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Tushy - Kenna James - Train Her

File: jsk1enatuskenjamnwinoekciu.mp4
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Duration: 55:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna is dating an older man who likes anal sex. She is nervous about it and backs out every time they try. He has one of his other girls train her before fucking him.

Sweetheart Video - Kenna James & Cadence Lux - A Helping Hand

File: bgzexnaswvikencadihju9x9fsu.mp4
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Duration: 37:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After Layla Ariel X was caught for DUI, her old coach and Nina Nina Hartley offers her a coaching job at her gym. For a pro wrestler like Layla it's a demotion, she doesn't have many options. Some people, like Paula Ford Charlotte Stokely are more than happy to welcome the legendary Layla to the squad, for others like Sophie Smith Sinn Sage it's an occasion to learn from the best, but for most of the squad it means more work and physical labour. Layla pushes these amateur wrestler to their limits, and most of them are not use to this. Trish Kenna James is one of them, and she learns the hard way. After one of Layla's workout, she feels pain in her legs and decides to ask her partner Summer Cadence Lux to help her. Trish and Summer are enemies in the ring, but outside it's a different story.

Pure Taboo - Kenna James - Needing Daddy's Seed

File: nee9unaputakenjamynwwhdyl9z.mp4
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Duration: 48:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS to Peter John Strong masturbating to daddydaughter porn on his laptop. He's quite into it, entranced by the nature of the relationship and sensual acts on the screen, though he's interrupted by his own step-daughter, Mary Kenna James, knocking at the door. He quickly closes the laptop and hides the tissues, then allows her into the room, where it's revealed she has something important to tell him.

Peter is attentive as she thanks him for being a wonderful step-father. Although he's done his best to give her a happy life, she still feels like something is missing. It still doesn't feel like they're a REAL family...

Although Peter is at a bit of a loss, he tells her that he'd be happy to adopt her to make everything more real. But she insists that that's not what she needs... No, she wants to start a real family with Peter... She wants him to get her pregnant!

Peter is stunned, insisting that he absolutely can't get her pregnant! She's his daughter! Yet, Mary is quick to remind him that she's his step-daughter... She further hacks away at his resolve by stating that she knows he lusts for her. She knows he watches videos of family roleplay. Here's the chance to live out the fantasy! Even if she doesn't get pregnant, they can have fun trying!

Unable to deny his desires any further, Peter gives in. As he watches his daughter eagerly go down on him, he knows there's no turning back...

Sweet Sinner - Kenna James - The Voyeur 03

File: zedztnaswsikenjamx6twttd4zh.mp4
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Duration: 32:06
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Zac Wild and Kenna James, Logan is furious by Kenna's betrayal but he cannot resist her ability to charm him. After all, Kenna understands his proclivity for spying on neighbors. She gets him. Before he realizes it they are naked and she's riding his cock like a pro. He has all but forgotten his rage until she brings him to an intense orgasm and rational thought returns.

Turning Twistys - Kenna James & Paris Lincoln - Get Turnt

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Duration: 31:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Adorable Kenna James is at the club with her girlfriends but shes stuck watching their purses in a booth. That's when smoking hot Paris Lincoln approaches her and offers her some company. When blonde Kenna finds out that confident Paris is hitting on her, she quickly makes it known that she has a boyfriend! But thats never stopped Paris before soon the two are going at in right there behind the DJ booth!

Girls Try Anal - Serena Blair & Kenna James - Cheeky Sense Of Humor

File: o3ugxnagitranserkenjuio5p2am2.mp4
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Duration: 33:15
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Serena Blair likes everything to be neat and tidy. However, her roommate, Kenna James, is the most disorganized person she's ever known! How Kenna can be so carefree about everything drives her insane, even if she secretly thinks Kenna's hot.

One day, they clash, with Kenna lamenting about how ANAL Serena is. It's obvious to her that Serena needs to loosen up a bit and have some fun. Little does Serena know, from that point on, things are about to get cheeky.

