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Blacks on Cougars - Nina Elle - Moving Really Sucks

File: q2zl7nablonconinellqmco9z5pvg.mp4
Size: 387.58 MB
Duration: 34:29
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Moving really sucks. Nina hires 3 strapping young studs to get the job done. Shit she wasn't gonna be lifting any boxes and her husband is kind of a pussy, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The muscles, the sweat....almost seems like Nina hired 3 guys for something more than just moving furniture. Doesn't take long for Nina to seduce these eager men. They quickly get her undressed and take advantage of this horny cougar. She sucks all 3 dicks with care...making each one throb with anticipation.
She bends over and lets all 3 cocks slide into her pussy one after another. But that's not the only hole she wants filled. Her tight ass is begging for some attention. That's right all 3 pound her little asshole until she's screaming in pleasure. This Lady wants more...only thing left to do is fucking airtight! She gets DP'd hard, cumming over and over until each dick explodes all over her face. All in all, Nina got the D and got the furniture moved...not a bad day for this sexy cougar!

Blacks On Blondes - Saya Song - Saya Is The Most Requested Girl In The Club

File: qje5nnablonblsaysonfy7z9rhrh7.mp4
Size: 392.54 MB
Duration: 34:54
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Saya Song is the most requested girl in the club. Her VIP room has been donned Heaven. Its bright and airy up in the VIP and she seduces her men with her intoxicating moves. Her tiny holes explode in orgasm when they fill them and waves of pussy juice come crashing to the floor. Her petite frame grinds and bends, allowing her to take in multiple inches of cock deep inside her body. Watch as Saya does what Saya does best entertain men and fill her mouth full of heavenly

We Fuck Black Girls - Gia Vendetti - Gia Is One Sexy Bitch

File: vb9evnawefublgigiavenfrzoba9acr.mp4
Size: 347.38 MB
Duration: 30:54
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Gia is one sexy bitch. Long legs, beautiful round ass and downright gorgeous. No wonder an old dog like Steve Holmes would sniff this Bitch out. Gia works at the same firm as Steve, so he's been sniffing out that pretty pussy for awhile. Finally, at the last company party, Steve decided to let her know ANYTIME she wants to go at it...he's ready. Well, Steve didn't realize she was ready to go. Gia snuck into his backyard, took all her clothes off and waited for Steve to come home. Thankfully
when he got home, his wife had already left for the day. She gives him an option...either fuck her or kick her out. Simple decision...fuck her! Steve eats that tight little pussy until she moans with delight. When the pussy is just right, he slides his old cock right in. But that young fuckhole isn't enough, he wants the backdoor. She throws that ass at Steve like a cat in heat. Gia finally got herself the daddy she's been looking for.

Glory Hole - Isabella Nice - Isabella Is On Mission

File: eqrpanaglhoisanickf2ve1nrar.mp4
Size: 208.12 MB
Duration: 18:31
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Isabella is on mission. Her boyfriend is doing some home improvements and sent her to the store to get CAULK. Sweet and naive Isabella saw the sign outside of the adult store that said COCK INSIDE. Honest mistake really...I'm sure it happens to a lot of girls! Anyways, the video store clerk was more than happy to show her the room with the cock dispenser. Before she can second guess this shopping trip, she's down on her knees and with a mouthful of big black cock. She takes both of them
deep down her throat. She slobbers just enough throat jelly on there to let it slide right into her dripping hole. She throws her ass on the cock until they are about to spurt and finishes them off with her hands and mouth. I'm guessing she'll be shopping for more COCK real soon.

Blacks On Blondes - Bunny Colby - Cute Little Bunny

File: xphdvnablonblbuncoltzpive9umo.mp4
Size: 258.17 MB
Duration: 22:58
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Cute little Bunny...well maybe crazy little Bunny. Girl can't help herself. She's been stalking football star Prince. He already has a restraining order against her, but that doesn't stop her. She not only sneaks into his house, but right into his bed while he's in the shower. The things this girl will do just to get her hands on some big black cock. Well, maybe this time Prince won't call the cops. Maybe, just maybe he'll let her have what she's been after all this time. It's a gamble....but one that
ends up paying off for her! Once she grabs his cock...Prince lets her have it. He pounds that pussy from behind, from the side and from the top. He even lets her ride it too. All she wants is that baby batter all over her lucious titties. What the hell...he's already gone this far, might as well give crazy what she wants!

