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Sweet Sinner - Alex Coal - Sibling Seductions 04

File: btpgxnaswsialecoaszo2dzkhst.mp4
Size: 280.67 MB
Duration: 27:57
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Nathan Bronson confronts his step sister Alex Coal after one of his fraternity brothers showed him a few nude photos that she texted him. He doesn't want her to send such scandalous photos to guys. At first she thinks he's just being protective. Then she realizes he is just jealous. He doesn't want to share his step sister with anyone. This turns her on, so much so that she takes out her tits to give him a taste of the real thing. Nathan dives into her pussy face first. He licks her clit while fingering her pussy. He is determined to make her cum so hard she only wants to fuck him. Then he slides his ever-hard cock inside her to show her what she has been missing all these years. She flips around and around on his cock to feel him from every angle. She keeps cumming so hard her legs start to quiver, which squeezes the hot, juicy cum out of him.

Sweet Sinner - Naomi Swann - Sibling Seductions 04

File: staegnaswsinaoswaihmufrbfmp.mp4
Size: 351.36 MB
Duration: 31:20
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Naomi Swann walks into the bathroom she shares with her step-brother, Van Wylde, when she notices the door to his room is cracked open. She glances in to discover him masturbating. It turns her on to think he left the door open so she could watch him. She starts playing with her pussy and gets so lost in the fantasy that she forgets herself, leans on the open door, and comes crashing into his room. He accuses her of eaves dropping, while she says he keeps leaving the door open on purpose, because he wants her to catch him. Both are correct and they know it. Soon Naomi is on his bed stroking his huge cock. Her hands are a little dry so she first spits, then licks, then starts swallowing his cock to get it nice and wet so she can cram it in her tiny pussy. He stuffs his throbbing dick in her as she moans with excitement. Then he tosses her petite body on the bed and fucks her hard before their parents get home and catch them. When she cums, her pussy clinches hard around his cock. He immediately pulls out and blows his huge load all over her perfect body.

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - The Mistress 04

File: nsenanaswsisilsaii7ehlroo2y.mp4
Size: 303.31 MB
Duration: 25:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige and Ryan Mclane, Silvia's attraction to her boss, Ryan has grown over the last few months. It doesn't help that sex with her husband Todd is boring at best. When opportunity strikes, Silvia unleashes a seduction on Ryan that he cannot resist. She swallows his cock with her mouth and cunt and although he's already provided her with more orgasms than her husband ever has over the last year, the fuck-fest can't go on forever. Unfortunately, Ryan's body has another plan in mind as he spews his hot load all over her bouncing white tits.

Sweet Sinner - Riley Reyes - The Mistress 04

File: jk7zdnaswsirilreynjwjljh5gv.mp4
Size: 362.34 MB
Duration: 31:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Riley Reyes and Derrick Pierce, Riley is hiding a very big secret from her husband, Derrick, only he has no idea what that secret is. She knows he's cheating and before she gets even, she needs one last fuck. She ties him to the bed. Sucks his cock. Reminds him that a wife can give a man exactly what he needs, if he only lets her. Riley's body is enticing for Derrick and although he is set to meet up with his mistress any moment, he can't resist getting his dick wet. The two fuck. The best sex of their lives. Her body writhing over his hard cock. When he finally explodes all over himself, Riley quickly climbs off and reminds Derrick why a man should NEVER betray a woman.

Sweet Sinner - Ana Foxxx - The Mistress 04

File: hjtyinaswsianafoxs48mwjfigm.mp4
Size: 321.37 MB
Duration: 27:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jay Smooth and Ana Foxxx, Jay is terrified that his girlfriend, Ana will be furious over his sex tape. Not only has it found its way to porn tube sites, but it's also starring his therapy patient, Chanel. To his surprise, Ana is wet and wild over the fact that her boyfriend is such a 'bad boy' and she quickly rewards him by spreading her sleek thighs and begging him to stick his cock in her hole. Jay, can barely understand his stroke of good luck in finding such a willing little slut to adore him. He plunges inside her and the two fuck hard and fast until he explodes all over her tight little body.

Sweet Sinner - Chanel Preston - The Mistress 4

File: xkcvqnaswsichaprejdkkcihgzs.mp4
Size: 243.48 MB
Duration: 25:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Chanel Preston and Derrick Pierce, Chanel is uncharacteristically, blissfully drawn to her younger boyfriend, Derrick. He's got all the goods. A tight body, a nice cock, and her aching pussy is eager for a new fuck. The two indulge in a heated sexual encounter before he must leave to go out of town again. His cock does the trick, leaving an imprint on her little hole so memorable that she's already eager for her next explosive orgasm.

