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Club Seventeen - Bambi Dee - Naughty Blonde Getting Her Shaved Pussy Fucked

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Duration: 23:59
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Description: Bambi Dee and her guy pal just got back from a road trip. The two of them are as horny as can be. They cant even put away their clothes without being all over each other. Neither of them wants to fight the natural urge to have sex and what happens next is the result of their teenage lust. When a guy finds himself face deep in bald teen pussy, thats when hes the happiest. He gets to enjoy the sweet nectar of her loins, and she is immediately fixated on returning the favor...

Club Seventeen - Bambi Dee - Teen Slut Gets Ass Fucked

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Format: mp4
Description: Bambi Dee is a dainty teen who sucks a cock thats almost as long as she is tall. She wraps her lips around that big cock of his, hoping that hell pound her a good one with it. What she doesnt know is, hes going to stick it right up her ass. The pussy thats tucked in between her creamy milky white legs is tight. But, theres not a single thing on planet earth tighter than a teen asshole...

Club Seventeen - Bambi Dee & Michelle Can - Hot Threesome with 2 Horny Young Girls

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Description: Two teen faces drenched in cum is what their day leads to. Before that can happen, Bambi Dee and Michelle Can try on outfits with a guy in the room. He likes what his eyeballs are seeing, and so do the girls. Theyre both into each other and arent shy about sharing a cock. The greatest thing a man can ever achieve is a threesome with two beautiful teens. They both suck in his cock and are incredibly patient as he fucks both of them...

Club Seventeen - Bambi Dee - Bambi Loves the Taste of Hot Cum

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Description: The long curly hair on Bambi Dee highlights her petite teen body. She has two ripe little boobies and a firm round ass. Its when shes on her knees sucking cock that her real beauty shines. His huge cock is almost all she can handle in her mouth. If she thinks sucking on it will be difficult, then fucking it isnt going to be a piece of cake. The intense amount of pleasure involved in being drilled by his huge cock at times seems overwhelming...

Club Seventeen - Bambi Dee - Slutty Bambi Dee Gets Double Penetrated

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Duration: 23:23
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Format: mp4
Description: Bambi Dee is one of those teens who spends her days breaking the hearts of men. They take one look at her tight teen frame and want her all to themselves. She proves right here that no single man can tame a teen such as herself. This petite cutie has no problems taking on two guys at the very same time. The sight of her taking a cock up the ass while going down on another is breathtaking. The only thing that can top this is double penetration...