Cuckold Sessions - Valentina Nappi - Every Time Valentina Goes To The Fridge

File: nbhkrnacusevalnapjitz9uih9f.mp4
Size: 401.47 MB
Duration: 35:40
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Every time Valentina goes to the fridge everything shes bought is gone. And shes sooo over it. Today she catches the little kitchen mouse in action. After yelling at him and a little fat shaming she leaves. Valentina is pissed that he isnt able to get it up because of all the added cholesterol in his system. Hes under doctor direction to abstain from sex so that only adds to the marital disappointment. After the lashing and feeling even worse about his life, he sneaks back into the fridge, this time
going for the cheese. Something about it is a little off, and things just arent sitting right. In a dairy-induced psychosis he follows a trail of cheese crumbs to his wife and she leads him to a pair of men eager to fuck her the way shes been longing for. They fill her holes to the point the little mouse cries out in agony How many times are you going to fuck my wife? She makes sure he gets a close up of the kind of milk she loves the most man milk from anyone but her slothy husband.

Blacks On Blondes - Adriana Chechik - Can We Start At The End

File: wum8tnablonbladrchec2b8pyilcp.mp4
Size: 407.66 MB
Duration: 36:16
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Can we start at the end and work our way back to the beginning??
Today, I fell in love. I know Adriana has the reputation for being a
fun girl, but she won my heart over the way she took their cum. It was
in a word, glorious. Spoiler Alert I'm gonna talk all about the
moneyshots next. Just watch the scene if you don't want me to ruin the
surprise for you. She takes a creampie and pushes is out while squirting all over Robs raging hard-on. Not to lose out on the precious protein,
she sucks it up, gargles and swallows. Isiah cums in her beautiful bullseye of a
gaping mouth and she begs someone, anyone who is still hard to keep
fucking her. Rob obliges and Adriana with a mouthful of another mans
cum screams that shes about to come again. She squirts and sucks and
blows beautiful bubbles like only a BBC Slut can. Too bad this was
just her fantasy. We're all hoping that the next time she pulls up to
a traffic sign and two hot dudes are in the car next to her, shell be
able to make a memory and not just a dream.

Glory Hole - Honey Blossom - Honey Is One Angry Wife

File: gh4xrnaglhohonblo5yqfdqukig.mp4
Size: 230.14 MB
Duration: 20:28
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Honey Blossom is one angry wife. Her dirty dog of a husband bought porn dvd's!! Can you believe that dirtbag! Anyways she wants to return these movies and get her money back. Problem is the store he bought them from doesn't do returns....kind of a no brainer. They do however give store credit. The store clerk shows her some of the products they sell, but Honey isn't interested. Maybe she doesn't know what she's missing with the videos. The store clerk offers her store credit in the form of a video
booth viewing. Although Honey is a little reluctant....she's not walking out of this store without something in return. Doesn't take long for her to realize the girl in the video sucking all the actually a turn on. Honey can't help but begin to service her hungry little pussy. Not sure her husband would be too thrilled that's she's rubbing one out in a dirty stall at the video store. But the hell with him....he deserves it. Oh shit...a strangers cock has appeared through the wall! What will she do?! Of course she's gonna suck it....takes the entire meat stick to the back of her little mouth. Girl sucks dick like she's crossed the desert for it! For all you guys that love when girl's swallow....hold tight for the end...she doesn't spill a drop! Best part of the whole clerk says she still has credit for one more session! Lucky girl.

We Fuck Black Girls - Jeni Angel - Jeni Has Got An Insatiable Appetite For Cock

File: qvf2vnawefublgijenangnqj3efrkpw.mp4
Size: 371.21 MB
Duration: 33:01
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jeni has got an insatiable appetite for cock. Older man cock especially! Well her appetite forced her to bite off a little more than she can chew. After sleeping with her step-dad....she's been trying avoid the old pervert, cause he just wants to bang all the time. To get away from him....she decides to spend a few days at her friends house. Convenient that her friend's dad is Ramon....who she has a huge crush on! Doesn't take long for Jeni to seduce Ramon in the kitchen. Hard for him to resist!
She puts on some serious pressure when she takes his cock into her mouth and wraps those juicy lips around it. Ramon has to feel what her tight young wet pussy feels like, so he bends her over the counter. Yeah definitely feels better than the same old pussy he's been fucking, cause he rails this little cock slut silly. Looks like Jeni has got a place to stay for as long as she wants!