Sweet Sinner - Reagan Foxx - Milf Pact 03

File: 7uknqnaswsireafoxsnrlnpyuha.mp4
Size: 257.42 MB
Duration: 27:01
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx and Lucas Frost, Reagan has a thing for her stepson, Lucas but she just can't seem to get his attention. He's too busy with his own life, that is until he needs help measuring a suit for an upcoming event and Reagan is given the sultry task of measuring his most intimate of areas. With tensions thick, Lucas suddenly realizes that his mother is much cooler than he ever remembered and lunges at her with a kiss that makes her knees weak. Before long, he's plunging deep inside of her, bringing her cougar cunt to a quivering mess of satisfaction.

Sweet Sinner - Vera King - Milf Pact 03

File: 9h9vxnaswsiverkinvju1hummdy.mp4
Size: 275.22 MB
Duration: 28:20
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King and Small Hands, Convinced she has failed in her ability to seduce her stepson Aaron, Vera stays at the bar hoping to drink away her sorrows. However, before she realizes it, Aaron shows up professing his undying attraction to her and the two quickly escape to a hotel where months of pent up sexual frustration explode. With his rock hard cock and her eager milf hole, the two fuck each other senseless in a love affair that will not end even after his load explodes all over her creamy white skin.

Sweet Sinner - Syren De Mer - Milf Pact 03

File: j1zeenaswsisyrdemerauqfzcouv7.mp4
Size: 352.55 MB
Duration: 36:20
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: Syren De Mer and Robby Echo, After seducing her stepson during her first Milf Pact, Syren decides to attempt a second seduction when her stepson Robby becomes quite the player. Determined to mold him into a better lover, Syren hatches a very detailed plan to lure her son into her tangled web. With her wet pussy, she instructs him how best to move his cock and to bring her to a fast and intense orgasm. The two indulge in a reunion of sexual intrigue that both could not have fully imagined.

Sweet Sinner - Gianna Dior - What We Do For Money

File: rglpknaswsigiadiogce4zplwat.mp4
Size: 336.39 MB
Duration: 28:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior wants only two things from Zac Wild his money and his cock. She arrives on his doorstep ready to run off with him and the million dollars he plans to steal from his girlfriend. Zac has never seen her so turned on. While Gianna wants to take off immediately with the money and fuck on a stack of hundreds in some lost highway motel, Zac wants to nail her one last time on his girlfriend's bed, just for the thrill of it. When he is about to cum, she tells him to finish inside her so she can feel his steaming load fill her tiny pussy.

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - What We Do For Money

File: oqssmnaswsisilsaijoe5xgohi3.mp4
Size: 377.82 MB
Duration: 32:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy Gunn shows up at Silvia Saige's house to discuss a case they are both trying to solve, and to trade theories on where they think a big bag of stolen money disappeared to. Tommy has a way of bringing a wild side out of her, and she likes it. The pair quickly dispense with their uptight outfits so they can get down to business. Tommy licks and fingers her little pussy to prepare her for his wide load. From the moment he enters her, he does not relent. He keeps hammering her hole without mercy as she begs for more.

Sweet Sinner - Whitney Wright - What We Do For Money

File: bici5naswsiwhiwriwm1odx9v49.mp4
Size: 335.61 MB
Duration: 31:01
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright tells her boyfriend she picked up a shift at work so she can meet Marcus London for an illicit liaison. She uses her sexual charms on the older man to secure a little loan from the gangster. Marcus has never been able to turn her down, especially when she shows up at his house ready to fuck. She slips his dick in her waiting hole, right where it belongs. Her pussy is so good, he's left winded and lightheaded on the couch while she slips back into her work uniform like nothing happened.

Sweet Sinner - Paige Owens - My Dad, your Dad 03

File: cjtg6naswsipaiowe4a671atmif.mp4
Size: 343.39 MB
Duration: 29:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Paige Owens Ryan Mclane Jane reads an erotic story that sounds so similar to her own life, she can't help but imagine her foster father, Ryan, taking the lead role. In the story Ryan's wife gives her husband an ultimatum. Either he kick out their foster daughter, Paige, or they get a divorce. Ryan doesn't want to lose Paige, but he's not sure if she is even attracted to him. To find out, he kisses her. Instead of running, she falls on her back and spreads her athletic legs wide for Ryan to start lapping her pussy with his hungry tongue. She then takes him in her wet, warm mouth as she strokes him. Ryan take the lead and sinks his dick in her waiting cunt. She falls into a furious rhythm as she grinds against his cock. He rubs her clit to make her cum repeatedly while he pounds her deeply. Her pussy contracts around him with each deep thrust. He keeps sticking it in with increased vigor until he's on the edge of exploding. Then Paige muscles every last ounce of her foster father's cum out so there is none left for her mother. She fucks him so good, she knows Ryan no longer has a choice in choosing her over her cunt of a foster mom.

