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Device Bondage - Brooke Johnson - Pain Piggy Wants More

File: xcehmnadebobrojoh1nqtszvgpl.mp4
Size: 4.13 GB
Duration: 57:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooke Johnson is a submissive little pain slut that lives to please and impress her dominant master, The Pope. Brooke starts her day perched on a pedestal with her arms pulled behind her and her legs bent at the knees while restrained with brutal metal bondage. To ensure that she maintains proper posture, her neck is bound with a nasty metal shackle that makes it impossible for her to slouch. The Pope goes at her full throttle and begins to work her skinny and pale body over with a leather riding crop and his fists. Brookes chest cavity thumps as the sadist punches her ribs and tits. To make sure that he has her attention, The Pope applies a long string of clover clamps to her pussy making it burn with masochistic delight...

He then carefully vibrates the clamps with a Hitachi until his she begs to cum. Next, Brooke finds herself once again on display, this time with her fragile neck crammed through the top of a box. With her nubile body exposed, The Pope electro-shocks every inch of her, first with a zapper and then with a series of increasingly powerful cattle prods. Noticing her predilection for snorting, The Pope contorts Brookes face with a nasty head harness that pulls her mouth open and yanks her nostrils upward. The Pope then instructs his captive sex toy to oink like a little piggy every time she wants to be hurt. We can see the cruel sadist crack a smile as his submissive humiliates herself over and over again. To end the day, Brooke is strapped to a long wooden bench with thick leather belts. The inescapable bondage exposes her whole body to The Popes torment and nasty predictions. He then devotes all of his attention to subjecting Brooke to intense impact play with a cane, baton, and leather flogger. The only breaks that she gets are when The Pope climbs on top of her to choke her with his giant hands and then slap her face as she gasps for breath. Satisfied with his pain-pigs sacrifice, The Pope jams a powerful vibrator onto her pink pussy. Brook Begs to cum and her master allows her to release a tidal wave of repeated orgasms as he chokes her out. The Pope leaves her panting and begging for more abuse and ecstasy. Pain truly is pleasure for a girl like Brooke Johnson.

Device Bondage - Brooke Johnson - Extreme Torment And Pleasure

File: ctm5snadebobrojohthx7jtilea.mp4
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Duration: 51:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooke Johnson is back and ready for another round of extreme torment from The Pope on Device Bondage. She is excited to push and test the limits of how much pain she can endure. Brookes session begins with cold steel wrapped around her neck, wrists and ankles keeping her locked in a spread-open sitting position. The Pope warms up her exposed flesh with hard smacks from a riding crop, immediately causing Brooks pussy to get wet. A plethora of electro-toys are used on the pain-slut, and Brooke cant help but smile as she suffers from shock after shock all over her sexy body. Her obedience and willingness to suffer is rewarded with delicious, coerced orgasms that have her screaming and squirming in her bondage...

In the next position, Brooke is gagged and standing with her arms secured to the ceiling behind her in full leather restraints. Her legs have a sadistic spreader in between them that has sharp points at either end poking into her tender skin. The Pope brutally flogs and canes Brookes backside in the strict position as she shakes intensely from the torment. More orgasms are ripped from Brooke as she loves the pleasure of the pain. In the final position, Brooke is laid on her back with her wrists locked and legs spread in steel traps. Her marked-up thighs are brutalized with another round of ruthless caning before she is given more orgasms while being fucked with the dick-on-a-stick.

Brutal Sessions - Brooke Johnson - Pain Slut Tormented In Bondage

File: w3x9xnabrsebrojohswsi3onidi.mp4
Size: 4.07 GB
Duration: 57:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooke is strung up in the middle of the dungeon, with her hands pulled high above her head. Her captor, Derrick enters with one thought and that is to devour Brooke. He has set his sights on Brooke, and has plans to make sure she suffer at the highest level. Drool is slowly leaking from Brookes face as the gag fills her mouth, and slightly muffles her moans. He uses a cat-o-nine tails to tenderize her flesh and turn it a bright shade of red. This will set the pace for the rest of the day, and finishes her off with his cock buried deep inside her cunt. Next, Brooks is in a side suspension that leaves her vulnerable to whatever Derrick has planned next. More torment ensues before he fucks her throat and pussy relentlessly. He goes between the two holes ti completely use her up, and finishes her off with a vibe for one last orgasm in the air. The final scene has Brooke on her back with her legs spread and Derrick launches a full out assault on her entire body. He fucks her into non stop orgasms, as well as continues to torment this slut until he has finished with her. Then he covers her pussy with his load, and leave her there covered in his cum.

