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Jacquie Et Michel TV - Hella - 21 Years Old Back To Satisfy An Old Fantasy!

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Duration: 47:20
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Description: Remember, a few months ago at the time, blonde Hella took her first steps in front of the camera mainly out of curiosity. Since then, this nurse for the elderly in Mougins 06, turned brunette, has not been idle sexually and has chained the naughty plans to the maximum despite the health restrictions! But if she contacted our team again, it was simply to fulfill an old fantasy of having sex with a black man ... We then offer her the opportunity to accomplish this new experience with the friend Prince, who enjoys mistreating the luscious young lady!

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Hella & Alicia - Hella And Alicia, The Shock Between The Blonde And The Brunette!

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Duration: 39:00
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Description: She's not afraid to admit it, and is even very proud of it thanks to her experiences with JM, the pulpy 20-year-old Hella assumes her sexuality and desires much better! Having gained confidence in herself, the young nurse from Mougins is happy to meet us again for new sulphurous adventures. And it is a practice which excites her a lot and which she intends to devote herself to, namely frolicking with a woman... It is the pretty Alicia, 26 years old, who officiates as the partner of the lady, accompanied obviously by a rascal worthy of the name, the friend Tony!

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Hella - Two Guys For Hella, A Local Slut!

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Duration: 40:18
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Description: With her generous breasts and voluptuous curves, Hella, 20 years old, is one of those pigs of the soil that we love to have in front of our camera. Barely 20 years old, the young lady has already a lot of experience, even if she obviously didn't have the opportunity to climb all the steps leading to lust... And her desire of the day was very simple, that is to say to take advantage cheerfully of the calibers of two lascars, as an obviousness! Taken along by our duo of rascals, the pulpy nurse of Mougins thus discovers the intensity of a fuck with three, but also and especially the double penetration...

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Hella - 20 years old, nurse in Mougins (06)!

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Duration: 42:58
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Description: She has only one life, and she intends to enjoy it to the end! Such is the motto of the pretty Hella, 20 years old nurse for the elderly in Mougins 06, the young lady explains not without difficulty her desires for her first in front of the camera ... Indeed, we feel well that she is a little intimidated, even if our team is there to put her at ease. It is then that the true nature of the naughty girl is revealed, she who admits to love to be looked at and seduced but also to love sex a lot... Salivating in advance at the idea of meeting our rascal, the pulpy young woman in 95D natural thus discovers the caliber of her friend Tony, which does not leave her unmoved!