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New Sensations - Paisley Porter - How Paisley Seduces Her Brother

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Description: Super cute and juicy chested Paisley walks on down the hall as step brother Logan comes in asking questions with sexual puns, Letting her know that he is aware of her shooting porn. Logan wonders how he is going to keep this a secret. Paisley knows just how by first smothering his face with her huge tits and burying his face deep inside her hot young sweet pink pussy.

New Sensations - Paisley Porter - Paisley Gets Precious Daddy Time

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Description: Looks like Paisley has some special daddy time coming her way. Step father Tommy calls home to let her know he was off of work early and Paisley lets him know he is right on time to help stuff her hot hungry pink pussy with his fat cock. She had to rub her herself down a bit before Tommy could bury his face deep inside her sweet puss and his meat balls deep, for some tight family secret fucking.

That Sitcom Show - Paisley Porter - Big Bang The Coitus Conundrum

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Description: Howard's dreams are coming true as his girlfriend Bernadette moves in with him. Too bad Howard still loves with his mom, who has serious boundary issues. When Howard's mom insists he bring her some tea, Bernadette tells him to put two bags of sleepytime tea into the cup. He agrees, then rejoins Bernadette to find her decked out in lingerie for some sexy time in their bedroom.

Now that they have some time to themselves, Howard pulls out all the stops. He feasts on Bernadette's pussy, then undresses her slowly so he can enjoy the bounty of her big breasts coupled with the musk of her bare twat. When Bernadette rolls over onto her hands and knees, Howard doesn't hesitate to take her from behind in response to her sensual demands.

After Bernadette has proved that she can make magic with her mouth through a deep throat BG, the bigtit blonde gets on top of Howard's fuck stick and rides him like her personal steed. Reaching down, she rubs her clit until she reaches climax. When she rolls onto her back, Howard takes the invitation to come back inside and fuck his hot girlfriend until he gluts her with a creampie. They are just basking in the afterglow when Howard's mom wakes up and starts bitching again.

I Know That Girl - Paisley Porter - Shower Interrupted

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Description: I sneak up on my girlfriend Paisley in the shower and at first shes pissed but then shes flashing me her insanely perfect titties. Once you get Paisley started, she doesnt stop! Paisley loves to choke on my hard cock and does her best to fit me all in her mouth. We start fucking in the shower before she finishes me off in the bathtub this dirty girl is going to need another shower after this!

Family XXX - Paisley Porter - Say Goodbye To Your Sis First

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Description: Paisley Porter can not believe her step brother is leaving on tour. She is going to miss that hard cock so much! There is nothing like the sex that Small Hands gives her! Small Hands tells her that there is only one pussy for him and it's his step sisters wet shaved pussy! He gives her everything she wants and maybe a little more before leaving. She loves feeling her step brothers hard cock in her pussy and there is nothing like watching your step sister gaze up into your eyes as you cum all over her face!

Share My BF - Kinsley Karter & Paisley Porter - My Wife's Best Friend

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Description: My big-titty wife Kinsley Karter invited her friend to come stay with us, she didnt tell me but made up by brining my breakfast in bed. Her friend, Paisley Porter, was pretty hot though she was blonde with a big, phat ass. I couldnt take my eyes off Paisleys big, perky titties either, my dick was getting hard just watching the two together! Obviously, Paisley was turned on too cause soon she was rubbing those huge tits in my bed, I couldnt help but join in. Busting all over my wife and her best friends face was a pretty good end to the morning!

Porn Fidelity - Paisley Porter - Sexsomnia

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Description: Sexsomnia is a form of parasomnia, or an abnormal activity that occurs while an individual is asleep. Sexsomnia is characterized by engaging in sexual acts while asleep. Instead of something as simple as sleepwalking, Paisley prefers to get her pussy pounded. Waking up with a face full of jizz, Jake and Paisley need to have a talk. Unspoken desire needs to be explored, while awake.

New Sensations - Paisley Porter - Paisley Is Full Of Blonde Ambition

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Description: Pretty and juicy chested blonde step sister Paisley has been crushing on her brother Chad for quite some time. When he walked in the home a bit down she needed to know why and when Chad mentioned his girlfriend broke up with him, she could not be more excited. With no time wasted Paisley confesses she has much more to offer starting with her huge tits, hot mouth and her sweet pink tight young pussy.

Vixen - Paisley Porter - Show Me Around

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Description: Paisley needs a break from her college life in San Diego. She just finished midterms and got into a huge argument with her boyfriend. Ever since moving to California, she's been wanting to visit la, so she decides now is the perfect time for a weekend trip. While site-seeing, she meets Kyle, a handsome photographer and they hit it off. So much, she ends up in his high-rise penthouse at the end of the day.

