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Family Manipulation - Jaye Summers - Dirty Dice Daydream

File: 6cl9tnafamajaysumqsjzqutccd.mp4
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Duration: 25:11
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: I hope I'm not the only guy who fantasizes about fucking his sister. I couldn't help it after she told me about her dirty dice and how to play the game.. Apparently her and her ex boyfriend would use them pretty often. But why was she telling me this? Does she wanna play a round of dice with me??

What no? What's wrong with you!!

I thought you wanted to!

Gross your my brother!!

Sis thru me out of her room and that's when my mind began to wander..

We're sitting on her bed, Jaye is down to her pink panties and she's about to roll the dice.. She rolls a 5 which means I get to rub my fingers over her cotton underwear.. She was so wet, I couldn't wait to roll the right number so I could finally have my little sister wrapped around my cock!

I'm completely lost in my dirty thoughts imagining Jaye riding my rock hard dick and saying the nastiest things. Things siblings should never say to each other! She bends over, with her ass arched up in the air, taunting me with her pretty pussy... I grab her cheeks and pull her into me, shoving my dick deeper into her cunt! Sis looks so good taking every inch, this would be the best sex I've ever had if it were real..

Before snapping back to reality, sis begs for my load in her mouth. She bobs her head up and down until I pump her mouth full of my thick cum!

Family Manipulation - Michele James - Dad Can You Help Me With This??

File: pezvbnafamamicjamrp9jrpf7hi.mp4
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Duration: 20:32
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: My daughter needs help with something, but I'm not sure it's something a father should help with.. But her sensuality was too much for me to resist.. I give her exactly what she needs, my thick juicy cock! Michele begs for my dick deep in her sweet pussy.. I grab onto her big natural DD titties as I slide my dick in and out of her. As I get closer to cumming, my daughter says please daddy, I want to taste your cum! Watch Michele suck me off till I blow my load in her mouth!

Family Manipulation - Julianna Vega - My Son Has a Jerking Off Problem

File: rqo9jnafamajulvegrf58homedz.mp4
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Duration: 19:32
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was so embarrased that mom found out about what happened at school. I thought she'd be mad, but she actually wanted to help.. And not in the way I had expected either... My mom pulls down my towel and teases my slightly hard cock. She wraps her lips around me and sucks me off until I'm rock hard, throbbing even. I couldn't wait to stretch out my sexy mother's tight cunt. Watch as she bounces her fat ass up and down on me, begging me to fuck her harder. I pound my mom's pussy until I pull out and blow my load all over her perfect pussy lips.

Family Manipulation - Sheena Ryder - Stretching Mom Out

File: otgbhnafamasheryd9jzp4bl4lr.mp4
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Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Mom needed to get stretched out for yoga, so I offered her some help.. As I was on top of her, holding her leg to my chest, her tight spandex and beautiful body began to turn me on. She noticed my hard-on and said looks like you could use some help yourself Mom pulled my shorts down and took me down her throat. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and teased my balls.. Watch as I tear her tight leggings exposing her ass and pussy. I shove my dick deep into my mother and fuck her in the backyard before I blow my load into her mature pulsating pussy!

Family Manipulation - Piper June - Insecure Sis

File: tm13bnafamapipjunukwowlahba.mp4
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Duration: 30:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hey can I ask you kind of a weird question?

Sure Sis, what's up?

Do you think I need to get my boobs done?

I'm not sure I'm really the best person to ask..

Come on please!? Just take a look..

I sit here completely bewildered as my younger sister pulls down the top of her dress. Is this really happening right now? Is it weird how turned on I'm getting? She shows me her naturally perky boobs and I tell her there is nothing wrong with them! But Sis is convinced that she is far from perfect.

She grabs my hand and places it over her chest telling me feel for myself.. But this is only making me grow harder. I find a way out of the conversation and leave the room. We can't do this, not again. She's my sister!

A few days late I catch Sis trying to douche in the bathroom. Something is up, I've never seen her like this before. I try to talk her through on how to use the douche, but she stares at me completely confused..

Look I'll just show you..

Thank you, I know this is probably gross..

That's ok sis, I've had girlfriends before, this isn't anything new for me

I squeeze the douche into my sister's pussy and watch as the water splashes out of her.. Something about seeing her pussy push out the liquid had me so turned on.. I lost total control of my brotherly insticts and went in to kiss my sister..

She kissed back and I went for her pussy.. I finger her freshly clean snatch as she reaches into my pants and starts jerking me off.. We sneak back into her room, hoping Mom and Dad don't see us leaving the bathroom together naked! She crawls onto the bed and begs me to stick it in her. Sis loves feeling me deep inside her, she's crazy for thinking she has to change anything about her body. I love watching her bounce her ass up and down on my throbbing cock!

I flip sis onto her back and pound her tight pussy until I feel like I'm going to burst! After I cover her pink lips in my thick hot cum, I shove my cock deep into her, releasing another few pumps of my cum into her pussy!