Interracial Pickups - Christy Love - Sweet And Innocent Christy

File: jspjjnainpichrlovifch6ybskz.mp4
Size: 344.16 MB
Duration: 30:37
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet and innocent Christy has started dating Isiah. She's taking things slow...making him wait to make sure he isn't just with her for sex. Of course that's why he's with her. Isiah is like the pussy whisperer...he knows this chick is a freak...just gotta unleash her wild side. He does have a plan. His best bud, Prince, has a magic camera. This camera has brought out the freak in many a young lady. Isiah begs to use it when he pops over for a visit with his new girl. Prince does
as any good friend would do....let him borrow it and then watch to see if it works! Oh hell yeah it works! The second Isiah takes out the camera, something freaky wakes up inside of Christy. She immediately grabs his cock and gobbles it up. This girl can suck a dick....she goes from quiet and conservative to cock hungry monster in 3 seconds flat! But one dick isn't enough....she sees Prince watching and begs him to join. Before you know it, both guys are playing hide the pickle in not one, not 2 but all 3 holes!! That's right she lets the freak out and gets a DP double team. If that's not enough she fucking squirts all over the place!! Not to worry...Isiah promises to not leak it out on the internet...I'm sure he'll keep his word!

Watching My Mom Go Black - Mackenzie Moss & Penny Pax - Mackenzie Is Just About To Go Off To College

File: rohytnawamymogoblmacpenr5a6wi21cp.mp4
Size: 404.78 MB
Duration: 35:57
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Mackenzie is just about to go off to college. All her clothes are packed and its her last night at home. Her Step-Mom Penny comes in to check on her and has some useful life wisdom to pass down to her daughter that Penny received from her mom the night before she left for college. Mackenzie is eager to get all the help she can, even if it means blurring the lines a bit and making out with her step-mom. Before she knows it, shes buried between Pennys legs and slurping
up all the experience she can which of course leads to sharing a huge dick with step-mom! Penny imparts all she can on Mackenzie as they bob up and down Slims giant shaft. By the time her face is coated in warm jizz, Penny thinks that Mackenzie is ready for college!

Blacks On Blondes - Krissy Lynn - Krissy Is A Stone Cold Fox

File: guvqsnablonblkrilyndfcvp9oa1q.mp4
Size: 386.74 MB
Duration: 34:24
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Krissy is a stone cold fox! She's also a horny housewife who likes to
fornicate with strangers! She spends her days dreaming of cock! Big
juicy cock. Luckily her dreams are about to come true. While reading
by herself on the couch...a couple of salesmen knock on her door to
talk about the gospel. Prince and Isiah are trying to spread the
word. She tells the 2 studs that she isn't very religious, but I
think the guys are interested in talking about something a bit more
sinful when they see her perfect tits busting out of her
tight dress.
Prince and Isiah persuade her to let them in. She is more than eager
to do just that. While Prince preaches, Krissy lets the guys know she
likes to fuck strangers! Doesn't take long for the guys to find their
cocks in Krissy's sinful hands...and her slutty mouth. Before they
know it, this horny housewife is taking each of their sin sticks in
every one of her holes. That tight pussy gets filled right up, making
her squeal with delight. She gobbles their shafts, cleaning her pussy
juice off, just in time to let them slide into her little white
asshole. Each of the guys pump her ass making her cum wildly. Prince
and Isiah can't hold it in any longer and drain their balls all over
her juicy mammories. She thanks them and promises to see them in
church on Sunday!

