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Exploited College Girls - Daisy - I'm A Nervous Highschool Cheerleader

File: 92tmgnaexcogidaiskuqizrbcbm.mp4
Size: 4.56 GB
Duration: 01:33:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Boy oh boy do we have a treat for everyone today. Meet 18 year old high schooler Daisy who just turned of Legal age a few weeks ago and we all know what that means. I want to fuck and suck on camera. Well that's not what she stated but who gives a fuck why she's her, SHE's HERE and is she nervous? Well the title says she is and we all know that if you read something on the internet then it must be true. You know what else boys and girls?

Daisy could be the daughter of that 90's actress Andie MacDowell or a younger Courtney Cox from friends as various members clarified, and yes she's nervous. So nervous in fact the interview comes off a bit awkward. But trust me when I say she likes it rough, yet passionate. Choking you ask? The tags below say choking and there was lots of it. Don't tempt Tyler Nixon with a good time, and being the gentleman he is and all he fucked our little cheerleader until her pussy got all creamy and in a lather of girl juice that is the telling truth she was turned on the entire time he pounded and pounded away until his hearts content. And who says romance and chivalry are dead because if you tell Tyler it's hard to make you cum then he's going to make it his mission to make you cum, or die trying. So as we get to know Daisy it becomes a bit of a Rubik's cube to figure this girl out and as our team coaxed and pried the responses out of her poker faced shell you could tell there was a sexual dynamo wrestling to be freed. She was freed all right and by doggonit she was right. It is hard to make her cum. But as previously stated that doesn't mean Tyler didn't try. Because at 3803 after fucking Daisy in missionary position for like 20 minutes strait he asked her while removing the magic wand from her engorged and overly clit stimulated vagina, Did you cum? which she nonchalantly replied, No. Jesus Christ, we're going to be here all day, Tyler replied and nothing makes Tyler work harder than telling him it's hard to make you cum. Remember that girls, if you want Tyler to fuck you long and hard just tell him you haven't cum yet. But you know were Tyler unloaded his man seed? All over Daisy's nervous and surprised face that's were. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update toodles, Steve

Exploited College Girls - Lola - Was It Too Much

File: cdyzmnaexcogilolajh9asjxl5z.mp4
Size: 2.82 GB
Duration: 01:50:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today is Lola and if you missed her first slit licking ever with fan favorite Roxanne over at our GirlGirl site excogigirls, then get over there pronto because Lola loves sex. Sex with guys is her favorite but Lola took to pussy licking like a duck to water and You Never Forget Your First Time. Agreed, and shell never forget her first dick on camera with Tyler Nixon either and as we get to know our newbie on the bed we find out shes exclusively into GirlGirl porn, love that, and admitted to have never watched regular GuyGirl porn before EVER! We need to take care of that so just like the old days we whipped out our phone and we showed her an ExCoGi scene with Tyler in it and she was all-smiles...

Smiles because she claimed the scene was pretty vanilla and thats all the encouragement Tyler needed to show her what a rough time it could be. Girls that say they like it rough dont know what porn rough is and Lola soon found out. Now Tyler being the gentleman he is and all didn't leave any bruises but slapped that pretty little face more than a few times and choke our submissive till her face turned a lovely shade of pecker head purple. Or maybe it was baby girl pink, anyways according to Lola is the perfect amount of everything. Not to rough, not to soft, but just right and Lola admitted to loving it. She also had a record lucky number 11 of orgasms before Tyler unloaded his massive man seed all over her opened mouth with tongue out displaying her best impression of a hungry baby bird saying, Feed me. Just say Awwwwww! Oh and I almost forgot to say this was the first time Lola ever had sexual intercourse without a condom on the lucky dickhead and according to Lola there wasnt much of a difference. I need to try the condoms you use Lola because it sure as fuck feels way less better to a guy with a condom on. Just my humble opinion, and she does however manage to plug the condom brand somewhere in the video for all you female subscribers in case you're wondering, and with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Katerina - Please. Fully Take Control Of Me

File: n3ryknaexcogikatemoohao6wkz.mp4
Size: 4.36 GB
Duration: 01:17:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's Katerina everyone and today smells like sin. Watch and then go to confessional because this sarcastically skeptical girl didn't think today was going to be so FUCKINGLY ORGASMAFANTASTIC!!!! So tape your eyelids open and strap yourself into a psycho chair because Katerina hasn't had sex in over a year and this category 5 rated rollercoaster's about to roll down the tracks. Get ready enjoy.

Exploited College Girls - Jewel - Wake Up Filthy

File: 26xhknaexcogijewes1udwl7mgq.mp4
Size: 2.62 GB
Duration: 01:44:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Grab your hard cocks boys or hold onto your pussys ladies because we have a rollercoaster of a fun ride for everyone. Meet 23-year-old Jewel and this ex fashion model is gorgeous. Its her first time doing anything naughty on camera and what a first time it was. Jewels going to be popular and she reminds me of another super popular ExCoGi girl named Andria and these two visions of perfection could be sisters and what a kinky fuck session that would be. So as we get to know Jewel we find out shes very sexual. Started masturbating and had her first orgasm at nine, and we all know that masturbation is the gateway drug to intercourse because Jewel lost her virginity at 14 early in the morning before grade-school classes started...

