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Reckless In Miami - Brittany Benz - Quicksand: Part 2

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Duration: 20:59
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Description: Beaches and dunes, curves and smiles. Miami has everything you could want on its beautiful shores. From sunburned tourists to tan untouchable goddesses, you won't regret taking a tour in the shade of arching palm trees. There are sharks, jellyfish But what you really need to watch out for are the voracious maneaters like Brittany and Brooke Benz -- constantly on the watch for something tasty to come through their territory. They entice poor vacationing husband Chad White to venture far from his wife under the illusion of friendship and playfulness. But these two Miami hustlers have something a bit more, uh, entertaining planned. Just because the sun is out doesn't mean this city gets any less reckless.

I Know That Girl - Brittany Benz - Cater To You

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Description: Brittany Benz is on her wifey vibes and wants to cater to her man. She spends all night in the kitchen but she can't wait for the food to be ready before she gets his dick wet. The food has got to wait because naughty Brittany wants her dessert before the meal.