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Girls Way - Jaclyn Taylor, Abella Danger & Alina Lopez - Schooled: Tiebreaker Teacher

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Duration: 52:10
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Description: Alina Lopez and Abella Danger are excited to see their teacher, Jaclyn Taylor, for a faculty meeting regarding their upcoming high school prom. But when they arrive, Jaclyn is surprised since the meeting isn't for another hour. Although the girls act apologetic and insist that they can return later, Jaclyn invites them inside to wait. Once they're inside, Abella starts buttering Jaclyn up from the get-go, hinting that perhaps she and Alina arriving early was no accident...

The two mischievous teens have a bet going to see who can have sex with the most teachers before prom. The problem is that they're tied, so they decide to make Jaclyn their last target. Whoever manages to have sex with Jaclyn wins the bet!

Abella makes the first move, but she comes on too strong with the seduction. Although she ultimately fails, there's the sensation that Jaclyn was holding back. Then Alina gives it a shot and pretends to be questioning her sexuality, going the sympathy route. However, she doesn't succeed either.

Not to be outdone, they decide to tackle Jaclyn together. Although she had the strength to deny each of them when they were alone, there's no way she can resist them both at once!

When the girls converge upon Jaclyn, using all the charms they can muster, the teacher is powerless against them. She soon finds herself being pleasured by the eager teens, each wanting to outdo the other.

Alina and Abella share Jaclyn between them, making sure that she enjoys herself to the fullest. The threesome is fiery as they hungrily dive into their teacher's pussy, making her gasp and writhe with delight. After warming her up, Jaclyn is eager to teach the naughty students a lesson or two in return!

Mom Is Horny - Jaclyn Taylor - Jaclyn Taylor Fucks Her Step-son

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Duration: 34:17
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Description: Seth barged into her stepmom's bathroom when she was getting ready to take the sun, of course, she got outraged, kicked him out and lectured him for not doing anything in the house while his father was out, so Jaclyn his stepmom assigned him some chores to do, while she was sunbathed. Jaclyn could not reach her back to apply lotion so she called Seth to help her out, reluctantly he applied the lotion, but Jaclyn didn't want tan lines so she asked him to remove her top, Seth got hard due to her beautiful tits and when Jaclyn realized it, she ordered set to show her the boner and sucked his dick, then they moved to the living room and there she made him eat her pussy, then her ass, and fucked Seth in every position she could do until he delivered his hot load all over her.

Bang Surprise - Jaclyn Taylor - Jaclyn Taylor Shows Off Her Sexy Lingerie To Seduce Her Husband

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Duration: 38:43
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Description: Jaclyn Taylor wants to get her husbands attention after coming home from a shopping spree at the lingerie store. She tries on a few different options, and settles on the lilac colored teddy that he likes the best. She gives him a show as she fingers her pristine pussy and gets it nice and wet to turn him on. She gets onto her hands and knees and slurps on his cock before bending over and letting him destroy her pussy with his rock hard cock!

Pinko Club - Jaclyn Taylor - The policewoman subdues the thief with her hot pussy

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Duration: 28:22
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Description: The owner of a house calls the police for having suffered a theft. A sexy busty policewoman arrives at home and thinking he was the thief, she pulls out that huge breast and she orders him to fuck her hard and make her enjoy before taking him to prison .

Blacked Raw - Jaclyn Taylor - BBC Birthday

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Duration: 51:48
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Description: Birthday girl Jaclyn arrives in her hotel room to find romantic gestures that wet her appetite for the night's entertainment. Once she is ready to receive her visitor, he brings a birthday surprise that is worth so much more than any gift