It was a little bit of an awkward experience she admitted but once it was over she realized just how much she loved sex and quickly became addicted and wanted to fuck all the boys in school, and that my friends is how Jewel discovered her clitoris, and shortly thereafter she was off to the hard cocks inside me race. We dont blame you girl and today is going to be way the fuck up there on the best sexual experiences of my life rankings because we shattered and nearly doubled her Orgasm record. Pretty great day and this super hot as fuck ex-models first sex on camera is what wet dreams are made of. Try not to cum early and with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Orgasm Count Total 10 2249, 3215, 3407, 3558, 3919, 5537, 5656, 10506, 11947, 12552

Todays Outstanding Quotes
Jewel Start slow and then manhandle me in a light way. 314
Jewel I like getting my hair pulled pretty hard. 327
Jewel When I was 17 I got my first vibrator, and that was a game changer. 1057
Jewel I just got fucked so good. My pussy is throbbing. Im in pure bliss right now, and now Im going to go shower all this cum off my face, happily. 13553

P.S. Jewel is special and if you have any doubts that this hot as fuck gal is girlfriend or wife material then watch in amazement at 4540 as she forces her own head up off the bed and full throttle gags herself as Tyler in superman position hovers himself over her and with the full force of his weight dick punches her throat. Wow! And if you thought the show was over it wasnt as you see her gagging and spits up some saliva and then somehow composes a gulp of air and then as if inhaling Tyler's cock was a life or death issue lefts her head off the bed and once more takes more dick punching and HOLY FUCK!!! How do we clone you girl? We love you and everyone wants more.

Exploited College Girls - Nikki - This Is Your Pussy Daddy

File: mey6pnaexcoginikkzduk8b6jyl.mp4
Size: 2.53 GB
Duration: 01:38:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Yahtzee! Because if you love thin little white girls with major daddy issues then todays exploit Nikki will quench that perverted lust of yours. This is one fucking adorably hot and extremely perverted sexual encounters weve ever had on the excogi bed lately. And as George Zimmer from the Mens Warehouse would state, Youre going to get your nuts off, I guarantee it. No JKing he didnt say everyone that bought a mans suit would get his nuts off but you will. Why? Well because Nikki is as naughty as they come and Tyler took full advantage of the opportunity. He pounded that young fresh pussy into a lather of orgasms and as Nikki egged daddy Tyler onto fuck her creamy pussy he did just that and more to this sweet little girls orifices...

That pink eager pussy got creamy all right and speaking of cream Nikki licked her first ever creamy pussy on camera over at with sexy Megan Marx. But the fun doesnt end there, nope! Because if its Anal youre perverted heart desires then head on over to Ricks black casting couch as Cam went up her dinner dumper for an epic fake agent episode. Love it and theres more to cum everyone, and speaking of cum! Tyler came all over that eagerly opened mouth, baby bird tongue out universal signal to feed me and thats what Tyler did. Hotness and I just love girls like Nikki who want to share their holes with the world. Sharing is caring and so with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers.

Exploited College Girls - Imani - I Needed To Be Fucked Like This

File: aunq2naexcogiiman6tozfwfx7s.mp4
Size: 4.27 GB
Duration: 01:19:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Imani everyone and this 20-year-old bundle of nervousness claims to always have butterflies in her stomach before she has sex and today was no different. I think shes extra nervous because she knows how great Tyler Nixon is in bed, and once her clothes come off its party time and the real fun starts. She gets treated like the good little girl she is and Tyler has fun filling her holes, claiming she needed to be fucked like this. We aim to please here and until next weeks update. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Sunni - I'm A Pk. Preachers Kid

File: 2xnrknaexcogisunnpilmcnx1nm.mp4
Size: 2.74 GB
Duration: 01:51:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome and its always the preacher's daughters isnt it that are the wild ones and todays exploit Sunni proves it. This girls fun and has a ton of wild stories so dont fast forward past the interview. Chemistry? Check. Love and adventurous sexual spirit? Double check, and she had her first facial to boot. Love it and I know youll love Sunni so until next week's update. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Eve - From Ivy League To Excogi Grad

File: cnlotnaexcogieveoljt9tu9vt.mp4
Size: 4.50 GB
Duration: 01:18:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Im Coming, Im coming, Im coming, Im coming is right and those were the word todays ginger Eve uttered during orgasm 4 at 2422 as Tyler pumped her pink engorged pussy as he held the magic wand on he clit in sheer ecstasy. I thought you said its hard to make you cum Eve? Well maybe its hard for your long term boyfriend who up until today was the only other guy shes let fuck her sweet innocent slit. She did confess during the pregame interview that she lost her anal virginity first and wanted to save her pussy hole for someone special.