Sweet Sinner - Gia Derza - My Dad, your Dad 03

File: 3uolwnaswsigiaderrxr86cmtqp.mp4
Size: 208.93 MB
Duration: 25:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza Mark Wood Gia becomes incensed when her sister brags that she fucked their foster father, Mark. She always thought she was his favorite ever since he kissed her a few years ago. She surprises her foster father in bed to confront him about his deception. He claims his other foster daughter was lying, that if he was going to fuck one of his them, it would be Gia. She needs proof of his devotion, proof that can only come in the form of Mark's cock, which is exactly what she gets. She climbs atop his lap and starts bouncing her impossibly round ass against his dick until it can't get any harder. She then slips it past her dripping pussy lips. While she initiated the encounter, her father takes control. He shows Gig why she is his most fuckable foster daughter because she's built to take every inch of his massive cock. She turns over and bounces her thick ass against him. In doing so she proves how much better she fucks him than his wife and his other foster daughter. He raised her how to take cock well.

Sweet Sinner - Jane Wilde - My Dad, your Dad 03

File: rfadonaswsijanwileirky29rm5.mp4
Size: 341.29 MB
Duration: 28:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde Ryan Mclane Jane's foster mother is eager to kick her out of the house the moment she turns eighteen. She's jealous of the sexual tension building between Jane and her husband, Ryan. Instead of looking for apartments Jane spends her time reading erotic stories on She becomes obsessed with a tale that reminds her of her foster father--because it was written by him. When she confronts Ryan about this, he takes Jane to a hotel so they can discuss their attraction away from the prying eyes of his wife. Afraid that this may be his last chance to confess his feelings for his daughter before she moves out, he kisses her. She does not shy away from the encounter. She strokes his cock through his khakis as he fingers her under her school, girl skirt. She whispers in his ear about how much she wants to feel her daddy's thick dick in her silky pussy. She takes his growing cock in her tiny hands and starts sucking it. Then he buries his tongue in her cunt and to prepare the hole to get fucked savagely. Jane has been waiting for this moment for years, and she quickly realizes the wait was worth it. She moans with ecstasy while Ryan attempts to quiet her so as not to get found out by the other hotel guests. Soon they give up trying to be quiet and just grind into each other with force. Jane has several quivering orgasms on his cock. Each time she cums her pussy clinches even tighter coaxing out every last drop of her step-daddy's cum.

Sweet Sinner - Petra Blair - My Dad, your Dad 03

File: unekgnaswsipetblaaexxppsp7b.mp4
Size: 266.29 MB
Duration: 32:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petra Blair Mark Wood Petra is jealous that her foster father, Mark, likes her sister more. While he gives her a massage on the couch she corners him and demands to know which daughter is his favorite. She crawls on his lap and calls him daddy. His cock stiffens as his will power dissolves. She grinds against his dick and toys with him until he rips off her shirt and sucks on her petite, teenage tits as she moans for more. She takes daddy's huge load in her little mouth to get it nice and wet. Then she struggles to cram his cock inside her tight pussy. She gasps for breath each time he sinks his dick inside her petite frame, inch by inch. She's never been with a man as big as her dad. He lays her down and begins fucking her faster and faster until he sprays his load all over her trim bush.

Sweet Sinner - Avi Love - The Voyeur 03 SC4

File: lemelnaswsi4avlovfbszzo65ft.mp4
Size: 426.63 MB
Duration: 36:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love and Zac Wild, When Avi comes by Logan's house to talk about his security cameras he quickly thinks she might know about his hidden ones. But, in reality she's seeking his comfort and assurance that she is safe. Before long he is enchanted by this beautiful, wholesome woman who enticing him into an afternoon tryst behind her husband's back. He laps at her tight little snatch before burying his cock inside her. It's been months since he'd felt a woman's tight hole around him and he doesn't want to stop until he spews his load all over her olive skin.