Cuckold Sessions - Kenzie Reeves & Olivia Austin - The Arrows Have Been On A Losing Streak Lately

File: ll1emnacusekenolihfd6rwkzcp.mp4
Size: 428.68 MB
Duration: 38:08
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: The Arrows have been on a losing streak lately. Their Coach, Damien,
is just not the leader he once was. Its showing up in his marriage
now too. His wife Olivia is not as satisfied as she used to be and had
started to get a wandering eye. Maybe it's because they do everything
together and need some spice in their life. Or maybe its because
shes realizing just how lame he is. Years of being the Head Football
Coach and Olivia as the Head Cheerleader Coach has made them quite the
power couple. Determined not to be
embarrassed anymore by Damien,
Olivia is going to give her limpy husband some coaching in what
victory looks like. She invites the star players from the rival school
over for some pre-game fun. Hopefully when shes done with him, hell be back to the man he once was strong and in charge and the Nationals will be all theirs.

Gloryhole-Initiations - Ashley Aleigh - Our Trusty Adult Book Store Clerk Has Started Dating

File: taj7dnagloashaleepwq5zqmun.mp4
Size: 208.12 MB
Duration: 18:30
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Our trusty adult book store clerk has started dating super hot chocolate bunny, Ashley. She wanted the VIP tour of where he works. Of course he's going to show her around, especially all the cool toys and videos. Ashley is more far more interested in the booth. Our video store clerk tells her he has to get some work done in the back office and that she should look around, but stay out of trouble. Well, that's not Ashley's style. She's way too curious. Doesn't take long for her to get
naked and pleasure herself to the video playing in the booth. That perfect wet pussy is aching! Before she knows it....2 big white dicks appear through the walls! Curiosity took her this far...why not! She grabs both of those dicks and works them with her Lucious lips and soft hands. But her pussy is still aching for more! She wants those throbbing dicks inside her and pushes that juicy ass against the holes to give each dick a go at it. She finishes both cocks off in her mouth and lets the loads drool from her juicy lips. This girl is a keeper!

Blacks On Blondes - Sydney Cole - Sydney Just Inherited A Giant Piano

File: yrj2enablonblsydcolckhm8aygnt.mp4
Size: 354.90 MB
Duration: 31:33
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Sydney Cole just inherited a giant piano from her grandma. Sydney has no use for it. She doesn't play piano, nor does she want to it's sold. Since it's giant, that means it's a pain in the ass to move, so she's been calling piano movers to get quotes. The minute this duo rang her doorbell to check out the piano, Sydney's panties have been dripping wet. Literally. There's other giant things, besides pianos, that Sydney loves, and she's sure, sitting on her couch flirting with the movers, that they've
got giant things in their pants. Sure enough! Once on her knees, Sydney's tiny mouth is stuffed full of BBC! She takes turns giving each man a blowie, before peeling off her soaked panties in order for them to stretch Sydney's tight snatch to its breaking point! Look at the way these two men have their way with the petite Sydney! Her orgasms shake tiny Sydney to the bone! And talk about a hose down! The mens' balls are full, resulting in a jizz storm Sydney's never experienced! And the piano?'ll get moved after they've had another fuck session!

We Fuck Black Girls - Ashley Aleigh - James And Ashley Have A Wedding Dress Measuring Appointment

File: slqqunawefublgiashalei288ihzuk3.mp4
Size: 368.31 MB
Duration: 32:44
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: James and Ashley have a wedding dress measuring appointment. James
comes over to get Ashleys updated measurements since shes gone with
a new designer. James measures her and decides the clothes must come
off to get the most accurate numbers! He marvels at her body. Her
measurements are almost cartoon-like! The perfect handful of tit, a
teeny tiny waist, wide hips, and a very delectable ass. James can't
believe her- Ashley has a coke bottle body. It's too perfect. He tsk
tsks at her bra and convinces her that it is just too altering and
that every millimeter counts.
She removes it and while he has tape in
hand, he drops it to measure with his hands. He finds this method much
more accurate. Ashley is surprised hes not gay, and gives in to his hands feeling her in all the spots. Cheating is well worth the risk at this point!
Soon enough, she finds herself fucking someone else before her big

Glory Hole - Victoria Voxxx - Victoria Is A Total Maniac

File: tjh1rnaglhovicvoxukgp6umwxq.mp4
Size: 305.83 MB
Duration: 27:13
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Victoria is a total maniac! She's a kleptomaniac AND a nymphomaniac! She wants all the cock and all the cum. Seems like she gets off on stealing her porn as well. When our store clerk catches her trying to pocket a couple dvd's, he explains to her that she can watch this stuff for free in the viewing booths. Nice guy...instead of calling the cops...he gives her just what she wanted, 2 big cocks! She sucks those random meat sticks with some serious head game. But sucking them isn't enough....she wants
both in her tight little pussy. She rocks back on them feverishly and right before they explode, she works every drip of cum out with her dirty little mouth. She got off easy this time, but might not be that easy next time!!

