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Club Seventeen - Tetti Dew Korti - Black Haired Teen Getting Cum On Her Cute Face

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Description: The oldest trick in the book to get into a girl's panties is to pretend to be a talent scout. Tetti Dew Korti thinks this guy can give her modeling career a jumpstart. He can't do anything of the sort. The only thing he's going to do is give her a messy facial after pounding her teen pussy a good one. Sure, he takes plenty of pictures of her. None of those pictures will make her famous. Well, one of them might, and it could be the facial...

Club Seventeen - Tetti Dew Korti - Hot Brunette Sucks on a Hard Dick

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Description: The curious eyes of Tetti Dew Korti dart around while she has a penis in her mouth. She works his penis ever so gingerly to make sure her mouth makes it feel as good as possible. The moment his face is in between her legs is the precise time when he realizes what his fate is. Its not feasible for a man to turn his back on a teen pussy once hes had a taste of it. He makes sure not to give her the opportunity to close her legs after tickling her twat with his tongue...

Club Seventeen - Tetti Dew Korti - Lusty Teen Gives her Masseur a Blowjob

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Description: The incredible amount of stress teens are under these days brings Tetti Dew Korti to the massage parlor. She needs to get her stress under control before it gets the best of her. The guy giving her the rub down immediately notices how stressed out she is. A massage wont be enough to calm her down. Times like these call for him to take extra special care of his patients. He doesnt shy away from the call of duty when sacrifice is required of him...

Club Seventeen - Tetti Dew Korti & Veronika L - 2 Naughty Girls Pounded By Lucky Guy

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Description: Tetti Dew Korti and Veronika both set out to make a guys teen sex fantasies come true. The two of them are making naughty selfies before the deed goes down. The smile plastered all over his face lets both of them know how excited he is. If his smile didnt alert them, then his super hard cock had to. He gets hard instantly, and its no wonder in the least. There isnt a guy on planet earth who can keep up with two sex hungry teens in the sack. All of his attempts to do so may be futile, but that doesnt stop him from trying. Their fun doesnt end when he douses both of them with his love juice. Teens today are into selfies, and they all three take one with the two beauties covered in cum.

Club Seventeen - Tetti Dew Korti - Naughty Teen Enjoys Anal Sex

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Description: The asshole of a teen is something very few men are fortunate enough ever to get to enjoy. Tetti Dew Korti offers up her tender hole to a guy who must feel like he just won the lottery. Before he gets to enjoy every inch of her extremely tight asshole, they fool around a little. She is an eager teen who loves to please, and his throbbing hard cock couldnt be happier. She will suck on his cock with the type of gusto that only a teen has. Her enthusiasm for everything sexual leads this teen darling to spread her legs. Before he plows into her asshole, hell get to enjoy one of the most beautiful teen pussies on planet earth. Her hole is so slippery wet from excitement, and he makes sure not fill it with his cum. With his eye on the prize, he saves most of his energy for her extremely tight asshole