Awwww, how sweet, and now shes taking that Ivy League education of hers and putting it to good use on our bed to show everyone what a good little naughty girl she is. Well your sexual horizons will be expanded upon for sure and your BF back home might be rethinking his fantasy of watch his fair skinned maiden make love to another. You can also watch her get her tailpipe cleaned over on my buddy Ricks Backroom Casting Couch as she spreads those milky white ass checks for her first Anal Casting. Just the next step to sexual liberation Eve and if you like it when a girl gags on cum then look no further than at 10202 and the subtle yet hot as fuck stomach wrench, throat and mouth clinch, gag on my spooge as Tyler unloads the first seed from another other than supportive and understanding boyfriend. Moments like these are what make newbie porn so special to me. So enjoy Eve, and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Bella - Finding Myself Just Started

File: jhopwnaexcogibellwlxwaazzvb.mp4
Size: 4.55 GB
Duration: 01:09:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Meet 21 year old fire cracker Bella who's training to be a masseuse and she's here to massage our stud Tyler Nixon's stiff cock from the inside. See how I cleverly worked her future job into something sexual. Anyways, Bella tells us she's a free spirit who recently broke up with her boyfriend to find herself, and since she really wants to find herself decided to do porn, which according to her is her solid block to not going back with him.

And we all agree 100 that this logic makes perfectly sound scenes and to further help you find yourself you should possibly listen to hoemath which just happens to be a totally awesome podcast on youtube. His video Self Maximize could assist in providing some clarity for your journey. Ive included a reference link to help speed the google search process everyone. Or maybe his video Zones A map of relationship types to help relieve dating confusion. Go watch, enjoy and learn about the opposite sex and guys this podcast will help you get laid, maybe. It might also help some of you girls get out of the Sleeper category and into the One and Only category. Anyways again, Bella also loves girls. So if you love great assed slender 5' 7 100lb girls who are down for pretty much anything and define the term little spinner, then go check out her first Girl on Girl on camera over at our sister site entitled Spicy PK's First Video. That's Preacher's Kid. Yes she's just like Sunni and is another Preacher's daughter. What is in the water down in the Bible Belt that turns sweet little PK daughters into leg spreading, show me your holes, fill me up daddy's little play things?! Well whatever it is I'm like Mikey and I likey. Oh, and her first lesbian experience on camera was with the incredibly fantastic Megan Marx and who doesn't love girls that love girls, I do! So once again grab your dicks and double click boys. It's going to be a fun ride. Cheers Steve

Exploited College Girls - Nikki - My Butthole's Ripped Right Now

File: g4ognnaexcoginikkbrwrse3uph.mp4
Size: 455.60 MB
Duration: 01:21:26
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Yahtzee again! Because if you loved thin little white girl Nikki in all her previous scenes listed below, coupled with all her major daddy issues then todays analing will quench that perverted lust of yours. It's also been awhile since I'll released an anal scene here so the drought is over and what an anal scene it is. Right from the get go these two walking hormones who are the exact doppelgngers of themselves in opposite sexes started off in 7th gear and the foreplay consisted of hello, how are you, do you like anal, lets start.

This is one of the most fuck adorably hot and extremely perverted sexual encounters weve ever had on the excogi bed lately. Why? Well it's because Nikki's as naughty as they come and Tyler took full advantage of the opportunity spread before him. He pounded that young fresh pussy and ass into a lather of orgasms, and as Nikki egged daddy Tyler onto fuck her creamy pussy he did just that and more to this sweet little girls orifices. That asshole and pink eager pussy got destroyed all right and speaking of decaying morals Nikki licked her first ever pussy on camera over at with sexy Megan Marx. And the fun boys and girls doesnt end there, nope! Because if its her first Anal on camera you perverts desire then head on over to Ricks black casting couch and witness Cam pumping up her dinner dumper for an epic fake agent first analing Love it and theres still more because we introduced little spinner Ms. Nikki to the World of Big Dicks and BBC creampies and insemination over at, and speaking of cum dumpstering! Tyler came all over that hot little ass of hers and I don't blame him. It's hotness as she spread that wet and creamy man seed all over that tight ass of hers and I just love girls like Nikki who want to share their holes with the world. Sharing is caring they say and so with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Sasha - Just A Girl With Daddy Issues

File: qtwhznaexcogisashtq5e2gktln.mp4
Size: 5.30 GB
Duration: 01:17:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today we introduce bubbly and smiling Sasha who is full of energy and laughter. Sasha's awesome and the streak of hottie's to debut on the ExCoGi bed just continues. So as we get to know this blooming lotus we discover she lost her virginity at 17 and that's a bit late to the game but better late than never. Sasha's a firecracker with major daddy issues who absolutely set the bedsheets on fire today. No surprise there and let me be clear that spinning a girl like Sasha around on your stiff pole is fun, a lot of fun, and if you're in your silver years Sasha just may be the girl for you because she's into older gentleman. Like the age eligible for the senior-slam at Denny's.

