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Dane Jones - Stacy Cruz - Fantasy Of Big Tits Teen In Glasses

File: nrzltnadajostacrueysu6iiqnf.mp4
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Duration: 21:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy Cruz is on the phone with her boyfriend, Erick, when she starts to get horny. The couple start to have phone sex, and Stacy closes her eyes and starts to fantasize about Erick being in the room with her. In her mind's eye, Stacy and Erick kiss while he plays with her big, natural tits, then she takes off his pants and sucks his throbbing hard cock. Erick sits Stacy up on the headboard and licks and sucks her tight pussy and ass, then they fall to the bed where they make passionate love! As Stacy's fantasy comes to an end, she pictures his dick in her mouth, and him cumming on her tits and tongue!

Nubile Films - Stacy Cruz - True Attraction

File: 3iw3gnanufistacrullozff6hft.mp4
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Duration: 27:59
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: A hot day by the pool with Jason X is just what Stacy Cruz needs. Stacy hasn't bothered with a bathing suit, which gives Jason a full frontal view of his girlfriend's big breasts and slim figure. Jason is quick to worship those lush titties, sampling each with his hands and mouth before letting Stacy lead him inside to the bedroom.

Discarding his shorts, Jason shows that he's hard and ready to play as the couple kneels on their bed together. Stacy's hands find Jason's fuck stick with practiced ease. She pushes him back onto the bed after stroking him for a few moments. Leaning down, she opens her mouth wide to suck down the head of Jason's cock.

When she has satisfied herself with her dick feast, Stacy works her way up Jason's body until she can slide down onto his fuck stick. She kicks off her stiffie ride by rocking her hips as she bounces. Eventually, Jason anchors his hands on Stacy's waist and takes over setting the pace by pistoning in and out of her greedy twat. She keeps on riding until she's on the brink of cumming. Reaching down to rub her clit, she brings herself over the edge and then leans down to kiss Jason as she comes down from that first high.

Rolling off Jason onto her hands and knees, Stacy watches over one shoulder as Jason reenters her from behind. He holds nothing back, riding her at a fast and furious pace. Winding Stacy's long hair into his hand, Jason pulls her into just the right position so he can really go to town. Then he releases her so she can lean forward with her ass higher in the air to create an even better angle of penetration.

Rolling onto her back, Stacy draws one leg high into the air as Jason makes himself comfortable on his stomach. He leans in to lap away the evidence of her arousal. Stacy's musk is sweet on Jason's tongue as he eats her out, then slides two fingers into her twat to make sure she's ready for another go. Kneeling between Stacy's thighs, Jason slides home once again to reignite her passion.

The couple finishes their afternoon of sensual pleasure with Jason spooning behind Stacy. He gives her everything he's got, fucking her so hard her big boobs bounce. As Stacy's hands fist the bed sheets in her orgasmic bliss, Jason lets himself go to give her a big creampie. In the aftermath, they exchange kisses and Jason teases Stacy with a few more licks to her oversensitive nipples.

Blacked Raw - Stacy Cruz - Summer Nights

File: uhe86nablrastacrunuknvg77wj.mp4
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Duration: 48:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Provocatively dressed in white, Stacy snares your senses as she explores the city at night. Her beauty is such that her suitor for the evening can't even wait to get off the street before giving in to her feminine charm.

Sex Art - Stacy Cruz & Emylia Argan - Turn Off

File: 3yufonasearstaemygbyun7jsdc.mp4
Size: 104.88 MB
Duration: 13:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Passionate, playful and tender, stunning Stacy Cruz and Emylia Argan roll on the bed together, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Turn Off begins. The two naked beauties pillow fight, shown in glorious slow motion that captures every jiggle and bounce of their big breasts. Emylia squeezes her sweethearts boobs adoringly as they kiss and tussle, then goes down to eat her hot pussy, her skilful tongue and fingers making Stacy gasp with pleasure. Stacy bends double to give her voracious lover better access to her juicy slot, before they move into scissors to grind their wet pussies together. In doggy, Stacy fingerbangs Emylia to an intense orgasm. Its an intimate and evocative portrait of sensual love.

Titty Attack - Stacy Cruz - An Impeccable Rack

File: kffj7natiatstacruw6qaibzexa.mp4
Size: 504.28 MB
Duration: 37:00
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Stacy Cruz gets hungry for a snack, sweets are not the only thing she has on her mind. She likes some sausage to go along with her dessert. So, as she munches on an ice cream cone, she fantasizes about having a big dong to lick. Lucky for her and those perfectly round and bouncy tits, our stud shows up with all the cock she craves. She swirls her tongue around the tip of his hog and then sticks it inside her young cunt to enjoy some hard stroking. Then, she gets on top of the lucky guy and goes for an intense dick ride! Do you think Stacys rack is impeccable? Let us know in the comments!

