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Massage Rooms - Cherry Kiss & Kaisa Nord - Sexy wet oily babes slippery trib

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Duration: 21:34
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Description: Kaisa Nord hires blonde babe Cherry Kiss for an oily rub down in the Massage Rooms, and the vibe is sensual from the jump! Propped up face down on a triangle pillow, Kaisa moans softly as Cherry rubs her bum and back, then scoops and drizzles oil onto her skin. Cherry sits backwards on Kaisa facing her feat, and pouring more oil on her client's legs and her own big tits, Cherry gives Kaisa a foot massage. The ladies stick their butts together and wiggle around, then take turns fingering each other, then eating each other out. The ladies then swing around and get into 69 position to keep pleasuring each other, and enjoy some tribbing as they both cum!

The White Boxxx - Elena Vega & Kaisa Nord - Bondage Dream

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Duration: 28:25
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Description: Being tied up between two gorgeous girls is a dream. Even more when they go down on your face and dick. Elena Vega and Kaisa Nord take turns on Lutro's big dick but they also take time to pleasure each other's pussy. Being between two gorgeous girls with perfect boobs and big asses is a challenge and eventually Lutro can't resist anymore and ejaculates over their bodies while the two girls kiss sensually.

Anal Introductions - Kaisa Nord - Kaisa Nord Relaxes With Yoga And Anal

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Duration: 33:02
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Description: The stunning Kaisa Nord is back in Private Specials, Gorgeous and Young and this beautiful star is relaxed, horny and ready for some yoga. Kaisa gets all warmed up masturbating before her lesson and things soon heat up with her instructor during some intimate poses. Soon theyre both naked and Kaisa is on her knees for an amazing sloppy blowjob before hopping on for a ride and putting that pussy to good use. Then enjoy the sight of her incredible body in action as she offers up her tight ass for some intense anal action with a juicy anal creampie to finish.

Fake Hostel - Princess Jasmine & Kaisa Nord - Swinging Unicorn Hunters

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Duration: 28:24
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Format: mp4
Description: In her room in the Fake Hostel, Princess Jas is video chatting with her boyfriend Lutro Steel. Lutro and Jas, both perverts, start to show off for each other. Jas takes out her big fake boobs, and Lutro starts to wank his hard cock. The couple is interrupted by the appearance of Kaisa Nord, Jas' new roommate in the hostel, but this doesn't stop them from carrying on. At Lutro's behest, Jas walks over to Kaisa and kisses her. Suddenly, Lutro appears, having apparently sprinted a great distance at the speed of light to just a peek at all the tits and ass. Kaisa gets turned on by the offer to join them, and the ladies descend to give Lutro a double blowjob and then a double tit wank. The ladies then take turns riding Lutro's hard cock before he cums in Jas' mouth so the ladies can snowball!

A Girl Knows - Kaisa Nord & Leyla Fiore - Roommate Service

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Duration: 27:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The snooker table can have multiple uses and Kaisa Nord and Leyla Fiore intend to show just that. Every time they play they wear sexy lingerie which means that naturally the game will get very hot. They start touching their perfect round tits, lick their bodies and use sex toys to bring themselves to orgasm.

Euro Teen Erotica - Kaisa Nord - Russian Schoolgirl Properly Pounded

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Description: Kaisa Nord loves her older men. This Russian babe doesn't mess around with the boys, she needs a man who can handle her fine ass properly in the sack. In this 4K Euro Teen Erotica premium porn video the glamour porn star is babysitting Yannick Shaft's kids, and what she really wants from him is a good pounding as her form of payment.

The blonde college cutie attends an all-girl Catholic school and Yannick finds her irresistible in her tiny uniform, and he just must have his way with her, at her request. After some flirting, Kaisa goes in for his cock and is pleasantly surprised at his size and happy to blow him to prep him for some hardcore pussy fucking.

Yanick can't resist getting fresh with her in his livingroom, even knowing that his wife might arrive home at any moment. After pussy licking her tight shaved pussy he slides himself inside in doggy style to admire that curvy ass, and then he flips her over into spoon to admire her beautiful blue eyes that will soon be gazing up at him as he cums in her mouth leaving her with her a dripping icicle load which she loves.

Private Stars - Kaisa Nord - Kaisa Nord, Yoga And Sex

File: kolgbnaprstkainorgczzg6zq1k.mp4
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Duration: 34:35
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Debuting for you today in Private Specials, Sensual Yoga Retreat is the stunning redhead Kaisa Nord, an eager young teen who loves sex just as much as she loves yoga and after warming up with some poses Kaisas favourite thing to do afterwards is of course fuck. Watch this sexy girl in action with her man Potro de Bilbao as she has her juicy pussy eaten before getting on her knees for mouthful of cock. Then enjoy the sight of Kaisas incredible body as she takes a hard pounding, riding and grinding her way to a cum filled facial.

The White Boxxx - Liya Silver & Kaisa Nord - A Gift To Remember

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Duration: 31:10
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Description: Horny beauties Liya Silver and Kaisa Nord wear the sexiest lingerie sets and masquerade masks to surprise Lutro. Kaisa makes the best gifts and this one left her man shook! These sexy babes make out, tease each other then lick each other's pussy. After making one another get super wet, they involve Lutro. This dude is the luckiest guy alive! He tastes and feels their tight pussies as the intense sex fest continues. Finally, Kaisa and Liya give a hot double blowjob.

The White Boxxx - Kaisa Nord - Bootyful Angel

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Description: Kaisa Nord pleased herself in front of Lutro... but now it's his turn to please this beauty! She craves some passionate pussy licking and an erotic anal fuck fest. Lutro complies and stunning redhead Kaisa gets to climax as she's getting ass banged passionately from behind.

Life Selector - Kaisa Nord - One Night Stand with Kaisa Nord

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Duration: 27:05
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Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes there is no need for big setups. Flirting, dating? Those concepts are overrated. Occasionally two like-minded adults only want to have some fun. A quick or in this case thorough fuck session where there are no strings attacked, no consequences counted. Sounds good? Well, then here is your chance to enjoy Kaisa Nords company and fuck through the night. What do you say?

Blacked - Lana Roy & Kaisa Nord - Living In The Moment

File: uuhn9nablalankaizrtq9e2zh8.mp4
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Duration: 36:33
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Format: mp4
Description: Lana and Kaisa are on vacation in the Caribbean. They are best friends and like to do everything together. They meet two hot locals. Neither girl has ever been with a black guy... And wonder if its really true what they say they black men. So they decide to find out first hand

Tushy - Kaisa Nord - Perfect Plan

File: rs5bonatuskainorjgwbysfu5o.mp4
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Duration: 37:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kaisa exclusively dates rich men. Her favourite aspect of it is all the exotic places she gets to see. She likes dating older men because she likes to explore the locations on her own and then rewards them later with amazing sex. Its an unconventional life shes put together, but she couldnt be happier.