Sweet Sinner - Ella Nova - The Voyeur 03

File: 9q1wtnaswsiellnovr9nm1xfspi.mp4
Size: 364.30 MB
Duration: 31:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ella Nova and Nathan Bronson, Nathan is the neighborhood gigolo returning from a trip to Hawaii with a wealthy client. But, Ella wants to make sure he knows where he gets his work from, her. For a little discount on his rent she asks that he fuck her too, spreading her legs and offering up her wet cunt for his young cock. The two fuck with an intensity that neither was fully expecting, both erupting into intense and satisfying orgasms.

Sweet Sinner - Avi Love - The Voyeur 03

File: d7agpnaswsiavilov29ddpgocbn.mp4
Size: 320.13 MB
Duration: 27:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love and Tommy Gunn, Tommy has been feeling low for a while but his depression quickly falls to the wayside in the company of his pretty, petite wife. Avi knows exactly what her much older husband needs, a good, firm fucking with her tight hole to pull him from his misery. As the two indulge in one another, Tommy cannot even remember what plagued him two begin with as he dives between his wife's legs bringing her the ultimate pleasure.

Sweet Sinner - Kenna James - The Voyeur 03

File: zedztnaswsikenjamx6twttd4zh.mp4
Size: 305.19 MB
Duration: 32:06
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Zac Wild and Kenna James, Logan is furious by Kenna's betrayal but he cannot resist her ability to charm him. After all, Kenna understands his proclivity for spying on neighbors. She gets him. Before he realizes it they are naked and she's riding his cock like a pro. He has all but forgotten his rage until she brings him to an intense orgasm and rational thought returns.

Sweet Sinner - Reagan Foxx - Different Wives, Different Lives

File: dlazfnaswsireafoxvywslwhjkb.mp4
Size: 301.20 MB
Duration: 26:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy Gunn Reagan Foxx Reagan confides in Tommy when she suspects that her husband, Marcus, is cheating on her with everyone at the office, including Tommy's wife. They have a common bond in that both are looking for a way to escape their failed marriages, and their philandering spouses. Reagan helps Tommy pack up all of his things to leave and he puts her in touch with his divorce lawyer. They find strength in each other. But more than that, they see the life they want to lead, and the person they want to spend their life with. Before Tommy can walk away, Reagan summons the courage to kiss him. The two attack each other with the pent-up aggression of spouses whose sexually needs have been ignored for far too long. Tommy sucks on Reagan's huge tits and teases her dripping pussy with his rock-hard cock until Reagan can't take it anymore and shoves him inside her. With how vigorously they fuck, it's hard to tell who enjoys, or needs, this more. The only question is if they will finish before Silvia comes home and discovers her best friend in bed with her husband.

Sweet Sinner - Vera King - Different Wives, Different Lives

File: 4ejaenaswsiverkindfsgogayaf.mp4
Size: 381.39 MB
Duration: 32:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marcus London Vera King After fucking one of his employees, Marcus can't help but test out the sexual skills of his other sales woman, Vera, to see who deserves the promotion more. Even though the pair have had an affair before, Vera is hesitant, as she is trying to have a baby with her husband. Marcus assures her that he doesn't want to replace her husband. He loves how loyal she is. She wants someone who can be that loyal to his company, and who also wants to fool around on business trips and late night at the office. Realizing just how much this move could help her career, and her sex life, Vera is receptive to Marcus's seduction tactics at another of the company's vacant properties. He throws the tiny Vera on the bed and buries his face and tongue deep in her cunt. She is so hungry for his cock that she pulls it into her mouth, then jams it straight into her waiting pussy. The pair remember exactly what they've been missing out on all these months when they tried to put their affair on hold. They fuck each other so loudly, that they fail to notice the sound of Silvia showing a prospective client into the house.

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - Different Wives, Different Lives

File: ek9h2naswsisilsai5gbt9hwghj.mp4
Size: 342.13 MB
Duration: 31:09
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige Tommy Gunn Silvia crawls into bed late after a difficult day trying to sell houses in a recession, and after a long night taking her boss's wife out for drinks. At home she feels Tommy is nagging her about never being home when she is the one slaving to pay their mortgage. Tommy has a solution to all of their problems. They can sell their house and buy a rental property in the Caribbean for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to live in LA. Silvia falls in love with the idea, and with him. She throws his computer aside and pounces on her husband like they are newlyweds. He takes out Silvia's huge, money making tits and starts kissing his way down her body, from her nipples to her pussy. He then slips his huge cock in her sopping pussy and starts pounding her with such vigor that she remembers why she married. She repeatedly cums on his rock-solid cock, her pussy quivering and dripping all over him.