No lie and you need to listen to the interview to hear if you have a chance at bagging a young hottie like Sasha. Thank God for hottie's that are into the Older Younger thang. Love it, and let me boldly state the sex was incredible and the chemistry between these two was an off the charts nuclear reaction. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update, Toodles Steve

Exploited College Girls - Britney & Jewel - Grab Your Dick's & Double Click

File: fbj9rnaexcogibrijewrxs7wp9whm.mp4
Size: 944.24 MB
Duration: 01:22:18
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's Jewel Britney It's awesome it's orgasmic it's sensual it's naughty it's perverted it's worthy of grabbing your dicks and double clicking. Try not to cum early and with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Lilly - Do Bad Things To Me

File: udullnaexcogilillgyh7eykdqv.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 01:21:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today I present Lilly. Its her first sex on camera and I dont think she expected to have this much fun. Shes into some kinky shit so listen away to the interview for the low down on her first BDSM experience and according to her she likes it a little on the rough side. So what does our resident stud Tyler Nixon do? He starts thing out with chocking the shit out of our newbie while finger fucking her wet and ready snatch for her first ever squirting. She wasnt expecting that and the O factory just kept on churning them out as Tyler tortured her clit with Magic Wand and took advantage of this young gals holes. Yes please is what she said to everything we asked her to do and when Tyler stuck his dick in her it was like sticking a lightning bolt up her twat. Things got electric all right and orgasm records were shattered for one shockingly great time. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers.

Exploited College Girls - Luna - Just Like That, But Harder

File: udzxwnaexcogilunarplxvtqtgm.mp4
Size: 3.10 GB
Duration: 01:13:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Todays newbie Luna is just what the doctor ordered. You see Lunas into aggressive and rough sex she claims. Careful what you ask for and Tyler Nixon delivered on exactly what this girl needed. Orgasms. Thats the cure to whats ailing this sexy newbie and its a record-breaking injection into her love hole. Her future baby making factory, her special purpose and shes not used to having sex for this long or intense. Youre welcome Luna and if you want to see her lick her first ever pussy its over at our sister site with the Matrix savior Trinity. We exploited her softer side over there and once again thoroughly enjoyed the exploits. So enjoy Luna and until next weeks update cheers.

Exploited College Girls - Catalina - Sexy & Edgy Perfection

File: fpzbynaexcogicatayapcvts1fd.mp4
Size: 3.91 GB
Duration: 01:32:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today we have Catalina and dont let the Tyson inspired body art fool you. Under all this exterior artwork is divine femininity. This girls body is perfection and God broke the mold when he made her, the clouds parted, and angels wept when she was born. Not kidding, and if you want to see her lick her first ever pussy head on over to our sister site for that wonderful miracle with sexy Megan Marx. Catalina stated shes going to start having more sex with girls after that experience and thank you God, my prayers have been answered...

But if its Anal youre hoping to see then head on over to Ricks black casting couch for Catalinas tail pipe cleaning at, and after Cam unloaded his man seed all over that shy face we just knew she had to make an appearance here. Wow and I dont think we have had a more perfectly small and young looking pussy and asshole sandwiched in between a more heart shaped ass than when Dakota Tyler graced us with her presence. We get a beautiful look at this girls moneymaker starting at 950 and when I see this girls holes the dinner bell rings and I want to just dive my tongue up all her orifices. Her tits are amazing also and I cant find anything thats not perfect on her. Tyler Nixons one lucky SOB because he gets to stick his dick up this newbies love hole and use the magic wand on her for the first time while getting dicked and Catalinas loving it. She loves vibrators now and even had her first Squirting ever today for a record breaking 5 orgasms. Now even though Catalina didnt orgasm while sucking Tylers dick, Catalinas butthole did begin to pucker in and out at 5211 as shes on all fours sucking as Mr. Black Shirt used the magic wand on her beautiful slit. But my absolute favorite was at 11541 after Tyler unloads his wad in the third instant replay from the side into her baby bird opened mouth and you see a big drop of cum ooze down her upper lip and drip into her mouth. Followed immediately by the realization that liquid proteins in her mouth and then consciously, or subsequently, closes her mouth and swallows it. She has the hottest giggles with a smile with all that white glissading cum plastered all over her adorably edgy face. Hotness, and with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Scarlett - I Have Eyes. They're Up Here

File: a5w52naexcogiscarwxjupldk5y.mp4
Size: 3.92 GB
Duration: 01:33:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Im young and adventurous and I just need the money. Well put 20 year old Scarlett but it also sounds like you need some great sex that includes multiple orgasms. You see Scarlett doesnt have fulfilling and orgasmic sex with her male partners she explains. Sorry about that and Tyler Nixons going to take care of that today and bestow upon you 8 magical Os for a newly crowned record and who new that sex for money would be so much fun. It was her first facial ever and I think she actually enjoyed. Love a girl whos down for anything. So enjoy Scarlett and until next weeks update cheers.