Family Strokes - Brooke Johnson - Bratty Backfires

File: lhaqfnafastbrojohngkeibi9wd.mp4
Size: 2.22 GB
Duration: 52:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chris walks into his room and finds his stepdaugher Brooke touching herself while talking to her friend Stacey about boys. He accuses her of being a little slut but she gets all bratty and threatens to tell her mom that hes been perving on her and her pussy. Chris decides to cancel her phone plan and tells her that if she wants it back shes gonna have to earn it, starting by sucking his cock!

Sex And Submission - Brooke Johnson - Stuck In A Fantasy

File: kpb9anaseansubrojohbvbmxbo8yg.mp4
Size: 3.55 GB
Duration: 50:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dr. Brooke Johnson has a new patient, Quinton James, in her care. Upon first meeting him, the man seems to not be fully a part of the conversation, zoning off looking at her physique, eyes, lips, and cant seem to get him to fully check in. She keeps attempting to poke and prod in her questioning, but where could he possibly be? What fantasy could he be lost in? Unbeknownst to the beautiful doctor, Quinton is absolutely flooded with his desires of how badly he wants to dominate her.

How he would love to tie her down and place pins all throughout her body and make her cum as many times as possible until she is left beginning for more but not able to handle anymore of the sexual pleasure done to her body. In Quintons dark fantasy, Brooke is in the most beautiful mix of pleasure and pain. However its all him being Stuck in a Fantasy.

Brutal Sessions - Brooke Johnson - Extreme Torment And Domination

File: drhmxnabrubrojohtstm9cfqvf.mp4
Size: 4.44 GB
Duration: 01:02:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The day begins with Brooke strung up in the middle of a dungeon with her hands above her head. Tommy has been informed that he has free reign to do with her as he pleases. Brooke made it clear from the beginning that she was down for anything, so Tommy has a field day with her. He goes to work on her body with impact, to redden her skin as he issues tons of corporal punishment. He buries his cock inside her pussy and fucks her hard. Next, Brooke is put in a side-suspension that makes her pussy and mouth fully available for Tommy to enjoy. He uses the zapper to keep Brooke in line as he skull fucks her and then uses her pussy for his own satisfaction. Brooke is finished off with a vibe and more cock. In the final scene, Brook is on the bed with a box tie to secure her arms and hands so that Tommy can throw her body around as he abuses and uses it. The corporal is more severe than ever, and Brooke loves every fucking second of it. In the end, Brooke is covered in marks, but Tommy has one more surprise and that is to fill this sluts eyes with his cum.

Teen Pies - Brooke Johnson - Secret Delivery

File: a3v6nnatepibrojohmqeuwo1gdg.mp4
Size: 2.27 GB
Duration: 57:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Chris opens the door to receive his delivery he discovers that the food delivery girl is his old classmate Brooke and invites her in to catch up a little. When Brooke hands him his order he notices that the fries are missing so she begs him to still give her a good review. Chris takes this chance to get something in return, hell give Brooke five stars but only if she lets him give her her very first creampie!

Device Bondage - Brooke Johnson - Grueling Device Bondage

File: cqorcnadebobrojohvicdzfwkle.mp4
Size: 2.94 GB
Duration: 41:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooke Johnson is one tough slut. The Pope doesnt waste any time going straight after her and issuing immediate pain. She is held in place with a steel device and a wooden deprivation box. The pain is swift and constant, which fuels her masochistic fire that she so desires. Her body is abused with a constant berating of impact from floggers and other sadistic implements. After her flesh is nice and red from the impact, The Pope covers Brookes body with hot wax. He then gives her the first of many orgasms...