Families Tied - Paisley Porter & Lauren Phillips - Bad Mommy Signs Away Her Step-daughter For Fame And Anal

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Description: Paisley Porter is a nubile beauty with a bright future, but her slutty step-mother Lauren Phillips is fame-obsessed, and spends all her time trying to get them on low-budget reality shows. Paisley patiently signs another stack of applications and runs off to school, not knowing what deep shit her step-mother has gotten them into this time. One of those innocuous applications is actually a contract from a creep who is looking to train, fuck, and punish a hot submissive mother-daughter team. Unwitting Lauren is delighted to get a call back, and invites the man over to interview her for the show. Derrick Pierce arrives at Lauren's house all smiles and handshakes, but when he sees that both she and Paisley have signed all the paperwork he gets to business, wrestling Lauren to the ground and tying her giant tits up while she whimpers and begs to be let go. It's too late when she realizes this isn't a show after all, but real life! Bound in a tight rope strappado, Derrick has his way with her hot MILF bod, first clamping then flogging her sensitive nipples, then cropping her horny cunt. When she won't admit to being a bad mother Derricks waterboards her and humiliates her by labelling her with marker. Beaten pink and turned on, Lauren tries to pretend she doesn't like it, but she can't help but squirm and cums with the vibrator, and then with Derricks cock in both her holes. He requires her permission to fuck Paisley before he'll let her cum, and she doesn't even hesitate. Paisley comes home to a rude surprise, to find her mother tied in a pile driver on the couch with a ball gag in her mouth, and a huge electro butt plug in her ass. Derrick is holding the remote to the plug and tells Paisley if she's a good girl, he won't turn it up and electro torment her mom's asshole. Paisley submits to flogging, spanking, and eventually having her mouth planted firmly on Lauren's pussy while Derrick rails Paisley from behind. This slutty little teen clearly likes it, so he puts her in a tight spread eagle shibari suspension and fucks her in midair while she begs to cum and takes a pussy licking from Lauren while she gets fucked in the ass. Just when both women think their ordeal is over, Derrick throws them on the bed and has them service his cock with all their holes like a good mother-daughter submissive team.

Gloryhole Secrets - Paisley Porter - Paisley's First Gloryhole Video

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Description: Yee-haw! Please welcome Texas cutie Paisley to the booth this week for her GLORYHOLE DEBUT. She may be new to the industry, but she sure knows her way around a gloryhole because she used to watch this very site to get herself off! The dark room, the anonymity, the overall naughtiness of it, it's all making Paisley a bit slippery between the thighs. She admits she has blown her share of strangers before, but never TEN FACELESS COCKS behind a wall like she is going to do today. 23-year-old Paisley has a super innocent air about her, betrayed only by the fact that she sucks nameless dicks through holes for thrills. She claims her tits are a mere 32D, but that might be a conservative guess. Fortunately Paisley lets them out to breathe during the interview for further examination. Draw your own conclusions, viewers. Put your cup size estimates in the comments, if you would. They do say everything is bigger in Texas! At only 5'3, Paisley could qualify as fun-sized. All manners of fun are on the table with her as she tells us pretty much nothing is off-limits for her sexually. That's our type of girl! She tells us she is still learning to deep-throat, but she'll get plenty of practice today working on her TEN DICKS. She just about gets it down by 7. Be sure to watch all the way through to the end to see cum-drenched Paisley get herself off with the wand, rewarding herself for a job well done.

Cherry Pimps - Paisley Porter - Pretty In Pink Paisley Porter Fucking

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Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Paisley Porter loves the color pink and just loves showing you how sexy she looks in her tight little top and tiny little skirt showing off some upskirt shots spinning around. She can not wait to get in bed to really show you how naughty she is with that lingerie set that she is hiding underneath. This girl loves to tease letting you admire her voluptuous breasts in her black lace bra as all her clothes start to come off! She wants to cock of Calvins and knows that she is in for a fucking great time with how hard he is for her! She sucks him down and gets on top riding him hard taking every inch deep into her shaved pussy! She just doesn't want to stop as those tits bounce free. Calvins fingers that wet pussy and releases a hot load for her to enjoy!

Sex And Submission - Paisley Porter - Man Pleaser

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Format: mp4
Description: When Charles Dera's motorcycle runs out of gas out in the middle of nowhere he comes across sexy newcomer Paisley Porter chained up in a jail cell and she will do anything to be set free. With her short shorts, long blond hair and firm perky tits she is a hot and horny damsel in distress. Charles makes a deal with her that if he lets her go then he can do what he wants with her and she is all for it so before he unchains this slut he needs to test her out. Paisley sucks Charle's hard cock through the jail cell bars and she can't get enough. She is a natural and begs to choke on that big dick so she can please him. Charles likes his dirty little prisoner so he will take her home to have his way with her all day long. Tied up on her back with legs spread wide Charles tastes Paisley's shaved pussy and drives her crazy with his tongue. Charles teases her with the Hitachi and then fingers her pussy and rubs her clit until she cums hard. Then finally he fucks this fresh young things tight little pussy. Next with a mouth gag on all four in doggie with her back arched and ass up Charles shows her the difference between pain and pleasure. Some ass slaps and the flogger turn her ass red and then he fucks her pussy and lets her clean his cock with her wet mouth. On her back tied up and spread open Charles teases her with the Wartenberg wheel on her nice tits and her sensitive pussy. Then he pounds Paisley Porters slutty pussy until he shoots his load all over her Man Pleasin belly.