Exploited College Girls - Mary - Cute. In The Most Sexy Edgy Way

File: wwvjynaexcogimaryt97d7abzcd.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 01:12:49
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Let me start by giving a huge shout out to my D-backs for bringing home the wins on the road against a fully stacked and very capable Philly team, miraculously allowing my Valley Of The Sun the privileges of another chance at a Championship. Its been 22 years since and a shout out to the Texas Rangers as well because both these teams were in last place just a year ago. Talk about long shots and the odds of these two teams making it to the World Series was 17501 because each had lost over 100 games in the regular season last year and were expected to be in last place again this year. Think about that, just a 10 bet at the beginning of the season in Vegas would have banked 17,500. Mind boggling I know, and it just goes to show you you should never judge a book by its cover at the beginning of anything because todays Halloween Weekend treat is going to bring home a win also that will fulfill and satisfy all your lustful desires this spooky and unpredictable holiday. So what else will surprise you about todays tasty morsel? She plays the violin and the saxophone...

Wasnt expecting that one were you? NOPE! And todays goodie bag just keeps on getting filled up as we get to know Marys her name, and shes only 19 to boot. SLAP!! Thank you daddy is also what our sexy morsel said to Tyler Nixon after the first time he slapped her face good as he pounded her spectacular pussy. Now hold on just a darn tootin minute everyone because at 259 into this trick or treat goodie bag of a scene, sweet little Mary said she likes, and Im quoting her here. I like impact, getting hit, and I like it a little more rough, when asked what type of sex she was into. So there, and to be honest this one really wasnt much of a shocker actually, unlike the violin and saxophone were but lets not lose focus about whats important here. Mary wants to get the living shit fucked out of her and wants to be slapped around a bit in the process and who are we to deny a sweet and gorgeous girl whats she wants. So at 1153 as Mary spreads her glass blown legs apart and begins to masturbate with the Magic Wand we get a glimpse of her toes curling as her feet twitch and eyes begin to flutter with pleasure and our little Wednesday morning newbie I think enjoys masturbating in front of strangers. Its hot girl and youre very pretty with a great looking pussy, which Tyler dove right into and licked, probed, and sucked on until it was time to induce her first squirting orgasm of the day at 1423. Squirting is a common theme today. So common in fact that 2 followed right after at 1514 with our little submissive saving, thank you, thank you . . . thank you daddy, as girl squirt gushed from her gorgeous slit. Goths the new orange Im telling you and I loved how this girl smiled after each hard spank to that tight ass or slap to her willing face. I mean who doesnt want a young, tall and thin teenaged girl with daddy issues who has spectacular girly parts who also sports an attitude about sex that encompasses and likes everything her partner wants to do to her!!! I know, I liked everything about her especially at 2723 when Tyler accidently begins to insert his cock up her ass and Im not sure if her look was of surprise, hopefulness or disappointment that he caught his mistake and went back up her pussy because a girl that has a sadistic streak as bad as Mary, paired with daddy issues, just might like it if her daddy took advantage of her asshole. Different day, different scene everyone and that for me is what makes all pussycats meow in October, and is exactly why I started ExCoGi. So everyone be safe out there. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Trinity - Passionately Rough Me Up

File: cyco7naexcogitrinnpsvvly7ku.mp4
Size: 2.77 GB
Duration: 01:05:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Holy Mother of All Fucks everyone because todays exploitee is 18 year old Trinity and Ive never seen a girl get so much attention, so fast, as today's future superstar Trinity. Shes special alright and here to take two Dicks at once for the Very First Time. Love it, and if youve seen her absolutely scorching First Sex on Camera over at entitled I Like Girls More Than Guys with Amber Moore and her First Cock on Camera here entitled The Red Pill. Loved All Of It then you know she took the Red Pill and shes on her way to unlocking her suppressed Sexual Desires, and Threesomes she declared are A Big Leap for her.

She further goes on to state that she prefers girls to guys and has had lots of All Girl Threesomes and if you want to see her Munching Muff in an All Girl Orgy its coming this October at excogigirls. Trinity is quickly becoming the favorite over there and for good reason. But let's focus on todays festivities and they get going rather quickly for ExCoGi standards as our Stiff Cock in a supporting roll goes to town licking our honeys Pussy while Tyler Nixon begins to Face Fuck her and the first of many Squirting Orgasms follows at 1353. Trinitys like a water fountain everyone and Stiff Cock doesnt appear to be phased by it at the least and even dives right into licking it up and Sucks her Clit right after, which Trinity just adored. Toe Sucking? Yep it happened a lot in this one and started at 2001 as the boys took turns fucking this newbies gorgeous Vagina. Next the boys took turns Face Fucking Trinity and like a pair of Professional Wrestlers took turns tapping in on the Trinity Ring of Pleasure and they took no prisoners today. These two even Slapped Hands while Spit Roasting her for that Paris Thing called an Eiffel Tower at 2813. Trinity even stated it was one of her favorite parts of the video hearing their hands clap! Love it, and this girl can FUCK, and Fucked-Her-Up the boys did, not holding back in the slightest and even made her throw up at 3830 during the Double Blowjob. Ok, well maybe she made herself throw up which is even more awesome but the point is she threw up and WOW! Shes kinda into the Gagging thing a lot and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! And even Squirted for Orgasms 2 3 back to back in Doggy as Tyler fucks her from behind while Face Fucking herself on Stiff Cocks cock. How do we clone you girl because youre to close to perfection and even Squirted once more back to back in Reverse Cowgirl for Orgasms 4 5 starting at 4526 and once more, you guessed it, she was getting FACE FUCKED! Oh and dont blink or youll miss Stiff Cock Spitting into Trinitys opened and eager mouth at 4609 and this Ill admit is an acquired taste. But hey, Trinity asked for it and who are we to deny a Teen some Spit. Not us, and with that I bid you all farewell. Enjoy this one because its a doozy, Cheers! Steve