Watching My Daughter Go Black - Jane Wilde & Syren DeMer - Jane is a horny little girl

File: 6yj1hnawamydagobljansyrwgyufphk2n.mp4
Size: 442.83 MB
Duration: 39:23
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jane is a horny little girl. She likes to sneak her older, black boyfriend into the house when the parents are gone. Things start to get heated on the couch. Just as she pulls out his Big black cock and starts to stuff it into her tiny little mouth....Step-Mom comes home! In a panic, she tells her boyfriend to hide behind the curtain. It doesn't take step-mom long to find this dude hiding...naked! She grabs him by the dick and pulls him out. Step-mom doesn't believe that her little girl, Jane can handle such a large male member. Jane is more than happy to prove she can. So she swallows that dick like a true cocksucking pro. Step-mom is impressed, but she wants to show her experience. The two fuck and suck like its a competition. The boyfriend is more than willing to share his cock. If Jane wants to ride the dick, then so does mama. If Jane wants to choke on the dick, so does mama. And if little Jane wants it in her ass, then so does Mama! What the hell...they are family right?!

Blacks On Blondes - Karma Rx - Karma Is A Self-proclaimed Narcissist

File: nwu29nablonblkarrxylhqd5lncq.mp4
Size: 350.77 MB
Duration: 31:11
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx is a self-proclaimed narcissist. I mean just look at the slut! She's masturbating to her own dirty movie, and of course it's her filthy blowbang for Blacks on Blondes' sister site, Interracial Blowbang! Right in the middle of her jerk-off session, Karma's Daddy comes over with a couple buddies. Daddy has a new friend that wants to get into the JizBiz, and another who's just horny. Since Karma does whatever Daddy says, Karma's going to offer up her eager mouth and sopping-wet pussy for the new guy, just to
make sure he's got what it takes. Of course he does! All three fellahs proceed to rail Karma, before she offers up her ass to Daddy. Daddy loves Karma's ass...but he's also trying to take care of his buddies, too! What to do? Roshambo for Karma's asshole!! It seems the only logical thing to do! Daddy wins, of course, cause he's always The Winner, so as Daddy defiles Karma's shit pipe, she's blowing his buddies. Speaking of them, the new guy dumps a load so deep into Karma's fertile womb, none of it drips out! Daddy and his other buddy spray Karma's face down and then leave, which means it's time for Karma to resume her jerk session....and this time it's way hotter than how she started!!

Cuckold Sessions - Ivy Lebelle - Ivy’s Husband Indiana Got Caught Jerking To Cuckolding Porn

File: 3pgrznacuseivylebdsgauw56ya.mp4
Size: 482.64 MB
Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Ivys husband Indiana got caught jerking to cuckolding porn. Instead of being angry, Ivy was intrigued. She loved this new side of her husband and agreed to trying it out in real life. Some guys in her office building had given her their number a while back and Ivy was super excited to to be able to finally have a chance to hit them up. They came over that afternoon and Indiana led them straight to the action. Ivy had always wanted two men at once. She wanted to feel
one at each end and get filled in each hole. The guys fulfilled both Indiana and Ivys fantasy that day. After theyve blown all over her face, Ivy talks dirty while the cum drips down her cheeks as her husband jerks himself to his beautiful wife.

