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Dick Drainers - Paige Owens - I Would Never Cheat On You Baby...

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Description: My boyfriend, Garrison Miles Phillips the 3rd, is so fuckin clingy. Always talking about his stupid family and money. You'd think with all this money and that long name he would be more confident. But he's not. He's an insecure little dick loser. And he's really starting to piss me off.

Every second he's texting me. And if I don't respond in 5 minutes...another text. And if I don't respond to that. He calls. Again. And again. And again. I can't take it...

Dick Drainers - Jezebeth - Middle Eastern Genie Grants Kinky Gamer's Wishes!

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Description: Bro with all this time I've got at home, I've been spending a lot more time playing video games. With all the high tech graphics, new consoles and all that, its the perfect time to slide back in.

There was this game I remember called Kings of Persia or something. It was one of my faves and they just made a remake and its freakin amazing! Graphics crazy! Some of these characters are sexy AFFFF! I been playing this game non stop, researching it, trying to find all the secrets, when I stumbled on this forum, and BRO. I was blown away!

So in this forum, this one guy said that there's a code that will bring one of the main characters, this sexy ass genie named Jezebeth to life! Sounds crazy right??? But the way the code looks...and the way that this game is set up...I think that this just might be real. Imagine a genie. A sexy who'll do whatever you say...your very own Middle Eastern sex slave.

That sounds too good to not even try right? And try, try, try is what I been doing. I've been trying to recreate it for weeks now and I think I finally figured it out. There's this patch I had to put into the code and all sorts of technical stuff and it looks good. It looks really good.

That genie Jezebeth look good too. I used to beat my meat to her this would be a fuckin fantasy to have her come to life....and if she come to life, best believe Im cumming too.

Dick Drainers - Mi ha Doan - Rich Asian Teen Learns How To Treat People Who Have Big Black Dicks!

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Description: When you work a security job, it's always hit or miss. It could be exciting and fun or the worst job in the world. Working for the rappers? That's definitely fun. Plenty of girls to look at and more, good music, plenty of's lit.

The worst jobs? Definitely the politicians. Always so concerned about they fuckin image. No drinking, stay off your phone, wear a suit, all these fuckin rules. I don't like fuckin rules.

Dick Drainers - Luna Rival - 3 Hole Tutoring For Slutty Foreign Exchange Student!

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Description: It seems like people nowadays have 0 regard towards each other anymore, as if no one cares about their fellow man. I firmly disagree with that philosophy. I believe that we in the world are connected and only by sticking together can we all grow and expand.

That's why i like to give back, you know? Giving a donation here, signing a petition there....karma is real and it all comes back on you eventually.

Dick Drainers - Kenzie Madison - Big Booty College Cutie Is Very Convincing To Big Black Dick!

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Description: Wow! Being a pretty girl in college is super exhausting! First of all its kinda hard! There's tests, quizzes, and homework all the time! And in addition to allllll the assignments and stuff we have to do, there's loads and loads of fun stuff going on everywhere!!!