Blacked - Jia Lissa & Stacy Cruz - Best Friends Share

File: l6shanablajiastayhfwtqfeze.mp4
Size: 383.88 MB
Duration: 49:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy goes on vacation with her best friend Jia and her boyfriend joss. They were supposed to be two couples, but Stacy's boyfriend had to drop out last minute. They're all staying at this amazing villa and loving it. Jia and joss are wild and don't hold anything back while they're there. To stay distracted, Stacy keeps busy by working out, doing yoga, jogging, etc. One morning when coming back from a jog she finds Jia and joss by the pool and things take a sexy turn.

Baby Got Boobs - Stacy Cruz - Waking Beauty

File: mnrf8nabagobostacru3l1oj4ellj.mp4
Size: 280.53 MB
Duration: 25:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Stacy Cruz doesn't want to wake up. She's enjoying a lazy morning in bed when her boyfriend, Danny, comes to check on her. He looks down at her lovingly and appreciates her figure, happy to have such a beautiful woman in his bed. If she's not going to wake up, he's going to have to help her. Stacy is immediately awakened once she feels Danny's warm caress grace her skin. He know exactly how to get her day started!

Hands On Hardcore - Stacy Cruz - Babe's Big Dick Prescription

File: wjgicnahaonhastacruzbxkf2vakm.mp4
Size: 576.25 MB
Duration: 17:11
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Erik Everhard works as a sex therapist and knows exactly what to prescribe to his cock-hungry patient Stacy Cruz in today's Hands on Hardcore XXX porn video by the DDF Network. The brunette teen with sexy green eyes and gorgeous natural titties admits her addiction to sex and tells the well-trained therapist about her craving for dick and Hardcore fucking. Erik Everhard knows what to do and pulls his big veiny dick out of his pants to feed it straight into her deep throat.

The pale-skinned college student from the Czech Republic starts sucking that cock and lubes it up for her shaved teen pussy. Doctor Erik Everhard soon crams that young hottie's tight pussy and bangs his client in doggy style on the sex therapy couch. He slides his rod deep into her vag and lets that ever-horny vixen ride on his massive meat in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position until she screams out loud while enjoying one orgasm after the other! Loads of cum in her mouth make her feel better instantly. What a great Doc!

Vixen - Stacy Cruz - Guidance

File: vumf1navixstacrumihiv7bjmp.mp4
Size: 348.21 MB
Duration: 44:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy, a trophy wife, is on a retreat to relax physically and spiritually. While she is alone, as her husband is too busy to go with her. Every morning she meditates, does yoga, and enjoys the beautiful views. Part of the trip she has a spiritual advisor with her. Throughout the trip, she is able to relax and open up in ways she's never before. If only her husband was around to benefit from these revelations.

Lesbea - Nancy A, Sabrisse & Stacy Cruz - Flirty Lesbians Holiday Threeway

File: r4lzhnalesnansabstamqtyy85pbn.mp4
Size: 455.32 MB
Duration: 32:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Flirty lesbian pals Nancy A, Sabrisse, and Stacy Cruz decide to rent a secluded house for a holiday. Surrounded by sun and lust, the ladies dance naked by the pool, shaking their booties and showing off their boobs. Ever the prankster, Stacy pushes Nancy and Sabrisse into the crisp water, then jumps in herself! After some fun in the pool, the ladies change into sexy lingerie and climb into bed together. Each lady gets her chance to be the center of attention, to get her tits sucked and pussy eaten in a fun-filled threesome!

Tushy - Stacy Cruz - One Last Time

File: accdanatusstacrumb64ca5o2y.mp4
Size: 472.91 MB
Duration: 01:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy is a model with a double life. At home, she's in a relationship and plans to get married. But secretly, she has a relationship with a sugar daddy that she goes on trips with every once in a while. Knowing that she can't keep this lifestyle up and she decides to end the sugar daddy relationship. Her sugar daddy convinces her to go on one last trip, however. And on it, they will go out with a bang, doing things she's never done before.