Zebra Girls - Anya Ivy & Kendra Spade - Most Girls Love To Sunbath

File: jiwfwnazegianykenpvhcxcue5y.mp4
Size: 301.97 MB
Duration: 37:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Most girls love to sunbath. However tanlines are difficult to avoid. Kendra notices her BFF, Anya, has flawless skin and her tanlines are non-existent. She's always had a problem trying to get darker, cause she just burns. Well, Anya has a fool-proof plan to fix that...sunbath nude and apply plenty of suntan oil!! Although Kendra is a little shy at first, she realizes that Anya might be onto something genius when Anya takes off her top and reveals a perfect set of tits. Once Kendra takes off the top, Anya slowly
rubs oil all over her. Oops, looks like Anya may need a fresh coat as well. The girls rub oil all over each other, making sure to take extra care of their special parts. This rubbing leads to some heavy kissing and lots of pussy licking. Anya's pussy is throbbing for Kendra, so she decides to rub their wet pussies together. This drives Kendra crazy. Anya brings a special toy and uses it to give Kendra a mind blowing orgasm! Kendra is more than eager to return the favor. The girls learned a valuable lesson today...the key to a flawless body is lots of oil...and of course a lot of pussy!!

Cum Bang - Nia Nacci - It’s Nia’s Nineteenth Birthday

File: dgmdmnacubanianachbitzxxro1.mp4
Size: 308.82 MB
Duration: 37:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Its Nias nineteenth birthday and theres only one thing she wants this year nineteen loads. Her boyfriend has rounded up most of his frat brothers and even a few of his professors to help make her wish come true! You may ask yourself what is a gorgeous brunette doing in such a filthy situation when she could be out getting her nails done or climbing the corporate ladder, getting her bachelors or in her case, strutting the catwalk? The answer is simple shes about as dirty as they get. Being
filthy makes her feel alive. Shell probably get back to doing all those things a nice, gorgeous girl like that should be doing, once shes swallowed every last load. She sucks and strokes these guys until, just like a well-oiled machine, they cum one after another into her mouth. She makes sure to swallow each load before the next. This girl is truly out of this world and we are so lucky to have her around. Join the party and watch as Nia blows out her candle and makes her wish of blowing 19 guys cum true.

Blacks On Blondes - Chanel Grey - Barley-legal, Blonde, And A Total Babe

File: gxeclnablonblchagre7wzi6exf9q.mp4
Size: 367.14 MB
Duration: 32:39
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Barley-legal, blonde, and a total babe, Chanel Grey loves to hike. She loves the wilderness. And get makes her horny. So much so, she's found her spot on a secluded trail, where Chanel gets naked and masturbates without a care in the world! Even if it means getting caught by other hikers! Of course this is why Chanel brought her two fuck buddies on the trail, and of course her jerk off spot is now her blowjob spot and yeap, she doesn't care if they're caught! Chanel's fuck buddies, on
the other hand, aren't as confident, so they'll wait til they get back to Chanel's before laying the pipe down! And lay the pipe they do! Her fresh, barely-legal pussy is just starting to stretch enough to accommodate their massive dicks, and she's already starting to squirt! Speaking of ejaculation, Chanel's two fuck buddies hose her beautiful blonde face down with two massive pop shots! Chanel Grey is, indeed, exactly what she calls herself -- a cumslut!

We Fuck Black Girls - Cecilia Lion - Cecilia Might Just Be The Perfect Woman

File: d8rtynawefublgiceclioaagr2q2dxj.mp4
Size: 379.76 MB
Duration: 33:47
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Cecilia might just be the perfect woman! She's gorgeous, sexy and down
to fuck all the time. Those juicy lips and big hair...God Damn! She's
the reason men cheat! Mick can't resist her either. When he wakes up
after a crazy party night, he finds Cecilia getting dressed. He is
surprised because he can't remember the night before, except that he
was at a bachelor party. Cecilia is trying to sneak out because she
doesn't want Mick's wife to find her. Mick assures her that his wife
won't be home for a few hours and maybe they should
get re-acquainted.
Like I said...Cecilia is down to fuck anytime. She wants the cock
bad....and stares right into Mick's eyes as she works his shaft with
her mouth. She keeps it nice and wet so it will slide into her tight
little hole. Cecilia rides him slow and deep, stretching her wet lips
around his dick. Mick returns the favor and pounds her pussy until he
comes in her pretty mouth.