Excogi Girls - Britney & Megan - Turning Britney Into A Lesbian

File: odx5xnaexgibrimegzf3u7szdxf.mp4
Size: 2.20 GB
Duration: 01:23:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What can I say everyone its super sexy Megan and Britney. These girls look smokingly hot and when Megan stuck her finger up Britneys pussy for the first time and declared, You feel like a virgin and I never wanted to be Megans index finger more than right then. Lets see, I think my favorite position and moment of this work of art is at 2423 in the split screen of Britney munching on Megans muff as we see the magic wand dance over Britneys clit from behind and her butt hole begins to pulse and pucker as she licks and devours only the fifth vagina in her life...

Girls dont cum any fresher to the porn mattress than Britney and we should all enjoy the wonders while they last. I would love to hear from everyone about what your favorite parts were and what you would like to see moving forward. We have some very hot newbies coming down the pipe and 2024 is looking fresh as fuck with spring right around the corner and this sites going to be in full pink pussy blossom bloom. Enjoy the show and until next weeks update.

Excogi Girls - Beverly & Britney - How Bi Are You Girls?

File: sk1jmnaexgibevbrihohtgc9cbw.mp4
Size: 2.34 GB
Duration: 01:30:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies out there and now that the Super Bowl parties and the shenanigans on the 16th tee of the Phoenix Open have concluded its time to witness the awesomeness thats about to take place on the excogigirls bed. Its no other than returning blonde coed bombshell Britney who everyone has been requesting with a thirtyish new to the bed hottie named Beverly. You two girls look amazing as Rocky pointed out and if you want to see Britneys triumphant return to the jizz scene go check out her first ever Double Penetration over at exploitedcollegegirls, the site that inspired the lesbian action of newbies here...

Specking of newbies, Beverly just had her debut over at HotMilfFuck and fuck this young woman can so we just had to get her here for her first ever one-on-one, Girl-on-Girl lesbian sex. Some of Beverlys kinks and turn-ons are using dildos, vibrators with a very high vibration on her clit fuck yea as she watches or participates in various sex genres such as olderyounger, biggersmaller, darkerlighter just to name a few and that means todays going to be fun as she partakes in one of her turn-ons. And since Britney hasnt been with to many girls, 3 to be exact, and since they all happened here at excogigirls Britney states that she enjoys kissing and the touchy feely aspect of GirlGirl sex. She also enjoys being fingered, scissoring, and of course she enjoyed her magnificent squirting all over Melanie Maries and Rissa Mays faces in the Golden Shower Girls which was just fucking awesome!!! That was pretty spectacular I will admit so go check it out. So I hope you enjoy it and with that Ill say goodbye and until next weeks update.

Exploited College Girls - Kira - Never Ever Been Fucked Like This

File: vt2junaexcogikirazydnu2pdsm.mp4
Size: 555.24 MB
Duration: 01:40:22
Resolution: 638x360
Format: mp4
Description: Wow, someone is excited and judging by that smile of pearly whites girl you cant wait to get your naughty on with Tyler Nixon. Her name is Kira, shes 20 years old, shes super nervous all right but way more excited because she usually doesnt do random hookups and hasnt had sex for about a month she declared. Not sure why girl because you are adorable and one of the prettiest and most beautifully all natural girls weve ever had on ExCoGi. No lie because she normally doesnt wear makeup and she has this innocent but cool confident swagger about her thats infectious and simply draws people in. Im sure they also like to CUM into you as well, but lately Kiras been all about the self-stimulation method of Orgasms and confesses she masturbates at least 3 times a night before bed...