Serena is stunned when the mischievous Kenna uses every chance she has to be naked to show off her perfect butt. Although it shocks Serena at first, she's unable to keep her eyes off those cheeks. It doesn't help that Kenna, ever the trickster, keeps sticking things in her butthole to get her attention!

Finally, when Serena's looking for a remote, only to find it in Kenna's butt, she can't stand it anymore. Her curiosity gets the best of her and Kenna pounces. With Serena being so neat and tidy all the time, wouldn't she like to get DIRTY for once...?

Unable to hold back anymore, Serena gives into her desires. They both lose themselves in the heat of the moment as they tongue each other's pussies and play with each other's buttholes. As Serena melts with pleasure, she'll never be so uptight again!

Zero Tolerance - Alison Rey & Kenna James - Stepsister 3Ways

File: bsowtnazetoalikengxtfzjike9.mp4
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Duration: 26:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: These dirty siblings take just about everything a step further. They're hot for each other, but that forbidden fucking isn't quite enough. They also want to share their horny lust to have the hottest secret threesomes they can! Watch them get their scorching hot fantasies fulfilled with girl-on-girl-on-guy hardcore action that brings family flavor to that verboten menage a trois!

All Girl Massage - Carolina Sweets, Dee Williams & Kenna James - Family Friction 4: Missing Mommy's Smile

File: j7esznaalgimacardeekenxlwax4dlm3.mp4
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Duration: 49:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After having romps with both her step-brother, Nathan, AND step-sister, Kenna, Carolina Sweets arrives at a massage parlor to greet her step-mother, Dee Williams. Dee is thrilled to see her step-daughter, though her excitement fades as Carolina gently confronts her about what's been going on within the family. To help take the edge off the uncomfortable conversation, they climb onto the massage table, prepared to rub each other's worries away.

As they take turns massaging each other throughout, Dee is troubled as she tries to formulate her thoughts, though finally admits that her husband hasn't done anything wrong... No, this is about HER coming into her own since starting her new business. Being around and massaging so many naked women has made Dee realize that maybe she loves -- and always have loved -- women! Has Carolina ever been with a woman??

Before Carolina can respond, Kenna James, Dee's step-daughter from a previous marriage, arrives at the parlor. Although Dee is thrilled to see BOTH her step-daughters, the uncomfortable conversation continues. However, Kenna isn't mad at all that Dee thinks she might like women. Wouldn't it be better to know once and for all rather than wonder about it?

Dee is appalled at the thought of having sex with her step-daughters, though she quickly learns that they've been busy that day with Eric and Nathan, too! Finally, as Carolina and Kenna team up to give her a sensual massage, Dee gives into temptation.

Dee is blown away when Carolina and Kenna give her a first-time lesbian experience that she will never forget! She's putty in their hands as they all take turns eating out each other's sweet pussies. As she's brought to the brink of orgasm, her husband is the furthest thing from her mind! Will Carolina and Kenna's plan to save the family backfire?

She Will Cheat - Kenna James & Kendra Spade - Kenna James plays with her friend Kendra Spade in front of her worthless husband

File: maqhenashwichkenkenbtg68mtdce.mp4
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Duration: 31:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James is getting fed up with her husband. She tells her hot friend Kendra Spade that they barely have sex anymore because all he ever does is eat and play online games. Kenna knows what she needs, an attentive woman to pleasure her. As theyre going at it Kennas hubby walks in, but instead of leaving he stays to watch his wife cuck him.

Nuru Massage - Kenna James - Family Friction 3: Lonely Dad's Dilemma

File: nzfclnanumakenjam3n3k2vgegk.mp4
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Duration: 45:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James, who is still glowing from just having sex with her step-sister, Carolina, is excited when her step-dad, Eric Masterson, returns home. He's just as excited to see her since she's only home from college for a short while. Yet, Kenna doesn't waste any time getting down to business, telling him she's heard that he and Dee, her step-mom from a previous marriage to her biological dad, have been having a hard time lately.