Glory Hole - Whitney Wright - Young, Innocent Whitney Stumbles Upon A Seedy Adult Store

File: ymnrynaglhowhiwrilhefquggg7.mp4
Size: 263.92 MB
Duration: 23:29
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Young, innocent Whitney stumbles upon a seedy adult store, in search of family themed movies. Maybe they have animation cartoons about simple things like dogs and rainbows and such. To her surprise....they carry quite a bit of movies featuring dogs! Almost every movie they carry has doggy position and hell, the production company is even called Dogfart!! Before she knows it, the store clerk has offered to show her a sample of one of the videos for free in one of their booths. As she sits in the booth alone and
watches a young white lady get hot and heavy with a couple hung black studs....she becomes very intrigued. Without hesitation she finds herself rubbing her wet little pussy. Suddenly a big black cock comes through a hole in the wall. Well what's a little girl supposed to do? Suck it of course!! One's not enough though. A second one appears and Whitney can't help but go back and forth slobbering all over each knob. After she's thoroughly lube each cock up with her mouth, she slides one dick at a time into her tight pink asshole. Each throbbing cock pumps her hole until they can't take it any more! She sucks each one off onto her Snow White face. All she wants now is a monthly membership!!

Gloryhole-Initiations - Kinsley Karter - Ever Since Her First Trip

File: quphbnaglokinkarakeo7abzom.mp4
Size: 224.13 MB
Duration: 19:53
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Ever since her first trip to the hole, Kinsley Karter has been addicted to gloryholes. No joke. If she's in a public park, or the airport, or anywhere she feels there might be a hot hole, Kinsley wanders in just to see what's up! Today, she's super excited, because an internet search has turned up one of those brick-and-mortar DVD stores. I didn't know those even existed anymore! Kinsley gasped, when she made the online discovery. That day, she was in the hole, servicing a random...just like she thought she'd
find. What Kinsley didn't realize is the aftermath sure, Kinsley is used to dealing with creeps in creepy places, but today, upon exiting the hole, Kinsley walked into a half-dozen horny, horny adult bookstore creeps...looking to drop their loads, too!! And guess what? Kinsley was DOWN! Even the bookstore manager jumped in on the fun! Talk about one jizzed-up chick!!

Blacks On Blondes - Khloe Kapri - Khloe Is A Totally Hot Piece Of Ass

File: 6dsj7nablonblkhlkapx6di1h1ssk.mp4
Size: 328.18 MB
Duration: 29:10
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Format: mp4
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Cuckold Sessions - Joanna Angel - Joanna And Her Husband Ryan

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Description: Joanna and her husband Ryan have a great relationship. In fact, its so good and so secure that sometimes her loving hubby gets complacent. It starts off small like Ryan not putting away the dishes and ends with him spending way to much time at work and not enough time worshiping his goddess wife. Theyve found that the secret ingredient to a lasting marriage is this occasional jealousy and a slight sense of threat for Ryan and orgasms given freely to Joanna by other sexier, well-hung men. Joanna found that Ryan
is much happier when he knows he has to earn his wifes love and attention. Like back when they were dating. What better way to rekindle the spark than to watch his wife get railed in his favorite hole? A hole that only a husband should have access to? Its a good reminder of how insignificant he can be if hes not on his game and what she can get in this world if she decided to trade him in for someone worthy of her hotness. Joanna comes over and over again from a much-needed and much-deserved anal pounding by Jax while her husband wears the band of shame around his thumbdrive of a cock watching sadly from his kennel. Er, bedroom. Watch the loving size comparison, glass anal toys and how Ryan becomes the table Joanna has been asking about for months...

Blacks on Cougars - Jasmine Jae - Jasmine Is A Hot Housewife

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Description: Jasmine is a hot housewife. She and her friends have gotten together and started a new game. They are competing with each other to see who can fuck the most guys in a week. Currently she has six points. While out that morning, she sees a flyer with two hot trainers offering up their services. She decides a twofer would put her ahead and calls them up. She lures them to her home and takes them to her personal gym where they start to go over her goals and workouts. She
makes it very clear from the beginning that the only things shes really interested in stretching are her holes!!! Shes hoping the girls will give her a bonus point if she can fit them both inside at once!