Its also super hot how she talks about her never ending obsession with watching her ex boyfriend jack off and how it absofuckinglutely turns her on. Cock Worship, its fucking awesome if you enjoy watching a girl just stare, touch, caress, and admire your Stiff Cock with amazement as they slowly stroke and lick their lips in anticipation, and the mere fact that Kira gets off to this and loves to watch guys masturbate is just wonderful in my book. We get to witness this voyeuristic love first hand starting at 1319 and this little appetizer gets the sparks flying and the chemicals reacting between these two as the passion slowly builds and rages hotter and more out of control the further into it you watch. Not kidding everyone, just look at how many times Kira comes today because she explains that guys usually dont, or cant, make her cum during Sex and she usually has to finish herself off. Sorry about that, and lucky for you today youre getting the Tyler Nixon bonus package, which includes your First Ever Squirting Orgasms, thats plural Orgasms everyone. You also get your First Ever Facial, and your First Ever Anal Play that happened in Cowgirl at 10700. Plus, at 10521 Tylers Cock just happens to slip out of your wet as fuck pussy and slightly just happens to go up Kiras Ass much to her liking. We were all pretty surprised by that and Kira even stated with a big smile and face full of cum after wards that she kind of liked it and wouldnt mind letting Tyler fuck her Ass for her First Ever Anal. Dont tempt Tyler with a good time girl and were just happy you stayed over to let a professional go were no guy or toy has ever been before. So now Ill conclude with this observation about just how in love the last few girls have been with our stud Tyler because first it was Ruby Moon over at and that flat out was infatuated and openly committed to having Tylers babys during the Post Shoot Confessional, and now Kira also?! Ok she doesnt confess to wanting his babys but she does want to pack him up into her suitcase and bring him home with her because shes so smitten afterwards in the shower. Never seen so many girls fall in love with great sex and maybe theres something in the water but Im just happy theyre doing the naughty deeds here and not somewhere else. It makes my job so much easier and it results in Phenomenally Great Sex on film. So now with that I bid you all farewell and toddles everyone.

Exploited College Girls - Britney Rose - I'm A Happy Girl

File: niunonaexcogibrirosnec2pqhvlf.mp4
Size: 1.93 GB
Duration: 01:28:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Now dont be sad everyone that its over. I say let's rejoice that it happened because Im a The Glass is Half Full type of person and always like to look at the silver lining. Im Mr. Brightside as The Killers would sing, and this is Britneys last unreleased shoot and did she ever kill it. Both our studs are lucky guys today and this was Tyler Nixons first interaction with her and it happened before her anal scene was shot. Its hot and Britney admitted afterwards that it was rougher than what she was expecting but would absofuckinglutely do it again because once again she was a squirting machine and Pissed all over our studs legs at 5325 while giving a double blowjob...

Squirting is one of Britneys favorite things to do and isnt shy about it. Highlights are when she let our two studs simultaneously face fuck her while the other fucked her beautiful pink pussy and her eyes rolled into the back of her head starting at 3007. Another was in doggy as our guys spit roasted her and our Stand-in Stiff Cock face fucks her some more and guess what everyone? Britney has no gag reflex as his long and hard cock goes balls deep the entire time. That's a common theme today and is there anything this gift from heavy isn't into? Pretty amazing if you ask me and it all ends in a double facial that she licks up because she confesses her love for the taste of cum. Sorry the writeup are so short lately because I'm traveling and can't be caught watching porn on my computer in the airports LOL. So with that Ill say again, dont be sorry its over. Be happy it happened. I love her tan lines, sign me up and toddles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Exploited College Girls - Britney - First Double Penetration

File: qdzj5naexcogibritnyebvjl1hy.mp4
Size: 9.82 GB
Duration: 01:14:18
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Its Britney Bitches, again and Wow its her First Ever Double Penetration, which I know everyone has been asking for. Well here it is and after the guys use her new favorite sex toy the magic wand on her and stretch out that beautiful butt hole with some plugs, Britney says this in her very sexy voice, please fuck me. Words were never more happily heard as our studs proceeded to face fuck innocent Britneys mouth and fill all her holes with cock and toys.

Life is good and I for one was convinced that Britney wasnt coming back for more after her last and farewell performances here and never-say-never I learned. Because Britney confessed that the sex in her personal life doesnt even come close to the sex on the ExCoGi bed and today were proving that fact. What an awesome girl Britney is and shes always ready for more she confessed after the guys unloaded the biggest and most massive dripping off her chin load of jizz all over her willing face. Thank you for coming back Britney and Im happy to say theres more coming so stay tuned, and with that toddles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Exploited College Girls - Crystal - Rad. Like Totally For Sure

File: hudkrnaexcogicrysanzpzhfgs1.mp4
Size: 3.13 GB
Duration: 01:14:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: If I ever wanted to imagine Paris Hilton getting fucked then todays exploit Crystal would kind of, sort of, maybe be what I would think it would look like. I hate interviews and I hate blowjobs, is what she explained during a few parts of this scene and something tells me this is not the industry for you girl. But youre perfect for what we have in store because youre 20 and you like to go out with your friends and meet new people.