Eric is flustered as he insists that he supports his wife having a massage parlor business, but she's just gone all the time. He doesn't even get massages from her anymore -- he misses the intimacy!

That gives Kenna an idea SHE can give him a massage! Eric instantly rejects the offer since he often gets a much more erotic massage from Dee... Not to be deterred, Kenna says she can do an erotic massage, too. They should do what they can to relieve the stress so that they can stay strong as a family!

Although he's hesitant, Eric finally gives in. Maybe he'll be able to think about the situation more clearly once the edge is taken off...

Kenna happily strips down with Eric, soon making use of the NURU equipment Dee left at home. As she pours oil all over Eric's body, she's eager to please in order to help her step-dad. Finally, once they're both glistening and aroused, she goes down on Eric. When he's hard and slick, she repositions herself over his hips and accepts his cock into her pussy. As she rides Eric to orgasm, all she can hope is that this fling will help hold the family together!

All Girl Massage - Carolina Sweets & Kenna James - Family Friction 2 - Soothing Sister's Guilt

File: dv9h1naalgimacarkenpzyzujnjwo.mp4
Size: 268.96 MB
Duration: 41:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Carolina Sweets is still reeling from the crazy day she's had so far -- not only did she find out that her parents' marriage is falling apart, she also had sex with her step-brother, Nathan! She's so worried that she seeks advice and comfort from her more confident step-sister, Kenna James, who also just arrived home from college.

Carolina confesses to Kenna that she lost her virginity to Nathan, who is Kenna's biological brother, AND that she knows Dee and Eric's marriage is in trouble!

As Carolina hoped, Kenna takes the news in strides and reassures her that everything will be okay. Unbeknownst to Carolina, Kenna's secretly much more concerned about the news of their parents being in trouble than Carolina getting it on with her brother. Kenna may have tough skin, but it broke her heart when she had to say goodbye to her biological dad after her step-mom, Dee, won custody over her and Nathan. She can't stand the thought of having to pick sides like that again!

To further help Carolina calm down, Kenna offers a relaxing massage. Carolina is rattled but accepts her sister's loving touch.

As Carolina's massaged, she continues to fret. What if having a masseuse mom and such a touchy-feely family hampered her ability to set personal boundaries? Maybe it was all the touching that led her to have sex with her step-brother?? Kenna tries her best to soothe Caroline, both emotionally and physically, insisting that it's just how their family shows affection! Speaking of, she wishes that Carolina had come to HER to learn about sex! Is she curious about what sex would be like with a girl?

When Kenna starts seducing her, Carolina's worries quickly melt away as her curiosity and love for her step-sister take over. They are BOTH in need of major stress relief. Although things start with a sweet kiss, they're soon lost in sweet bliss as they dive into each other's pussies. Once they both work out the tension, will they be able to work together to save their family?

New Sensations - Kenna James - Time To Pretend With Kenna

File: kyldrnanesekenjamdczq6pwlmb.mp4
Size: 333.05 MB
Duration: 41:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: As Kenna seductively slips on her panties and black dress her husband just stands and takes her all in. But, Kenna must get ready before James arrives. While her hubby hides in the closet she begins to suck James cock until he sees a man he has never seen before watching them. A bit freaked out and then stunned that she has been married this whole time, Kenna easily gets his cock hard and ready to fuck like all the other times.

Deeper - Kenna James & Megan Marx - Want

File: hbitznadeekenmegt2pr5ufjre.mp4
Size: 669.46 MB
Duration: 44:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Megans only desire is to serve as a slave to Kenna, and serve she does. When Ryan
questions the relationship, Kenna cuts to the center of what hes asking. Do you
want to try her? Of course he does. No need to pretend otherwise for the sake of

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Kenna James - Chapter 3 The Redemption

