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Fucking Machines - Gia Dimarco - Gia Dimarco: Queen Bee Is Tied Up And Machine Fucked

File: goqyrnafumagiadim6obdokcvtn.mp4
Size: 294.92 MB
Duration: 36:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia DiMarco is a gorgeous, tattooed, perfect beauty, with a devious smile to match. One look at her and you know she can give as good as she gets. And today she gets her hungry pussy fucked hard and deep by the machines. Gia begins in muted, subtle dress, but when the strip tease begins, she exposes her true self, wrapped in bright red, slutty bra and panties. She clicks on the vibrator and immediately loses herself in the pleasure of self satisfaction. Soon she's squirting, as her pussy begins to lose control. We bring in the first machine and slide it into her primed, hungry cunt. Gia's restrained in leather belt bondage, holding her legs together, which also happens to keep them spread wide. She lies back in the chair while the machine slams her pussy, and her squirt builds up around her ass. She begs for the machine to go faster, so we power fuck her like only we can do. But even after multiple orgasms, Gia's still not satisfied. So we bend her over our wooden wedge which puts her ripe, round ass on full display. Who wouldn't want to fuck that sweet pussy, raised up in the air for such easy access! Her wrists are bound together behind her back with the belt, so she can hold her ass open for a truly deep power fuck. Her moans and pouts tell us exactly how this raging fuck feels in her soaked cunt. In the final scene, Gia is standing against a wooden column, with her wrists restrained by medical cuffs, and a matching collar around her delicate neck. Gia knows exactly how she likes to get fucked, so she's not afraid to beg for the machine to go faster or slower, and when it fucks her just right, the orgasms explode from her. Ultimately she's got the machine slowly fucking that plowed pussy her while she presses a vibe tightly against her clit. Her final orgasms are powerful, squirting, and soaked.

Fucking Machines - Lilly Bell - Sexy Cam Girl Lilly Bell Is Bound And Machine Fucked

File: 81aijnafumalilbeldirlb51msq.mp4
Size: 309.86 MB
Duration: 38:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lilly Bell is a very successful cam girl, who has decided to branch out and try something new with Kink, largely because of how ethically we seek to treat our performers. We start with her doing a strip tease. She may look innocent, but we immediately find she's actually a naughty girl who is more than willing to give it all up for the camera. She shows us her dirty side and starts fingering herself as she continues to orgasm from the vibe. She loves it so much we actually have to convince her to give the vibe back to us, so we can move on to the next scene! Lilly has never been tied up before, so we ease her into the bondage with some leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. The machine is put in place and she slowly slides it into her wet pussy. She cums hard and her facial expression say it all. Next we stand her up and restrain her wrists in suspension cuffs. The Crystal Palace is between her legs and the fucking begins. Her eyes roll back in her head as the orgasms begin. The next position is a type of hogtie that allows us to see the machine clearly pound her pussy. We ramp up the speed as we have in prior scenes, and she begs for more. Lilly is insatiable and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure we feed her desire. We put her on top of the sybian and sit back and watch. It's pure magic.

Sex Art - Emily J - Whore Lazy Room

File: 5adpenasearemipauqv3uigvnfv.mp4
Size: 97.67 MB
Duration: 12:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A sequel of sorts to his 2017 classic, maverick director Paul Black revisits his provocative theme in Whore Lazy Room. Gorgeous brunette Paula A is woken from a nap on the sofa in the same stylish apartment where the previous movie took place, but this time the action is in vivid color. Tired and dishevelled, she ignores calls and emails on her cellphone, instead listening to a cassette tape as she bites into an apple, letting the juice trickle down her face. Grabbing a big vibrator, she slides it inside her panties and lets it buzz against her pussy, her breathing growing heavier. Meanwhile, her whore Blacks busty muse Emily J sends her sexy pictures, making her laugh even as her body spasms with pleasure. A hot video clip makes Paula start squeezing and licking her beautiful breasts, shivering with arousal. She grabs her laptop and starts a video chat with Emily, who is wearing a fishnet bodystocking and masturbating with the showerhead. Paula strokes her fingers between her puffy lips as she watches, sliding the buzzing vibrator deep inside her wet pussy as Emily fucks herself with a big toy on the screen. They cum together, in a crescendo of trembling, gasping bliss.

Czech Casting - Patricie - 2287

File: ntiuwnaczcapatrvzwydoggzn.mp4
Size: 94.47 MB
Duration: 11:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Patricie, the new Czech amateur is pretty wild. She told us she had countless non-commital sex adventures with guys, girls, group sex, gangbang with strange guys on holiday... Yeah, this blonde fucks anything within her reach. And today she'll show you her natural tits and wet pussy. Enjoy today's casting and Patricie's solo with a vibrator.

Czech Casting - Anna - 4488

File: kxtepnaczcaannatagazjovgs.mp4
Size: 85.95 MB
Duration: 10:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Anna is no saint, she is a sinner and she came for a confession. The blonde MILF is beautiful, self-confident and unbelievably hot. Her divine body and angel pussy taste like no other, give it a lick and you will only want her. Let's get down to sinning with this amazing Czech amateur and her unbelievably wet pussy.