Next, Brooke is in a brutal scorpion pose atop a wooden box, and held there with chains and leather cuffs. Her head is pulled back, using a heavy leather head-harness and a nice red ball-gag. The Pope begins with her feet, and issues some grueling bastinado until Brooke begs for it to stop. He moves on to the next form of torment electricity by way of zapper and cattle prods. Brooke muscles through yet another brutal scene to get the coveted orgasms she craves as her reward. The final scene begins with Brooke on her back with her legs pulled into the air and locked into steel traps. Her arms are pulled back into a strappado, and her holes are more than available for whatever The Pope wants. There is more bastinado, but this time with Fluffy, The Popes dragon-tail whip. Brooke screams uncontrollably, but that only makes him go harder. He eventually moves on to a paddle that he uses all over her legs and feet throwing in a vibrator intermittently, just to confuse her His crop is used to impact all of the specific places that make her scream the most. He eventually gives her all of the orgasms she can handle as a final reward for being such an amazing pain slut.

Kink Features - Brooke Johnson - Tainted Love Episode 4: The Submissive

File: lowyhnakifebrojohh3hyivjkfu.mp4
Size: 3.74 GB
Duration: 52:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The tables have turned, and its Quintons turn to titillate April with his sexy stories. The first is about a super submissive lifestyler that he had a date with, named Brooke Johnson.

Brooke is a very submissive woman that loves the BDSM lifestyle. She identifies as a submissive, but Quinton doesnt quite understand what that entails until she arrives and sees it for himself. She thrives in high protocol Ds relationships, but notices that Quinton may not see eye to eye. They spend some time getting to know each other before jumping in to some bondage and rough sex. Quinton has learned some rope skills of his own and is ready to put them to good use with Brooke. She is bound, and then the action begins with rough sex and his own version of domination. Brooke sees the potential in him and is very turned on as he has his way with her.

Hoby Buchanon - Brooke Johnson - Returns For Rough Sex & Anal Training

File: ira25nahobubrojohuupths2y1x.mp4
Size: 2.10 GB
Duration: 01:18:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hardcore performer Brooke Johnson has returned. She doesn't do anal because she has a tiny asshole. She agreed I could help loosen it up today. We start with her mouth duct taped and I walk up POV and give her some slaps. I take the tape off and tell her to get on her knees and get what she came for. I roughly fuck her face, slap and put my fingers down her throat. I shove a 13 inch dildo down her throat then choke her with it.

I fuck her shaved pussy then I finger her butthole and put a butt plug in it and fuck it. I put my hand up her pussy then have her bend over me on the couch and fuck her throat. She rides my cock then I blow a slow motion load in her mouth. I flip her upside down on the couch and fuck her throat then put my cock balls deep in her pussy and do something I've never done before! She licks my armpits, worships my body, eats my ass and sucks my cock. I fuck her more then hogtie her and fuck her throat. She sucks and licks my feet then I blow another load in her mouth. Brooke was a good girl for Daddy!

Hoby Buchanon - Rebel Rhyder & Brooke Johnson - Rough Anal Threesome

File: rg1wlnahoburebbrozknv7f7qic.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 01:01:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two of the most hardcore performers in site history are back for a rough anal threesome! I walk up with them both on their knees and slap their faces and begin face fucking them. I fuck rebel's face while I put my fingers down Brooke's throat and keep them there. I push Brooke's head down on my cock and slap Rebel's big tits. I fuck Rebel's face and fall back on the couch and triangle my legs around her head. I finger Rebel's asshole while Brooke watches then triangle my legs around Brooke's head.

I put them in a double headlock and then I stand up and take turns fucking their faces while the other one eats ass. I switch to POV and they take turns pushing each other's heads down on my cock and spitting on each other. Brooke rides my cock while rebel sucks my balls and eats my ass. I fuck Rebel in the ass while Brooke sucks my balls and eats my ass. I sit on the couch and have them get on their knees beside me and take turns fucking their faces and gagging them. I fuck Brooke while Rebel records then she pushes Brooke's head up and down on my cock and face fucks her. I slap them with my feet and then they lick, suck and deepthroat them. I give them a surprise in the bathroom then I take turns fucking their faces in a 69. I fuck Rebel's ass while she eats Brooke's ass. I put Brooke's face right by Rebel's asshole and make her watch me pound it. I put Rebel in the doggy position with Brooke in a 69 under her. I deepthroat Brooke and cum in Rebel's asshole. It all drips out into Brooke's mouth. Rebel and Brooke were good girls for Daddy!