File: o7ywdnaswvichakenstpfekmwfn.mp4
Size: 298.14 MB
Duration: 36:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The next morning Sister Mona Mona Wales and Sister Mary Serene Siren pray to the lord for forgiveness when Mother Joan Magdalene St-Michaels enters the room. She's not quite convinced that Sister Mona is healing from all her vices, but she is willing to give her a try. Meanwhile, the health of Mother Superior Nina Hartley doesn't seem to improve, which causes Sister Charlotte Charlotte Stokely overwhelming stress. If she loses her mentor she will be forced to live her life in secret like before. Tina Kenna James recognizes her fear and reassures her that in the event of Mother Superior's death, she will stand by her side, which gives Sister Charlotte temporary relief. Tina had another confession to make, however she's in love with Sister Charlotte. She smiles and explains to her sister that she is mistaking lust for love. Lucky for her, though, the feeling is mutual. The sisters kiss passionately before indulging in erotic lust under delicate candle light. Tina, the young novitiate, responds timidly at first before getting entranced by satisfying her deep-seated desires. The nuns forget about everything around them and, for a moment, they are the only important thing in the world.

Missa X - Kenna James & Katrina Jade - In Vivo

File: x3tyenamixkenkategcmchvl2t.mp4
Size: 662.69 MB
Duration: 01:21:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In a rural town lesbian couples aren't seen as legitimately married, and this is causing conflict at Kenna James' work. Kenna's workplace is laying off employees left and right and Kenna knows she's next. Kenna's been keeping a secret from her wife, Katrina Jade, she's taken out a second mortgage on..

Missa X - Katrina Jade & Kenna James - Marriage Rx

File: wflqxnamixkatkenjxqen1zhrn.mp4
Size: 662.69 MB
Duration: 01:21:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James has moved to a new town at Chad White's her husband request, and she's struggling to find her place. She's reached out to a therapist, Katrina Jade, who also happens to be a sex-surrogate. Katrina encourages Kenna to bring her fantasies to life, and it will help improve other..

Teens Like It Big - Kenna James - Limo Nympho

File: ou6oknateliitbikenjamqdo9wizygu.mp4
Size: 338.47 MB
Duration: 29:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James prom night has come to an end, and shes the last girl her limo driver, Keiran Lee, has to drop off. Kennas still looking for some prom night sex after her crush was stolen away earlier. When Kenna realizes Keiran has had his eyes on her, she decides to have a little bit of fun and tease him from the backseat, flashing her pussy while she plays with it. Never one to disappoint a girl on her prom night, Keiran takes Kenna up on her offer to keep the celebration going back at her home, where she sucks and fucks him until Keiran caps off her night with a sloppy facial!

Girls Way - Kenna James & Riley Reid - The Case Of The Mysterious Panties

File: 6r6jnnagiwakenrildk8xjpxeca.mp4
Size: 240.43 MB
Duration: 35:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Detective Riley Reid is sitting in her office, looking bored with her chin in her hand, when Kenna James all but bursts in through the door, furiously waving a pair of sexy panties in the air. Riley raises her brow at the dramatic entrance and asks if she has an appointment. Kenna is distraught and says that she doesn't but one of her friends recommended Riley's services. She's sorry to barge in here like this, but she needs Riley's help. Riley glances again to the panties and dryly says, 'Let me guess, cheating spouse?'

It's not long before Riley is out in the field, trying to catch Kenna's cheating wife on camera. These kinds of cases are her bread and butter, so she doesn't really believe in love -- how can she? Outside of a motel, she gets the incriminating pictures she needs, which means another case closed for her, although it also means breaking Kenna's heart.

Riley meets Kenna back in the office to show her the evidence, although Kenna can't stand to look, at first. Once she does, her anger gets the best of her. Fueled by grief and spite, she demands that Riley takes her clothes off -- why should her wife have all the fun? Although Riley tries to turn her away, she can't resist Kenna's smoking-hot body and searing looks...

Kenna takes out her frustration through sensual sex with Riley, which Riley doesn't mind at all. She's along for the ride as they both tongue each other's pussies, eager to taste each other. As they lose themselves in orgasmic bliss, really getting into each other, there's a glimmer of hope that maybe there's love out there after all!