Well meet Tyler Nixon and his stiff cock, which you sucked very well I might add for not liking it, and girl you are hot with a smoking body. Now Ill admit the interview was a bit all over the place because she confessed that having to answer questions was not her favorite thing, but there were some tasty morsels she divulged about herself so listen away because it sets the tone and provides some back-story for what happens later. So we fast-forward to Crystal getting naked and she reveals what a tight and sexy body she has and girl your vagina and butt hole are beautiful. So beautiful in fact that Tyler wanted to stick his tongue up them and Crystal receptively obliged and assumed the Face Down Ass Up position and with her pink panties pulled down over her thighs, Tyler dug deep. You have a fantastic arch also Crystal and I can see why you like getting fucked doggy style, or is it that every guy just likes fucking you doggy style? Well whatever the reason Tylers excited to exploit your orifices and as Crystal begins to stroke his stiffy, pre-cum begins to ooze out of the tip at 1945 and begins to shellac her leg as he thrusts the double headed pink dildo in and out of her tight slit while using the Magic Wand on herself. Hotness, and next for a girl that doesnt like to suck cock you do it very well as Tyler face fucks your mouth until you gag for air at 2420. If this is how you do something you dont like, just wait until theres a cock up your slit because girl you excel at taking dick and being a good little submissive slut. She also likes it a bit rough, and you would know this if you listened to the interview, as Tyler landed a few open handed slaps to her passion-enthralled face at 2809 during missionary. And like Paris Hilton would say, thats hot. But not as hot as the next position doggy and you all just have to witness this girl's arch once more as she assumes the position at 4005 as Tyler lubes up her ass with practically half the bottle, and for some unknown reason I really want to go ski jumping right now. Anyways and back on the ramp, Tyler just goes to town pounding Crystals pussy hole as he chokes her from behind and pushes her face into the bed, and like a good girl she knows to keep that perfect ass high in the air for maximum depth and penetration. 10 out of 10 I give this Performance and good times had by all, and after more thorough pounding in a few more positions its time for a piss break and of course we filmed it. You know just because and now its time for the finale and Tyler plastered her face with his man seed and again of course we made her answer a few post load questions with it all plastered on her face which she seemed ok with until later in the shower when somehow Tylers cum had a bad reaction and made her face all red. Well shit happens I suppose when two complete stranger decide to swap and exchange bodily fluids, but I think shell be alright. So everyone please, please, please be safe out there. Your porn daddy Steve

Exploited College Girls - Maya - Very Pretty & Slim Thick Sexy

File: qgvyhnaexcogimayav9g7hrikyk.mp4
Size: 3.97 GB
Duration: 01:17:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today I introduce an extremely cute and Thick Assed young lady named Maya. Shes 22, nervous as fuck, and excited all wrapped up into one as most all the young girls are here. But theres something special about Maya and its. . . SHES ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY CUTE AS A BUTTON and deliciousness mixed all together, and our stand in Stiff Cocks the lucky SOB that gets to Lick and Fuck her Slit for her First Sex on Camera. Thats hot and Maya you are gorgeous.

The Icon photo of her holding onto that Stiff Cock as if her life depends on it is SO FUCKING HOT and we delivered 3 earth shattering Orgasms to our lovely today which she confessed is quite rare. Its hard to make her cum she said and we are always up for the challenge to show an inexperienced girl what Great Sex looks and feels like. Well she found out for sure and after the usual get to know each other chitchat concluded we had Maya turn around and show us that magnificent ba donka donk of a caboose she has because its Asstastic!!! Stiff Cock what the fuck are you waiting for man. Get over there and drive your long and hard train engine up her sweet little small perfectly pink Vagina train tunnel because this girl is awesome, willing, and as ready as they come. Putty in my hands I like to call these girls and like a virgin on a first date just tell me what to do right. Oh wait, I forgot our stiff cock likes to start things off very soft and tender dont you, practically making love and whispering sweat nothings to the girls girly parts. Speak up man! We can barely hear your words of tender love as you whispered sweet treats in between soft licks of her gorgeous Clit. But who really cares if you can hear the guy talking or not because at 1358 Maya was bent over and spreading her Thick Ass apart so we could all see why its your favorite part of your body. Damn, its becoming my favorite part of you and at 1756 you jiggle and shake that Ass as Stiff Cock spanks and spreads you wide to show everyone your beautiful Fuck Holes. Next its the Pussy Licking make out session I was referring to a minute ago that segues into Maya and her perfect DSLs wrapped around our Stiff Cocks Cock. This girl loves to Suck Cock everyone and has her first of three Orgasms at 2930 while Mr. Black Shirt uses the Magic Wand all over her Clit. This is also the first time two guys have ever done anything to her at the same time. Love it and so does she because during her First Real Dicking Maya kept says how fucking good it was. Ill agree and if you love watching thick beautiful Ebony Asses bounce up and down on large white Stiff Cocks then scrub forward to 5910 and watch to your hearts content because its awesome. The whole scene is fucking awesome actually and I loved it when she looked up after receiving a Face Full of Cum as it was dripping down her lips and she wasnt quite sure if she should open her mouth or not to taste his cum. Then unexpectedly kisses the head of his Penis and giggles and laughs. Wow! And that for me is the pussycats meow everyone and why I started ExCoGi. Love it, so get watching because Maya is worth watching. Toddles everyone. Steve