Sex Art - Stacy Cruz - Freefall

File: rmz7gnasearstacruulu8djtss6.mp4
Size: 181.71 MB
Duration: 21:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Stacy Cruz is the star of a glamorous photographic shoot, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Freefall begins. Michael Fly is the willing assistant who is only too happy to get close to the sultry beauty. It seems the attraction is mutual, as she approaches him after the shoot, kissing him with great intensity on the dramatic spotlighted set. Boldly, she pulls his big cock from his pants and strokes it, then strips down to her panties and stockings before taking it in her mouth. Her sexy eyes dont leave his as she licks and sucks his thick dick, and rubs it all over her gorgeous breasts. Straddling Michael, Stacy impales her juicy pink pussy on his erection, boobs jiggling as he thrusts up into her. She spins around into reverse cowgirl, her hot ass bouncing in his lap as she rides to a powerful orgasm. Michael flips her onto her back and slides into her in missionary, fucking her to another overwhelming climax as he cums inside her

Dane Jones - Stacy Cruz - Sexy Foot Massage For Big Tits Babe

File: ialstnadajostacru6p2q1gd9eq.mp4
Size: 313.41 MB
Duration: 26:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lovers Stacy Cruz and Dorian are sitting outside on the balcony in opposite chairs, making eyes at one another. Dorian reaches forward and lift's Stacy foot, then removes her elegant shoe. Dorian gives Stacy a foot massage as she bites her lip in ecstasy. Pulling his lover closer, Dorian kisses Stacy on the hand, then she mounts him on the couch. The brunette babe pulls off her summer dress so her man can worship her big natural boobs, and Dorian grabs two heaping palmfuls of Stacy's big booty. Climbing on top of Dorian's hard cock, Stacy rides him cowgirl style, then turns around so he can give her head and a rimjob. The couple then make passionate love until Dorian can't hold back any longer and fills Stacy with a creampie!

Vixen - Stacy Cruz & Elena Vedem - Almost Swingers

File: pl2hznavixstaelevda9w9xmmy.mp4
Size: 373.13 MB
Duration: 47:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy and Alberto are a swinger couple. Their favorite thing to do is seduce girls on vacation. Lena is a student working at a bar for the summer and they knew they had to have her the moment they saw her. After they invite her to a beach day, Stacy gets her alone and Lena gets caught up in the moment.

The White Boxxx - Stacy Cruz & Baby Nicols - Chained To Watch Part 2

File: jsh4gnathwhbostababjws6h47og5.mp4
Size: 489.67 MB
Duration: 32:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Max Dior and Baby Nicols were cuffed together by pretty babe Stacy Cruz. She made them watch as she was pleasing herself... now it's their turn! They all enjoy each other's gorgeous bodies and sensual moves. Passionate oral sex back and forth between Nicols and Stacy makes Max wanna experience their mouths as well. These hot babes give him a memorable double blowjob that ends with a major orgasm!

Hands On Hardcore - Stacy Cruz - Private Hardcore Session

File: rewmznahaonhastacruzf5zxc3mf9.mp4
Size: 737.36 MB
Duration: 21:58
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy Cruz books massage therapist Michael Fly for a private session. He shows up at her doorstep and the leggy brunette asks him in. After a little chat, she starts getting naked and, with a little help of his strong hands, finds her way onto his massage table. He can't believe his eyes when she grabs his hands and puts them onto her firm natural teen tits. The ever-horny college girl spreads her endless legs and lets him finger her wet pussy while moaning ecstatically. The curvy hottie can't wait to suck his boner and grabs his veiny cock to lick his glans.

Soon, Michael Fly licks her tasty ass and big tits as today's Hands on Hardcore boy-girl action unfolds. Watch him finger her pussy and enjoy some closeup shots of Stacy Cruz sucking his big hard-on to lube it up for her wet pie. Today's 4K Hardcore XXX private session is packed with intense reverse cowgirl rides, some doggy style pussy penetration and loads of intense fingering and cock sucking! This 4K oiling adventure is a must-see for each and every DDF Network Hardcore enthusiast out there!

Fake Hostel - Ginebra Bellucci & Stacy Cruz - Summer's Coming

File: b2djwnafahoginstatgudpgwgfo.mp4
Size: 354.49 MB
Duration: 30:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's a sunny summer day and Ginebra Bellucci and Stacy Cruz are so hot they might melt! On their way to the Fake Hostel, the ladies come across the dwelling of Latin stud Juan Lucho. Banging on the door, the ladies run away when they see a water tap to drink from, and then they discover a pool! Juan observes the ladies from the patio door, and when the girls notice him, stick their big tits against the glass to tease him. Inviting the girls in, Juan offers them a towel, but they push him down and the horny honies give him a double blowjob! The ladies take turns eating each other out while Juan fucks both their pussies, then covers them both with a facial.