexi's stomach and hip area.

As the massage continues, Julia glances down at Lexi's pussy and seems to get an idea. Her hands begin to move toward Lexi's pussy. Dana sees this. She shoots Julia a glare, as if to say 'YOU WOULDN'T!' Julia looks at her defiantly. 'Oh, I WOULD!' Her hand creeps down Lexi's stomach.

Dana, sensing that this might be going too far, silently and fiercely mouths 'DON'T!' But Julia won't listen, and lightly touches Lexi's pussy. Lexi gasps and her eyes instantly snap open. Uh, what is going ON?? Lexi asks. 'Well, as part of the deluxe package, you receive a...FULL-service massage,' Julia says. Lexi is taken aback, but not wanting the pleasure to stop, allows Julia to continue as Dana begins to kiss her perky tits.

Moms On Moms - Tia Cyrus & Julia Ann - Domestic Bliss

File: xxfivnamoonmotiajuld35feibea9.mp4
Size: 377.02 MB
Duration: 28:09
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Julia Ann is folding the laundry when Tia Cyrus returns home from a long day at work. Julia lights up and happily greets her as they go through a pleasant domestic routine. There is so much love between them as they fold laundry, eat dinner, and wash dishes, adoring every precious moment spent together.

Despite all the bliss, there are signs that something isn't quite right. Why is a mysterious picture frame turned around or a special mug tucked away after being dried? What about the incoming phone call that Tia purposely ignores? With each incident, Julia looks more and more guilty while Tia tries her best to reassure Julia that everything will be fine. To try and forget all of their doubts and fears, they embrace and share a tender kiss.

As those tender kisses deepen and become more sensual, Julia decides not to let anything else get her down as she takes Tia's hand and leads her to the bedroom. They're in no rush as they warm each other up by pressing their bodies close, sucking each other's breasts and tasting each other's pussies while making love. As the passion and heat between them grow, they do everything they can to stay in the moment just a little longer...